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50 Awesome Waterfalls in the Philippines

50 AWESOME WATERFALLS IN THE PHILIPPINES 50 Awesome Waterfalls in the Philippines As you all know, Rachel is a Filipina so it is our home country too and we visit a lot of their beautiful Islands and stay in paradise beaches but did you know that there are also awesome waterfalls in the Philippines? We have visited some but we’d love to visit all of them but for now, let’s talk about these waterfalls and hopefully we’ll get to visit them soon. Read here solo female travel in the Philippines and traveling with kids in the Philippines! Most of the travelers visiting the Philippines are coming from Western countries but we have to say that Filipinos travel a lot inside their own country to see the most beautiful places.


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Awesome Waterfalls in the Philippines

1. Tangadan Falls, La Union

la union falls, falls in la union

If you are coming from San Juan Beach or San Fernando La Union, you have to ride a jeep to San Gabriel for around 20 PHP. Just mention to the jeepney driver that you are going to Tangadan Falls and he will drop you off in the tricycle terminal where you can get a tricycle for 50 PHP for two people. The entrance fee for Tangadan Falls is 30 PHP. You can have a guide for 500-600 PHP (good enough for 6-7 people and you can always join a group to share expenses) and they will guide you around the trek for 50-60 minutes to get to Tangadan Falls. Read here our favorite La Union tourist spots!

2. Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

siquijor Cambugahay Waterfalls is a really amazing and very quiet destination. The water is transparent and very clean. You can jump and even swing on a rope to go into the water. The waterfalls has two levels. The first part is the huge waterfall where people jump and swim. The second level is more quiet, perfect for swimming and relaxing. Also, there is no entrance fee, you guys! Going here was a really awesome experience and if you want to know more about waterfalls read the secret waterfalls of Siquijor.

3. Lugason Falls, Siquijor Island

Lugnason Falls, Siquijor tourist spots, things to do in Siquijor Island
Image from Flickr
Philippines is famous because of its many amazing bodies of water like rivers, beaches and waterfalls. Turquoise water fills Lugnason Falls. It is a very quiet are that’s really nice to swim on and just relax. It used to be allowed to swim in this waterfall but due to urbanization and pollution, people are now highly discouraged to swim here, However, there are villas, gazebos, and pools you can enjoy. Read here our best things to do in Siquijor Island!

4. Nadsadjan Falls, Iloilo

Nadsadjan waterfall Iloilo
Image from Flickr
Wanna go somewhere cool? Located in Igbaras is a 100-foot tall waterfall that attracts tourists from all over. Nadsadjan Falls is the perfect place to cool off during the summer and the unspoiled beauty of its waters and surroundings are worth the 45-minute trek along the river. Read here our best Iloilo tourist spots!

5. Pulang Tubiq Falls, Bacolod

Pulang tubig waterfalls, things to do in bacolod, bacolod tourist spots, hotels in bacolod city, best time to visit Bacolod city
Image from Flickr
Pulang Tubig (literally “red water”) can be found in a protected area called the Northern Negros Natural Park. The park is surrounded by lush forests and several river systems that make the area a tranquil sanctuary, perfect for those who want to be one with nature. To reach Pulang Tubig, you need to go trekking from a lovely community called Patag, which is 20 minutes away from Silay City and about an hour-long ride from Bacolod City. Aside from the majestic waterfalls, the park is also home to native birds, deer, bats and different local plants. Read here things to do in Bacolod!

6. Hinulugang Taktak near Manila

waterfalls in the philippines, Hinulugang Taktak Image source: jackpopoy of, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

(Photo Via Jackpopoy | Flickr)

It is one of the nearest waterfalls you can visit near Manila. It used to be allowed to swim in this waterfall but due to urbanization and pollution, people are now highly discouraged to swim here, However, there are villas, gazebos, and pools you can enjoy. Read here places to visit near Manila!

7. Casaroro Falls, Negros Oriental

things to do in Dumaguete, places to visit in Dumaguete
Casaroro Falls (© Joe Coyle – Flickr)
Another beautiful waterfalls in Valencia is Casaroro Falls, a real treasure and adventure spot for locals and tourists to enjoy. Casaroro is special because it is 100 feet tall and uniquely narrow for a waterfall. You need to take a short hike to get to the falls, but the concrete stairs make the site easier to access than before. The cool waters and beautiful scenery once you reach Casaroro Falls are worth it, for sure.

