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27 Awesome El Nido Tourist Spots (El Nido Travel Guide)

We will write all the El Nido tourist spots that you can’t miss. Click here to book your tours in Palawan!

There are many things to do in El Nido which you will surely enjoy in this El Nido travel guide. The most popular one is  El Nido island hopping and we will tell you all our favorite El Nido tourist spots. Read here how to get from Puerto Princesa to El Nido

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El Nido Travel Guide – El Nido Tourist Spots

Now it’s time to go for El Nido tourist spots after this El Nido travel guide for island hopping, accommodation and daily budget travel in El Nido.

1. Big Lagoon

Top instagrammable places in El Nido | Big Lagoon, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

If you visit as a first part of the tour you will find so many people. As alternative we proposed to take a private tour between few people and you can visit places like Big Lagoon less crowded than with the island hopping tours.

We recommend you to rent a Kayak if the boat that you are hiring isn’t going inside the Big Lagoon to have more time to explore. Big Lagoon is one of our favorite El Nido tourist spots.

It’s part of the Tour A and you have to pay 200 PHP entrance fee. If you want to rent a kayak for 2 people is 250 PHP and 300 PHP for bigger kayaks per hour.

2. Small Lagoon

el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

As we mentioned above with the Big Lagoon, the Small Lagoon is always crowded so better if you go first thing in the morning or in a private tour. It’s not very big and you can go inside swimming with your snorkeling gear. 

It’s part of tour D and you have to pay 200 PHP entrance fee to access there. You can go swimming and snorkeling or rent a kayak depending how far your boat is parking.

3. Snorkeling in El Nido

snorkeling in the philippines, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

Since El Nido is a famous spot in the Philippines for its crystal clear white-sand beaches you have to try snorkeling. Don’t forget to bring your underwater or waterproof cameras or smartphones to capture the precious underwater moments.

All the tours provide snorkeling gear but we advise you to get your own so you can do anytime snorkeling in the Philippines.

4. Nagkalit-kalit Falls

nagkalit kalit falls

Image from Tripadvisor

Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls are located on the way to Nacpan Beach from El Nido town. It will take 30-40 minutes the hike from the main road each way. So you will need 2 hours for this El Nido tourist spot at least. The trekking is beautiful, make sure you bring water and proper shoes for this.

5. Nacpan Beach

el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

Nacpan is a really long beach in El Nido with clear blue waters you’ll surely love! It may not be included in the tours but you can reach it by private boats or by motorbike and van. Travelers also love to play beach volleyball and soccer in this beautiful beach.

There is an entrance fee to go to Nacpan Beach, around 30 pesos! It’s not crowded and you will find yourself more relax than around El Nido.

6. Corong Corong Beach

el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide, Corong Corong Beach

The best time to visit Corong Corong Beach is at sunset. It’s close to Las Cabanas and you will have to choose one of them where to spend your afternoon. You can rent kayaks to go around and there are a few bars to enjoy the drink while watching the sunset.

7. Sunset in Las Cabanas

Top instagrammable places in El Nido | Las Cabanas Beach

Don’t forget to visit Las Cabanas Beach! The views are so breathtaking! You will also love how beautiful the sunset is in Las Cabanas. There are bars and it´s perfect for enjoying a beer. There are a lot of accommodations around if you prefer to stay here instead of El Nido town.

8. Cooking Class in El Nido

Filipino Cooking Class, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

We know that Filipino food isn’t so popular as Thai food. But it’s really interesting to attend a cooking class. You can learn how to make adobo as Rachel in the picture above.

There are a few places in El Nido offering this activity and it costs around 1200-1500 PHP. You will enjoy a tasty meal. Read here 57 Filipino dishes to try!

9. Kayaking in El Nido

Palawan Tour 0196

You can rent a kayak in El Nido and spend your day going around the beaches. It’s an interesting activity, you can find kayaks for 500 PHP per day or 150 PHP per hour in the town. In the island hopping renting a kayak will cost 250 PHP per hour. It’s a popular activity to do in Cadlao Lagoon and Big Lagoon.

