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8 Cool Things to do in Kochi (Travel Guide)

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8 Cool Things to do in Kochi (Travel Guide)

Kochi was an old Portuguese colony and you can feel the vibe walking around Fort Kochi in the Province of Kerala. You can see a few churches and views to the river. We will write Kochi one day itinerary for you with all the things to do in Kochi and where to stay in our Kochi travel guide.

For accommodation we totally recommend to stay around Fort Kochi to see early morning the main places around. And later during the day you can transfer to Jew town area and doing a boat cruise. We will tell you everything with details below.

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Kochi Travel Guide

How to get to Kochi

To get to Cochi we did by plane from Maldives. There are many international flights landing at Cochi International Airport. You can also get by train to Ernakulam train station.

Kochi One Day Itinerary: Things to do in Kochi

There are two areas for sightseeing in Kochi. The first one around the fort with historical places to visit like churches and the beach. The second area in Jew town where you can enjoy the market and a boat cruise in Kochi one day itinerary

1. Visit Jew Market

Kochi One Day Itinerary
One Day Kochi Itinerary, Jew market, things to do in Kochi

One of our favorite places to visit in Kochi was the Jew Market. It’s touristic but we love markets and you can find everything from clothes, souvenirs and food.

2. Chinese Fishing Net

First thing in the morning is great to walk around the beach and take a look to the Chinese fishing net. We advice you to go early morning since is so quiet. And after this you can do sightseeing around the historical landmarks in Kochi.

3. Indo Portuguese Museum

things to do in Kochi, Kochi One Day Itinerary, Kochi travel guide
There is no better place to understand about the Portuguese influence than visiting the museum. It’s opened from 10 am to 5 pm everyday except Mondays that it’s closed. Around 1-2 hours visit can be enough.

4. Santa Cruz Basilica

St Francis Church, Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi

The interiors of the Basilica are Gothic. The Cathedral was built by the Portuguese. Santa Cruz was proclaimed a Basilica in 1984 by Pope John Paul II.

5. St Francis Church

things to do in Kochi, Kochi One Day Itinerary, Kochi travel guide, St Francis Church
Image from Flickr 

It’s very closed to Santa Cruz Basilica. It’s from 15th Century and there is also a Dutch cemetery around the are just walking distance.

More to do Kochi One Day Itinerary And Things to do in Kochi

6. Boat Cruise

Baot Cruise Kochi, things to do in Kochi, Kochi One Day Itinerary, Kochi travel guide

You can get a boat cruise from Jew town very close to Dutch Palace. It will last 45 minutes to 1 hour and you can see the popular backwaters in Kerala.

7. Dutch Palace

Dutch Palace, things to do in Kochi, Kochi One Day Itinerary, Kochi travel guide

It’s located in Jew market and it was built by the Portuguese and proclaimed as Dutch Palace in 1663. There are two floors around a courtyard following Kerala traditional style. It’s opened from 10 am to 5 pm everyday except Fridays that’s closed.

8. Jewish Synagogue

things to do in Kochi, Kochi One Day Itinerary, Kochi travel guide, Jewish Synagogue

Image from Flickr 

It’s located in Jew town. It was built by the Jewish community in Kochi in 1568 and renovated for the dutch. It’s opened from 12 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm everyday except Saturdays.

Where to Stay in Kochi One Day Itinerary

Kochi Forte Hotel, Kochi One Day Itinerary

We stayed at Kochi Forte Hotel and we loved it so much. A boutique and heritage hotel very picturesque. The rooms were so beautiful and the decoration. We liked the pool are and the food! It’s located in a quiet are with many churches to see around and places to eat.

where to stay in Kochi, Fort Kochi Hotel

We tried samosas, masala dosa and also Western choices. All of them were great!

Click here to check prices and availability at Fort Kochi!

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Hope it’s useful our Kochi travel guide and you enjoyed reading all the things to in Kochi one day itinerary. Let us know in the comments below if you have questions.

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Happy Travels!

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