8. Tinago Falls, Cagayan de Oro

Things to do in Cagayan de Oro, how to get to Cagayan de Oro, where to stay in cagayan de Oro, cagayan de Oro Hotels, cagayan de oro tourist spots

Image from I Travel

Looking for place to relax and cool down? Head on to Iligan City’s amazing Tinago Falls! Iligan City is just about an hour away from Cagayan de Oro and is truly one of the most breathtaking places to visit. If you enjoy trekking, then you’re in luck because it is quite a hike to reach Tinago Falls. However, we can assure you that once you’re there, you’ll immediately be stunned by its beauty! The water is really blue and cold, and you can go under the waterfalls by riding the raft. There are cottages just across the waterfall if you decide to stay for a while and bring some food. We definitely recommend you visit here and enjoy the lush nature!

9. Mintusok Falls, Cagayan de Oro


Image from Mindanao Gold

This is yet another amazing waterfalls for the outdoor enthusiasts! Mintugsok Falls is just between the central point of Indahag and Malasag Mountains which could be accessed in two ways: trail hiking from Indahag and river trekking from Mapawa Nature Park. Yes, it is near another destination featured in this article, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy back-to-back adventures in those lovely spots.  This is definitely an interesting Cagayan de Oro tourist spot!

10. Cantico Falls, Cagayan de Oro

F.S. Catanico Falls

Image from J Boy Gonzales

This is one of the several wonders of nature located in Barangay F.S. Catanico, Cagayan de Oro which is only 20 minutes away from the heart of the city. You can rent out picnic huts here and they also have public bathrooms for you to use. Truly a pocket paradise for nature lovers! Click here to read our experience in Kawasan Falls, the most amazing waterfalls in the Philippines! It’s only 20 minutes away from Cagayan de Oro and the entrance fee is 20 PHP per person. Read here our favorite Cagayan de Oro tourist spots!

11. Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island

Waterfalls in the Philippines, How to get to Camiguin, camiguin tourist spots, things to do in Camiguin, Camiguin travel guide, where to sleep in Camiguin, food travel budget in Camiguin, Daily travel budget in Camiguin, Katibawasan Falls
It is located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong, Barang Upper Pandan, approximately five kilometers southeast of the Municipality of Mambajao. The waterfall measures 250 ft high. There are a lot souvenir shops around the area and you will be welcomed with a big smile by the locals once you enter the premises. The entrance fee costs 50 PHP.

12. Kabigan Falls, Pagudpud

Timangtang Rock, Kabigan Falls, Waterfalls in the Philippines
A rustic trail through tropical forest leads visitors to this dramatic natural waterfall. Reaching the place from the main highway is approximately 30-45 minute walk depending on your speed and power. The trek going to Kabigan Falls is mostly in a flat area so you’ll have time to enjoy the beautiful panorama. It’s mandatory to hire a guide for 120 PHP to reach the waterfalls. Once in Kabigan waterfalls is a nice place for relaxing and it’s not so crowded. Read here our favorite things to do in Pagudpud!

13. Tuasan Falls, Camiguin Island

How to get to Camiguin, camiguin tourist spots, things to do in Camiguin, Camiguin travel guide, where to sleep in Camiguin, food travel budget in Camiguin, Daily travel budget in Camiguin, Tuasan Falls
Photo via Flickr 
It was once a hidden gem of the Island. It is about 2km from the main Camiguin highway and now accessible to most travelers because of the newly built cement road. The entrance fee costs 50 PHP.

14. Tak Tak Falls, Siargao

Tak Tak Falls, Waterfalls in the Philippines
Located at the Northern part of the Island. It is a perfect stop, with its cool fresh water runs down a high cliff into a Filipino style pool. Many local would hang out and jump from the cliffs or trees. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Taktak Falls from General Luna and there is an entrance fee 25 PHP. It’s great to visit around the area with Santa Monica Pier, Alegria Beach and Pacifico beaches too.

15. Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna

waterfalls in the Philippines

Image from Wikimedia

Located below Mount Banahaw, in the town of Cavinti, Laguna, Pagsanjan Falls drops water from a height of 120 meters. Tourists could go to Pagsanjan Falls also known as Magdapio Falls, by boat from the town of Pagsanjan costing 1200 PHP per person or by the foot trail from Pueblo El Salvador for 270 PHP per person.

16. Bomod-Od Falls


Image from Chasing Culprit

Bomod-Ok falls is a waterfall located in Sagada, Luzon. The back and forth trek is 2 hour long. Tourists love the struggle of the trek because the views of Sagada and its Bomod-Ok Falls are worth every struggle. Trail Guides are available for 500 PHP and they are available from nearby Barangay.