10. El Nido Party Boat

Palawan Tour 0570

In our last day in El Nido, we had a boat party! Imagine we were partying while island hopping! Our itinerary was a mix of beautiful and quiet places in El Nido. Most of the places were empty. Free beers and cocktails and music to spend an amazing day island hopping.

11. Snake Island

Top instagrammable places in El Nido | Snake Island

Snake Island is very popular for having a  long sand bar. This island is included in the TOUR B. Locals have another name for it, Vigan Island. You can walk along the sand bar and take a 360 degrees video or photo. It’s a magical place!

More El Nido Tourist Spots

12. Bukal Beach

Paradise 0257

Bukal Beach of Bukal Island is part of El Nido’s Tour D, but it is surely a place you’ll also love. It’s small compared with other beaches in El Nido. But its beautiful and calm, making it perfect for enjoying the water while swimming or chilling at the beach. We had the beach for ourselves while enjoying a private tour!

13. Cadlao Lagoon

Top instagrammable places in El Nido | Cadlao Island

Cadlao Island has the highest peak at 609 meters above sea level and its the largest island in El Nido with a land area of 1,006 hectares. It’s part of the Tour D and now it’s more popular since they included the Small Lagoon in this tour. You can rent a kayak for 250 PHP to enjoy around. You can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

14. Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

Hidden Beach, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

Hidden Beach is part of the Tour C and you have to look for the beach behind the limestone. It’s a beautiful beach with clear but it’s too crowded since it’s not very big. Make sure you bring your dry bag if you want to take pictures. You will have to swim to reach the beach since the boats can’t access to it.

15. Pinagbuyutan Island

Pinagbuyutan island, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

Top intagrammable places in El Nido | Pinagbuyutan Island

Pinagbuyutan Island is one of our favorite El Nido tourist spots. It’s part of Tour B and its great for snorkeling, swimming and walk around. It’s usually quiet and we find the island perfect for taking pictures and flying the drone.

16. Filipino Experience

Culture Day 0487

We loved the activities on the Philippine Experience. We had a fun Filipino Culture Day in a small village near the beach. We enjoyed a nice walk and we also learned about banana herbs, coconut trees, leaves and many more interesting more things.

Culture Day 0498We went fishing too but we weren´t lucky. We didn´t catch anything, ha! We also cooked one of the most popular Filipino dishes, Adobo. It was delicious!

Culture Day 0398

After cooking and eating, we had more activities like climbing a coconut tree to dancing typical Filipino dances and playing Filipino games. Everything was well-organized and we really had so much fun!

It’s a perfect tour to learn about the Filipino culture. We did ourselves and we had amazing time. If you want to book the tour send them and message on Facebook. Prices are around 1800 PHP. And for more information read their website The Philippine Experience!

17. Camping at the Beach

Palawan Tour 0567 1

Camping in the beach while island hopping in El Nido is an amazing experience. It will allow you to see amazing sunsets and sunrises. The best way to do it is joining to an expedition tour. We did ourselves with Buhay Isla from El Nido to Coron 3 days and 2 nights.

It was amazing island hopping. Everything well organized, delicious food, great snorkeling spots and amazing islands to visit.

18. Swim at Lio Beach

things to do in El Nido, el nido island hopping, things to do in el nido aside from island hopping, things to do in el nido at night, el nido palawan itinerary, nightlife in el nido

Lio Beach is a quiet and beautiful beach to spend the day. We visited for sunset and enjoying dinner. The food was delicious and we enjoyed swimming. Great place to enjoy calm dinner outside El Nido town.

Going there from El Nido will take 10-15 minutes by tricycle and it will cost 200 PHP. There is also a free shuttle from The White House in El Nido town almost every hour.

19. Taraw Cliff

Climbing the Taraw Cliff will offer you an amazing view on El Nido and the Bacuit Bay, things to do in El Nido, el nido island hopping, things to do in el nido aside from island hopping, things to do in el nido at night, el nido palawan itinerary, nightlife in el nido
View from the Peak of Taraw Cliff (Photo via El Nido Paradise)

Climbing Taraw Cliff will give you the best views of El Nido! We have also heard that connection is good there, ha! We did not try this activity haha. However, there’s a safer way to still see beautiful views of El Nido. You can climb with a tour guide. It’s little bit tricky make sure you bring proper shoes and water for this hike.

