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6 Best Destinations In Europe For Couples

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 08:04 am


A trip to Europe is suitable for any type of desired holiday. You can go solo, you can do family vacations, and of course, couple’s retreats. In fact, Europe has many different completely romantic and alluring destinations for you to enjoy with your loved one. If you are looking for those places right now, let us help you with our list of the best ones! 

Destinations In Europe For Couples

1. Mont Saint-Michel, France

mont saint michel

Set in Normandy, this stunning tidal island is one of the top choices for couples’ holidays. In 1979 it was announced as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its aesthetic and importance as a medieval Christian area. Still, its historical background is not why the island is so famous as a holiday destination for couples. 

The surroundings are fantastic, and you can spend days walking around the village, navigating through narrow streets, and admiring the extraordinary medieval architecture. 

For nice lunch or dinner, you have a couple of great options, including five-star restaurants such as La Mere Poulard, famous for its fluffy and soft omelets, and Creperie La Cloche, where you will find the most amazing crepes! 

2. Santorini, Greece

santorini 6

Mainly chosen by newlyweds, Santorini seduces travelers with its white-roof houses, mind-blowing sunsets, and romantic restaurants. Quite active in the daytime, the island settles down in the evening, offering a tender setting for you to enjoy the time with your loved one. 

You can sunbathe and take part in water-themed activities while the sun is high, also take a walk through the two principal towns – Fira and Oia to feel the most authentic vibe, see the most beautiful corners of the island, and converse with friendly locals.

Santorini also offers a great time sailing on catamaran, hiking, partying, and dining. You will find top-rated restaurants famous for seafood and the general Mediterranean cuisine all over the island! 

3. Bruges, Belgium

Have you ever wished for a love story, with princes and princesses, a happily ever after, and, of course – the magical land where the story takes place? Well, since you have already found the one, all there is left to do is travel to Bruges, Belgium, to complete the fantasy. This medieval city with elegant buildings, old bridges, and charming greenery is the perfect romantic destination for you and your partner. 

You can walk through the cobbled streets and visit the most important sites, such as St. Salvatore’s Cathedral, the City Hall, or the Belfry of Bruges, but the best way to explore this city is by hopping on a boat! It will allow you to see the details and corners of the city that you might miss otherwise. 

Bruges is an excellent choice for couples because there is plenty for you to do together, and while the activities are not sporty or vigorous, you will find yourself relaxing and finding content in just being here! 

4. Hallstatt, Austria


This small village located on the western side of Lake Hallstatt is yet another picturesque destination for couples to enjoy! 16th-century houses and streets will make for a cozy and amorous stay, not to mention the surroundings of the magnificent Alps! 

If you like spending your time actively, here you will have the possibility of canoeing, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. So indeed, there will not be a dull moment on your trip! 

You can spend time exploring the Old Town, and if you do, make sure to visit Market Square for the most exciting and endearing collections of food, trinkets, and handmade tokens. 

The best part of this village is that no matter if you decide to go in winter or summertime, the views and the pursuits are equally marvelous, so the whole year is in your favor! 

5. Paris, France


Might be a cliche – but a great choice anyway! Paris has been one of the top countries visited by couples for the longest time, and for a good reason too! Truly, one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris offers numerous options of activities, places to see, explore, and stay in. 

You should definitely visit the most popular tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Champs Elysees. But, there are things explicitly designed for couples’ holidays. For example, an hour-long cruise through the river of the Seine, available with a 3-course dinner and champagne, if you are going full romantic!

For intimate scenery, we also suggest watching the sunset at the foot of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, located at the top of Montmartre Hill, allowing you a breathtaking panoramic view. When the sun lowers into the city, engulfing it in darkness but accentuating with flickering lights – there is no more romantic place you will find. 

6. Cordoba, Spain

A great destination for adventure and history-lovers! Cordoba is an impressive city in Andalusia, south of Spain, carrying a package of exciting and colorful historical and cultural heritage, which couples love to experience together. 

The main four civilizations that formed this beautiful city are the Romans, Moors, Jews, and Christians, and their marks are imprinted in Cordoba for you and your beloved to find and marvel at. 

To reach the city’s center, you will have to pass through the Almodovar Gate, which marks the entrance of the stunning district of La Juderia – a former Jewish quarter of Cordoba. Here you will find whitewashed facades and flowery balconies, cute narrow streets, and charming alleyways. 

The deeper you dig, the more monuments of the four cultures you will find. What Cordoba lacks in active time-spending, it redeems in fascinating historical facts and educational tours! 

Here you go! Obviously, there are many places to visit in Europe that will be great for a first holiday together, an anniversary celebration, honeymoon, or Mission: Proposal! However, before you travel to any of these, we suggest making an itinerary of places perfect for couples but, at the same time, do not forget to mingle and go with the flow! 

Europe is overall great in a way that you can find all types of holiday options here. Depending on what you and your partner enjoy, each country has something different to offer, so you can just close your eyes and point at any country on the list. In any case, you will not miss – the most important thing is who you are with.

Have a lovely time!

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