17. Buruwisan Falls, Laguna

7038324077 33ea888772 o

Image from Flickr

Located at the foot of Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. Buruwisan Falls is one of the waterfalls that is like a hidden gem. The water from the falls is cool and relaxing. The entrance fee is only 10 PHP.

18. Niludhan Falls, Negros Oriental

niludhan falls05newss diaries

Image from Shoestring Diary

Niludhan Falls is one of the underrated waterfalls in Negros Oriental. There are no entrance fee but it is farm from the city. You could go by bus from Dumaguete, Mabinay, or Bayawan City. Going by bus is cheaper than going by Habal-Habal, for 400-750 PHP.

19. Bantakay Falls, Quezon

Image from Im Pro Sohanna

Brgy. Sta. Catalina Atimonan, Quezon Province houses Bantakay Falls, Quezon. This fall in Quezon has a rich waterfall that is not too thick nor not too thin. A tour guide costs about 300 PHP per group.

20. Pulangbato Falls, Dumaguete

Pulangbato falls in Dumaguete, dumaguete tourist spots, things to do in Dumaguete
Image from Wikipedia
Named after the natural redness of the rocks in the falls, Pulangbato is a refreshing and relaxing space in Valencia, only one 30-minute jeepney ride away from Dumaguete. There are several waterfalls to swim in and it is a very picturesque place for families and couples to enjoy. The area is not as commercialized as other tourist spots and it is very well-maintained and peaceful.

21. Tappiya Falls, Batad

waterfalls in the philippines

Image from Tine Kates

Almost always a side trip because of Batad Rice Terraces, Tappiya Falls is only few km away from it. The water is also cold and refreshing after the trek, worth the swim. The heritage fee only costs about 50 PHP.

22. Ulan-Ulan Falls, Biliran

39956499092 d16585081b o

Image from Flickr

Located in Naval, Biliran, Ulan-Ulan Falls is one of the must visit places around the town. To get here from Naval, rent a Habal-Habal for a 20 minute ride. From the drop off point, you could either walk with a guide or follow the marked trail.

23. Kaparkan Falls, Abra

14681865 1225397017480420 8982289680627670016 n

Image from Backpacker Lifestyle

Kaparkan Falls in Sitio Kaparkan, Barangay Caganayan,Tineg, Abra is very challenging but rewarding to visit. The road going to the trailhead itself is a challenge, but the Falls is very clear and appealing. It’s almost like a reward for surviving the road.

24. Lulugayan Falls, Samar


Image from Sltrippers

Lulugayan Falls, Samar is somehow different from other falls because of its nature. The falls isn’t dropping from a good height, it’s just flowing strongly and beautifully. The entrance fee is only about 200 PHP. Get ready for a short trek before going here.

25. Sagpulon Falls, Misamis Oriental

25015405911 25a7dbd033 o

Image from Flickr

Located in Barangay San Isidro,Jasaan, Misamis Oriental is Sagpulon Falls with a soaring height of 150 ft. The entrance fee is 10 PHP. The cottage and tables costs about 200 PHP. Great for a short weekend getaway.

26. Bugtong Bato Falls, Antique

16057230770 2c440fa1cd o

Image from Flickr

The trek going to Bugtong Bato Falls, Antique is easy. Wear comfortable shoes before going to the one of the most visited places in Antique. The trek only lasts for 30 minutes. You can enjoy swimming and having picnic in the area. The entrance fee is only 100 PHP and guides costs about 150 PHP.

27. Bulingan Falls, Basilan

8987065159 d54de9872a o

Image from Flickr

The Bulingan Falls in Basilan is beautiful in its own way because of how the falls cascade to the naturally architected walls. Ride a boat going to Lamitan, Basilan from Zamboanga City. An entrance fee of less than 50 PHP might be needed.

28. Tudaya Falls, Davao del Sur

tudaya 4

Image from Waterfalls PH

Located in Mount Apo Natural Park, Bansalan, Davao del Sur is Tudaya Falls. Tudaya falls is the tallest in Mount Apo Natural Park. Wear comfortable and hiking shoes because you might need to trek for a bit.

29. Merloquet Falls

Merloquet Falls Zamboanga City

Image from Wikipedia

Merloquet Falls is unlike other falls in Mindanao because it is short. But surely, it still worth it as the water is very cool and refreshing. Also, Merloquet waterfalls is like a curtain waterfall. The entrance fee is only 5 PHP.

30. Aliw Falls

waterfalls in the philippines

Image from Flickr

Aliw Falls located in Brgy. San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna is again, almost always considered as side trip. But it is really rewarding to visit because of its natural cascading wonder. The entrance fee is only 10 PHP and the guides costs about 300-500 PHP per group.