20. Zip Line in El Nido

Culture Day 0547

Top instagrammable places in El Nido | Zip lining at Las Cabanas

Zip line is definitely an activity you wouldn’t want to miss. Zip lining through the best area for sunset is such an amazing adrenaline-packed experience. The prices are 700 PHP or around $14 USD for a one way ride.

You’ll enjoy amazing views until you reach Las Cabañas where you can enjoy a bottle of beer at sunset time. There are many bars with loud music and the place is so beautiful.

21. Star Beach

Top instagrammable places in El Nido | Star Beach

Star beach is a small, secluded white-sand beach offering clear waters & snorkeling & swimming opportunities. Going to this beach is a part of TOUR C in El Nido. You will spend time here since it’s usually chosen for lunch time while doing the tour! 

If you want to enjoy Star Beach for yourself just avoid lunch time and you will almost not find people.

22. Pasandigan Beach

gamintraveler 1 11 2017 10 34 54 950

Pasandigan beach was perfect. Plus it was super picturesque! There is a nice area for snorkeling. Also you can explore the caves around with crystalline water. It’s usually calm and not many people visit this El Nido tourist spot.

23. Paradise Beach

Tour D and more 0428

This was our lunch stop area. It was a chill, quiet place where we felt like it was our own little island. We loved the service in the tour companies in El Nido. The guides will prepare you an amazing lunch and they will make sure you have all the comfort in the island, shades and all the things that you need. The water is so clear!

24. Nat Nat Beach

Paradise 0259

Natnat is a slang term for coconuts. This beach is full of coconut trees. The water is so clear and you can enjoy snorkeling. We tried that and got some nice shots underwater. One of the closest beaches to El Nido town you can even come here kayaking.

25. Sunset in Cadlao Resort

things to do in El Nido, el nido island hopping, things to do in el nido aside from island hopping, things to do in el nido at night, el nido palawan itinerary, nightlife in el nido

Every sunset in every spot in El Nido is so damn beautiful! We just loved the sunset there so much that we highlighted it. We promise that you will not regret seeing the majestic sunset in Cadlao. Have a bottle of beer to maximize the experience. For more sunsets in El Nido go to Las Cabañas, Corong Corong and Lio Beach.

Click here to check their places and availability

26. Cadlao Beach

Cadlao Beach, el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide

It’s a private beach but you can do snorkeling. They are shooting Survivor for the Netherlands. We stopped with the boat and we could spot a turtle. It’s really beautiful to swim around.

27. Nightlife in El Nido

el nido tourist spots, el nido travel guide, nightlife in El Nido

Image from Flickr

 El Nido was a quiet place. But due to the high number of tourists now, businesses are popping out everywhere.  Nightlife in El Nido was good but don´t go to bed so late, tours are waiting for you early morning. Well don’t expect crazy parties as Thailand but you will enjoy. The Philippines nightlife in El Nido is one of the best with Siargao to have a drink.

Where to Stay in El Nido

SeaCocoon EL Nido, where to stay in El Nido

SeaCocoon EL Nido, where to stay in El Nido

SeaCocoon EL Nido, where to stay in El Nido

Sea Cocoon Hotel is the top bed and breakfast according to Trip Advisor in the whole of El Nido. We had 3 good nights with them. They have an internet connection in the hotel which is quite challenging when traveling in El Nido so we were really satisfied with our stay.

We love the choices they have in El Nido that start from as low as 700 PHP per night in a dorm. You can get a room as ceap as 1200-1500 PHP. Cool, right? What’s even cooler is you can do also an Airbnb


Let us know if we are missing any of El Nido tourist spots. Which one is your favorite El Nido tourist spot? Did you like our El Nido travel guide? If you have questions let us know in the comments below.

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Happy Travels!


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