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A Perfect 10 Days Palawan Itinerary

Palawan Itinerary

Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. We recommend you you to spend at least 10 days in Palawan. We will write 10 Days Palawan Itinerary for you from Puerto Princesa to Coron. Most of the travelers come to the Philippines from Manila.

Once in Manila there are affordable flights going to Puerto Princesa. That’s why we will start our 10 Days Palawan Itinerary in Puerto Princesa. But you can also start your Palawan itinerary from Coron and going to Puerto Princesa passing by for El Nido and Port Barton.

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Best time to visit Palawan

This island destination in the Philippines is best enjoyed during the dry season. During this time, visitors can go on different tours, swim in the beautiful waters and enjoy the sun in Palawan. The best time to visit Palawan is around October to June since the rain usually falls in the middle of the year. However, Palawan’s wet season does not have typhoons that directly hit the island so going on those months might still be fun.

Click here to know more about the weather in Palawan!

10 Days Palawan Itinerary

Day 1-2 Palawan Itinerary

Palawan itinerary, Puerto Princesa Underground River

If you get early morning to Puerto Princesa maybe you can join to a tour Underground River. But if you get to Puerto Princesa in the afternoon you will have to wait for next day to visit the River. We don’t consider Puerto Princesa so beautiful for visiting. There are many things to do but it’s better giving priority to other places in Palawan.

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If the second day you visit Underground River in the morning. And after this we recommend you to try to get a van going to Port Barton. Hopefully you get on time for a magical sunset our favorite ones in the Philippines. Prices for accommodation and food are cheap in Port Barton. It’s a small town and it’s never crowded.

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Day 3-4 Port Barton

sunset in Port Barton, things to do in Port Barton, Palawan itinerary

You have to stay in Port Barton at least 2 days before going to El Nido. For the first day in Port Barton you can do the island hopping visiting beautiful islands while snorkeling in different spots and not missing the turtle view point. Yes you can spot turtles in Port Barton and also you can see star fishes in Port Barton island hopping.

At the end of the day is mandatory going to the main beach to enjoy the sunset. It’s our favorite sunset in the Philippines. As you can see in the picture the colors are unreal. There are a few bars to enjoy a drink and it’s the perfect time to meet people in Port Barton.

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Second day in Port Barton you can visit White Beach which is quiet and beautiful with palm trees everywhere. You can get there by foot (around 1 hour) or by boat (20 minutes). You can stop by in another beach full of coconuts where there is nobody. If you like adventure you can also visit waterfalls or rent a kayak to go around in Port Barton during the day to complete your day.

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Day 5-6-7 El Nido

where to sleep in el nido, El Nido, Palawan itinerary

When going to El Nido you have to do at least 2 island hopping since it’s amazing. I would say if you have time do 4 days of island hopping is totally worth it. So you will choose your favorite one. El Nido isn’t quiet to walk around and being relax and calm like Port Barton. So if you don’t do island hopping make sure you rent a kayak or going out to explore Thuli Beach, Leo or Nacpan Beach in the North during the day. For sunset Las Cabañas is the perfect place for sunset and have a drink or a fresh coconut.

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The first day in the morning leaving from Port Barton get a van going to El Nido. So you make sure you can get on time for sunset. If you go early morning you will have the opportunity to rent a motrobike/tricycle in El Nido and you can visit Leo Beach and Nacpan Beach. For sunset a great place to watch is Las Cabañas. There are a few bars with music. And you can get a drink or a fresh coconut.

El Nido, Palawan itinerary

The next days 2-3 in El Nido island hopping. There are tours A, B, C and D. The most popular island hopping are A with the Big Lagoon and C which is the farthest in El Nido with Hidden Beach. It’s difficult to choose since we like so much Pinagbuyatan Island in Tour B. And Cadlao Lagoon and the beautiful beaches in Tour D. Up to you but all of them are amazing!

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For doing the tours in El Nido if you join to a group it will be cheaper. But everything is fixed and you will get all the places crowded. If you have the opportunity to join more people and get a private boat. You will be able to leave early morning and you will enjoy the places for yourself (or at least less people). Especially lunch stops and best tourist spots in El Nido.

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Day 8-9-10 Coron

Palawan itinerary, Coron, Ditatayan Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide

The day 8 you have to get a boat from El Nido to Coron. It will take 4 hours the fast boat and 7 hours the slow boat. Compare prices and comfort and choose what is adapting better to your needs. We recommend you to get the fast boat 6 am in the morning. So you will be able to make the most of your day in Coron.

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First day in Coron you can rent a motorbike and going around. You can also hike Mount Tapyas at sunset time. It takes 30-40 minutes and you will have amazing views of Coron plus is free of charge. After the sunset you can go to Maquinit Hotsprings which is so popular to visit at night. It’s 30 minutes far from Coron town. You can go by tricycle or joining a tour for $12 USD and do both activities clicking this link.

For next 2 days in Coron we recommend you to do island hopping. There are many of them Ultimate Tour is our favorite one where you can see the main Coron tourist spots. There are a few spots Kalangayan Lake, Barrakuda Lake that most of the tours include. There are usually 6-7 spots to visit and sometimes are so crowded with the tour. And you cant enjoy them as those places deserve.

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There is alsotour C that includes Malcapuya Island, Banana Island which is farther but there are only 3 spots. You will not be alone in the beach but it’s less crowded and you will not have to visit 6-7 toursit spots in Coron the same day.

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There are other options in Coron like renting a boat for a private tour and get lost in private islands like Dumunpalit Island. It was a long way but we enjoyed the island for ourselves. You can read this blog post where we explain with all the details how to get to Dumunpalit Island.

Last day in Coron you will have your flight to Manila, Cebu or Clark. The airport is only 30 minutes by van from Coron town. And your accommodation will help you to book a seat in the van. Fixed price 150 PHP.

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More Travel Tips for your 10 Days Palawan Itinerary

If you have more than 10 Days we recommend you to stay your stay in Port Barton so you can relax and feel the vibe of the place. Also El Nido and Coron you can do more island hopping.

If you have less time you can skip Underground River and going direct to Port Barton from Puerto Princesa only 3 hours by van.

If you have plenty of time in your Palawan itinerary you can include Balabac in the South. You will need at least 5 days to explore the islands properly and going back to Puerto Princesa. Balabac is amazing with clear water, white sand and not so touristic. Mostly locals going there. Read here our Balabac travel guide and things to know before visiting Balabac.

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Happy Travels!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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Saturday 21st of November 2020

Indeed! Palawan is a great place and must be on your bucket list. Ive been to El Nido last year and we spent 3 days to relax. Ive been in Puerto Princessa as well and spent 5 days to self medidate and remove stress. I wish I could stay longer even if it's expensive. LOL. I like the calm environment. So relaxing. So natural. I like the people and the cleanliness of them. But no one knows that it was the last. I mean now that there was coronavirus, I'm afraid of. So the next destination if the coronavirus already vanished is Coron. I heard of it but never been there. I wish that everything will be back to normal for me to travel again.

Ruben Arribas

Saturday 21st of November 2020

Thanks Sheila!

Coron is incredible :) If you have the opportunity of joining an expedition tour will be an amazing experience 2-3 days sailing around Coron