31. Ditumbao Falls, Baler

450px Waterfalls in Baler

Image from Wikimedia

Ditumbao Falls or the Mother falls in Baler, Aurora is pretty challenging to get into but rewarding. The pool from the falls is really cold, so be prepared for that. There is an environmental fee of 30 PHP and guides cost about 300 PHP per group.

32. Tumalog Falls, Cebu

25527890824 ed07324dd8 o

Image from Flickr

Tumalog falls in Cebu is really for the waterfalls chaser because of its beauty. The pool from the falls isn’t deep enough for swimming but the falls itself is relaxing. The entrance fee costs only for about 20 PHP while the Habal-Habal ride going to the falls is 50 PHP.

More Waterfalls in the Philippines

33. Asik-Asik Falls, North Cotobato

800px Asik asik falls

Image from Wikimedia

Asik-Asik Falls is also called Dulao Falls by the locals. It’s situated in Sitio Dulao of Barangay Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato. It is a beautiful waterfalls where water emanates from a spring covered with green plants and rocks. Going to Asik-Asik Falls is not that easy because you have to endure an almost 2-hour bumpy motorcycle ride for 700 PHP. It already includes going back to Midsayap. Oh, and the adventure doesn’t stop there because you still have to go down the 376-step stone stairs to finally see the waterfalls. It’s worth it anyway!

34. Tukuran Falls, Puerto Galera

Waterfalls in the Philippines, Tukuran Falls, Things to do in Puerto Galera, Waterfalls in Puerto Galera

Image from Shutterstock

Unlike Tamaraw falls, Tukuran falls is a 30 minutes trail from the road located in the village of Calsapa, 45 minutes south of Puerto Galera. From Puerto Galera you can either ride a jeepney or hire a van that can take you directly to the trailhead. It’s also called Hidden Paradise because, well, it’s quite hidden. It is a series of gentle cascades and turquoise-toned swimming holes with refreshing water to cool you down on a hot summer day. There will be a mandatory guide that you have to pay 300 PHP if you’re with a group or if you’re alone. Please be reminded to wear a proper footwear as the trail to the falls involves river crossing. But if you don’t want to walk, you can opt to ride a Carabao-pulled ride for 450 PHP. 

35. Inambakan Falls, Cebu


Image from United Outdoor

Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan is Cebu, is amazing because of its tallness and turquoise color. Getting here is easy from Ginatilan town proper, just ride a Habal-Habal for 100 PHP. The entrance fee also costs only for about 50 PHP.

36. Hikong Bente Falls, Mindanao

8269143004 99b28bf90f b

Image from Flickr

Located in Barangay Seloton of the Municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Hikong Bente Falls, is one of the seven falls around the area. You could see them via Zipline which is really long, for only 250 PHP. The scenic descent from the zipline is the best side trip after going to the falls.

37. Mimbalot Falls, Iligan

450px Mimbalut Falls Iligan City 01

Image from Wikimedia

Mimbalot Falls isn’t tall unlike other falls but it has beauty of its own. It is located in Barangay Buru-un, Iligan. Families love this place because kids can enjoy the pools. There is only 50 PHP entrance fee.  

38. Aliwagwag Falls, Davao Oriental

800px Aliwagwag Falls 2018 01

Image from Wikimedia

Arguably, many tourists call Aliwagwag Falls the best fall in the Philippines. It is because it is composed of many cascading waterfalls that is easily accessible by the public. Also, the area is pretty well maintained. Ride a 35 minute Habal-Habal trip from Cateel to Aliwagwag Falls. The entrance fee is only 50 PHP for adults.

39. Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao

5150785333 4eefa7c064 b
Image from Flickr
Amidst the rocky, dusty and uphill road and a butt numbing trip coming from the city proper to the famous Tinuy-an Falls, everyone is still amazed at the beauty of the so-called Niagara falls of the Philippines. It is said that a rainbow appears in between 9am to 11am as a reflection of the sunlight through the mist, and it’s one of the things you need to watch out for if you ever go there! Entrance fee is 50 PHP.

40. Magkawas Falls, Surigao

Magkawas Falls, Surigao tourist spots, Waterfalls in the Philippines
Image from Flickr
Magkawas falls is a 40 feet high falls with a plunge pool that is as deep as 7 feet in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. The cold water will cool you down from the 15 minute walk and climbing the stairs before you reach it. It might not look as majestic as other falls but Magkawas falls is surely one of the wonders of Surigao.

