14 Best La Union Tourist Spots (La Union Travel Guide)

Last updated on June 22nd, 2019 at 07:12 pm

In the Philippines, La Union is one of the most popular spots for surfers. But this place is more than just its beautiful waves! We will show you in this blog post that aside from surfing, there are other La Union tourist spots to visit and things to do around La Union for your next trip. Read here where to stay in La Union from cheap hotels to luxury resorts.

La Union is really beautiful province. In fact, we have visited it twice and for our recent trip, we came from our trip to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan! It was a truly remarkable experience. Here is our La Union travel guide.

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La Union Travel Guide

How to get to La Union

How to get to La Union by bus from Manila

If you are coming from Manila, you can ride a bus to San Fernando. The most popular is Partas with routes going to Laoag, Vigan and San Fernando in La Union. Prices are around 500 PHP per head. The travel time is around 5-7 hours depending on traffic and where you are coming (from Cubao or Pasay).

Once you are in San Fernando, you can take a jeepney to Urbiztondo Beach or San Juan, where most of the accommodation and restaurants are. The price for the jeepney ride is 11 PHP. There are also tricycles available if you prefer a solo ride.

If you went by bus with Partas, there are a few direct trips to San Juan Beach in La Union. There are a couple of them actually, one in the afternoon and one at night.

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How to get to La Union by bus from Clark

We chose this option since we are based in Angeles City and we traveled by bus with Partas. The travel time was around 4-5 hours and there is no fixed schedule. However, we observed that there is a few buses take trips during the day. The price from San Fernando in La Union to DAU Terminal was 333 PHP.

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How to get to La Union by bus from Vigan

From Bantay, Vigan, you can take a 2 hours bus ride that costs around 250 PHP to Bacnotan, La Union. There are hourly bus rides to Bacnotan. From Bacnotan, you can finally take a 20-minute bus ride to San Fernando, La Union. It can cost you around 50 PHP.

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How to get to La Union by bus from Laoag

There are hourly bus trips in Laoag to Bacnotan, La Union. From Laoag, ride a bus to Bacnotan and it costs around 400 PHP for a 4-hour bus trip. From Bacnotan, finally ride a 20-minute bus ride to San Fernando, La Union which costs around 50 PHP.

How to get to La Union from Baguio

As of now, there is no direct connection to La Union from Baguio. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Sablan, Benguet then take the taxi to La Union. From there, you can take the taxi to La Union.

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There’s a number of ATM Machines in La Union, but most of them are in the town area. There are different banks as well. There are also hotels that have ATM machines around the vicinity but it is still advisable to always bring cash for emergencies. There are also exchange offices if you are bringing cash.

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Hotels and other establishments in La Union offer free wifi for guests and tourists. The internet in La Union used to be pretty slow, but recently it become pretty reliable but you can still experience slowness at times. Luckily, the connection improved. You can also get LTE connection with Globe and Smart around La Union.

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Like any other place in the Philippines there are two kinds of seasons- the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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For budget or DIY travelers, you’ll surely choose cheaper options especially when it comes to accommodation.

With 1500 PHP, it can be a good budget with food, transportation and accommodation plus entrance fees to some spots since most of them are with donation or free of charge. You can go for local food for 50-70 PHP in local carinderias and around 150 PHP in local restaurants in La Union, where you will find Filipino and Western food.

For accommodation, a budget room would cost minimum 1000 PHP ($20 USD) and you can go up to 5000 PHP. There are Airbnb options starting from $15-25.

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La Union Tourist Spots

1. Urbiztondo Beach

Urbiztondo Beach, La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide
Image from Flickr

The main beach for surfing. You will find shops for renting surfing boards if you want to learn how to surf. Around the area, you will find restaurants and places to stay in La Union depending on your budget and preferences.

2. Tangadan Falls

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, tangadan falls,
Image from Flickr

If you are coming from San Juan Beach or San Fernando La Union, you have to ride a jeep to San Gabriel for around 20 PHP. Just mention to the jeepney driver that you are going to Tangadan Falls and he will drop you off in the tricycle terminal where you can get a tricycle for 50 PHP for two people.

The entrance fee for Tangadan Falls is 30 PHP. You can have a guide for 500-600 PHP (good enough for 6-7 people and you can always join a group to share expenses) and they will guide you around the trek for 50-60 minutes to get to Tangadan Falls.

3. Grape Farm

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, grape farm
Image from Flickr

Yes, there are a number of grape farms in La Union. One of the most famous grape farms is in Bauang, La Union. It is called Lomboy Grape Farm, the one believed to be the first grape farm in the Philippines. Entrance Fee is PHP 100 and PHP 150 for grape picking. It is open from 7AM to 4PM from Monday to Saturday and 7AM to 3:00 PM on Sunday.

4. Ma-Cho Temple

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, Ma cho temple La Union
Image from Flickr

This temple prides Taoist architecture overlooking the coastline of San Fernando. Because of this, it is a perfect spot to watch the sunset and to take pictures. Just remember to behave and dress properly because it is still a place of worship.

5. Balay na Bato

One of the tourist spots in La Union is Balay na Bato or Bahay na Bato, or Noble Stone House. It was a rest house that turned into a tourist spot. Balay na Bato is owned by a couple from Baguio and it features a lot of stone sculptures by Vong Kim, a Korean artist. Entrance fee costs less than PHP 50.