41. Laswitan Falls, Surigao

14685406234 5d6aa8edb0 o
Image from Flickr
Laswitan Lagoon is a rock-bounded spot composing of three lagoons with varying sizes. You can have fun while welcoming the fresh splash of water from the sea when the tide is going high. Laswitan Lagoon entrance fee is only 30 PHP and the life jacket can be used the whole day. If you plan to stay the night, there is no nearby accommodation. You have to travel to the nearest town to do so. The lagoon is only open from 7am to 5pm, as safety is everyone’s concern that the lagoon is only open in day time. Read here our favorite Surigao tourist spots!

42. Tinago Falls, Lanao del Norte

800px Tinago Falls Iligan City 02

Image from Wikimedia

Tinago falls in Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City, Mindanao is one of the main tourist attractions in Iligan. To get here, you must descent 459 steps in the Winding Staircase. It is one of the beauties of Iligan City. The entrance fee is only 10 PHP per person.

43. Kawasan Falls, Cebu

Kawasan Falls, Waterfalls in the Philippines How to get to Kawasan Falls? If you are coming from Cebu City, get a bus from South Bus Terminal to Badian. The trip will last around 3 hours and it costs around 140 pesos. Once you get to Badian, the bus will stop on the road and you need to walk to Kawasan Falls around 15-20 minutes. It’s a very easy walk and you will not get lost since there are many people going there. Prices are 40 pesos for locals and 60 for tourists. Kawasan Falls Cebu Tourist spots favorite of locals and foreigners, everyone visit here!

44. Aguinid Falls

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How to get to Aguinid Falls? From Cebu City, you have to get a bus in South Bus Terminal until Bato. The journey will take 4 hours and it will cost around 150 pesos. From Bato you have two options by bus (10 pesos and 5 minutes) or by tricycle, to get to Aguinid Waterfalls. The entrance fee is 40 pesos for locals and 60 for foreigners. You will get a guide for yourself (you have to tip the guide since they don’t get money from that job). Not really sure why is happening that!  The guide is necessary, especially if you want to reach Level 7.

45. Hamiguit Falls, Samal Island Hagimit Falls by Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto SJ
Hagimit Falls (© Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ – Flickr)
You can also make the most out of your stay in Samal Island by visiting Hagimit Falls, one of the coolest places to visit in Samal Island. Here, you can enjoy the falls’ waters and spend the whole day relaxing on the cottages. You can even pitch your own tent and stay overnight! There is only a small entrance fee of 60 PHP which even includes the environmental fee. It is one of Samal’s untouched attractions. You better come visit before everyone discovers this hidden gem in the Penaplata area. Read here things to do in Samal Island!

46. Alalum Falls, Bukidnon

10896989296 1f9f4a2b0c b

Image from Flickr

Alalum Falls is a simple waterfall located in Sumilao. The fall has a modest height of 45 meters.  The pool is normally cold but it is enjoyable. There is no entrance fee. Remember to respect mother nature and don’t leave your trash.

47. El Kabayo Falls, Subic

things to do in Subic, Subic travel guide, Kabayo waterfalls, Waterfalls in the Philippines
El Kabayo falls has two falls, one 4-feet, and 1 15 fee where you can swim, and have a bath, while beating the summer heat. There are also accommodations available in Kabayo waterfalls just in case you are planning overnight. There is an entrance fee of 50 PHP. Read here things to do in Subic!

48. Maria Cristina Falls, Iligan City

 best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines
(Photo Via The Backpack Adventures)
It is called the twin falls as the flow is separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall. It is truly a majestic view that will captivate you!

49. Tamaraw Waterfalls, Puerto Galera

Things to do in Puerto Galera, Tamara waterfalls,Waterfalls in the Philippines
Image from Flickr
Along the main road if you’re from Calapan going to White Beach, you can already see the charming Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera. You can ride jeepneys and tell them to drop you off at Tamaraw falls. You don’t need to trek to reach it because it’s just near the road. It is named after the water tamaraws locally from Mindoro Island which is now endangered due to commercialization. You’ll need to go down a few steps to reach the entrance. You’ll have to pay the fee of 25 PHP per person before you can go in. The water is very cool and refreshing. There are man made pools in different levels that you can choose to swim at. Snacks can also be bought inside. Buko juice or coconut juice can also be ordered fresh. Read here things to do in Puerto Galera!

50. Bigaho Falls

Bigaho Falls, waterfalls in the Philippines
Which of these beautiful waterfalls have you visited already? Let us know and we’d love to read your experience!
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