6. Pebble Beach

 La Union travel guide, la Union tourist spots, Pebble Beach
Image from Wikimedia

In Luna, La Union, locals collect pebbles from the Pebble Beach. They sort out the pebbles and handpick the best ones so they can sell them to other countries. They believe that the beautiful pebbles in La Union won’t run out soon.

7. Baluarte Watchover

Baluarte Watchover is located in Pebble Beach in Luna, La Union. This is a mix of modern and old watchover, with the view to the calm sea. If you love taking photos, the door with padlocks is a great background!

More La Union tourist spots

8. Thunderbird Resort

where to stay in La union, la union tourist spots, thunderbird resort, La Union travel guide

You can visit Thunderbird Resort in La Union for spending the whole day. The entrance fee is 500 PHP (300 PHP consumables) for adults and 300 PHP (300 PHP consumables) for kids.

where to stay in La union, la union tourist spots, thunderbird resort, La Union travel guide

You can enjoy of a swim, casino and walking around the property. It’s a nice place to take pictures around. The food is delicious and you can relax with your smoothie in the pool area. If you like taking pictures, you will feel the vibe of Santorini with the villas and the similar white and blue colors Santorini.

9. Namacpacan Church

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, Namacpacan Church
Image from Flickr

This church houses the image of Our Lady of Namacpacan, a the title given to the Virgin Mary by the natives of La Union. If you are a Catholic who loves church/cathedral hopping, you’ll definitely want to stop by here to offer your prayers and just enjoy the silence of the church.

10. Immuki Island

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, immuki beach
Image Source

This beach has blue-green lagoons and natural pools. It’s just 30 minutes away from San Juan Beach.  Immuki is a word derived from the name sea slugs, that can thrive only on dead corals.

11. Tapuakan River

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, Tapuakan River, Tapuacan River
Image from Wikimedia

Tapuakan River or Tapuacan River is claimed to be the cleanest Inland River of the northern region of the Philippines. It has crystal clear waters flowing from the mountain top towards the river mainstream. It’s definitely a must to visit this place. Just remember to bring your own food as there are no nearby restaurants or stores. Also, if you are bringing kids on your trip, be careful as the place is rocky.

12. Bacnotan Beaches

bacnotan beaches, la union tourist spots

It’s just 10 kilometers North from San Juan Beach where you will find other beaches. Some of them are great for surfing. But if you aren’t a surfer, there are also beaches which are more relaxing where you can just swim, sunbathe or relax at the shore. It’s great to visit Bacnotan beaches at sunset time!

13. Poro Point Lighthouse

La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, Poro Point lighthouse
Image from Flickr

This lighthouse was an old one, built in 1905 during American occupation in the Philippines. It is 8 meters high and made up of concrete and it also has a gallery but no lantern. Take note that it is not accessible by visitors because it’s located in a military base. You can just take a photo of the lighthouse for remembrance. However, there are rumors that they will soon develop the lighthouse as a tourist destination. Hopefully, haha!

14. Nightlife in La Union

Things to do in Pagudpud, nightlife in Pagudpud, La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide nightlife la union

La Union is one of the most popular provinces for nightlife, apart from surfing. You can go for a beer and dance if you like it. Enjoy the night and socialize with the locals! The option of restaurants is wide, with every restaurant having affordable prices. We enjoyed partying in La Union and meeting new friends. 🙂

Where to stay in La Union

where to stay in La union, la union tourist spots, thunderbird resort, La Union travel guide

Our choice was the luxury stay at Thunderbird Resort where we enjoyed a villa with views to the golf court. We had amazing time at sunset taking pictures, walking around, and just relaxing. It’s inspired by Santorini and it’s great to experience it! Well, just in case you haven’t gone to Greece yet or you went to Santorini like us and you want to have amazing memories again. And of course, we had amazing time swimming in the pool area since it wasn’t very crowded at that time.

where to stay in La union, la union tourist spots, thunderbird resort, La Union travel guide

It’s located 5-10 minutes drive away to San Fernando and the area is perfect for resting.

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Festivals in La Union

Dinengdeng Festival

Dinengdeng is a one of Ilocano dishes that are popular in the whole country, and the most popular dish in La Union. That is why they specifically have a festival for this dish. It is much-loved by Ilocanos and food lovers anticipate and enjoy this event every year. There are even Dinengdeng Cooking Contests and everyone loves celebrating this festival in La Union because they are abundant with the ingredients used in this delicious dish. It is usually celebrated during last week of April to first week of May.

Tabacco Festival

La Union is Philippines’ biggest supplier of tobacco, and this festival is known to promote the resilience of hardworking Ilocano tobacco farmers. Everyone in Tubao, La Union celebrates the abundant harvest of tobacco every year and they enjoy this through a fun and colorful celebration. Although some are against tobacco smoking, they cannot simply stop producing tobacco because of its help to La Union’s livelihood.

Sillag Festival

Sillag is an Ilocano term that means “illumination from the moon.” This 2 to 3-day festival is celebrated during summer and it’s one of the most festive celebration in La Union. There are light-featured events such as the ceremonial lighting of Sillag Village, a musical show, and lantern parade. The local government and some establishments also organize different activities such as food fests, fireworks display, live bands or concerts, and activities for children. This is an event that many tourists and locals await for each year.

La Union is obviously a beautiful place to visit in the Philippines because of La Union’s tourist spots. There are a lot of things to do in La Union and we really hope to come back soon!

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