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Belizean Breakfast – Best Breakfast in Belize To Try

Best Breakfast in Belize To Try – Waking up in a paradise such as Belize is always a treat. But what do people eat for a Belizean breakfast? If you’re ever curious about this, we look at the typical breakfast in Belize and what you can expect to have when you are in Belize.

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What is a typical breakfast in Belize?

Rice and Beans - part of Belizean breakfast and the national food in Belize
Rice and Beans, popular in the whole of Latin America and even the Caribbean, are a staple in Belizean cuisine.

Belize’s most popular food is rice and beans – highly influenced by the Latin American culture around it, but also by Creole and Caribbean cuisines. A typical breakfast in Belize is composed of flour tortillas, now locals replace it with fry jacks, served with refried beans and eggs. Eggs are often served with Chaya as well. Chaya is known as the Mayan spinach.

This full typical breakfast in Belize is a testament to how the food culture is a mix of various influences – Mayan, Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American.

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Start Your Day with a Belizean Breakfast

If you’re eating in a restaurant or hotel, there will always be American and Mediterranean breakfast options. This is common now in very touristy places, and Belize is one of them. However, if you want the truly traditional breakfast in Belize, you’ll have to think about a full, heavy breakfast with your protein, carbs, and a side of sweets in the form of plantains, for example.

Start your Breakfast in Belize – What to Eat

Tortillas with refried beans, cabbage and cheese - Belizean breakfast

First, start your breakfast in Belize with a serving of protein. Eggs and beans are the perfect options for this. And if you think they can’t serve them together, you’re wrong because it’s even typical for breakfast in Belize to have both.

Main Dish for your Breakfast in Belize

Fry Jacks

Belizean Breakfast - Best Breakfast in Belize To Try
Fry Jacks are big part of having breakfast in Belize.

Belizean Fry Jacks, these triangle-shaped fried doughs have become the most popular part of a Belizean breakfast nowadays. It’s always nice to have rice and beans, albeit heavy, you’ll easily feel like being a part of the country’s culture. Food is one of the main things you can easily explore in a new country in order to understand its culture, and fry jacks in Belize are a big part of their breakfast culture.


Tortillas are course very common anywhere in South and Central America, therefore, their popularity has easily reached Belize. It’s nice to try a Belizean tortilla because then you can compare it with other tortilla versions like in Mexico or other parts of South and Central America.

Jonny cakes / Johnnycakes

Belizean Breakfast - Best Breakfast in Belize To Try

Jonnycakes can be known in your country as cornmeal flatbread (this is very common in the US), however, in Belize, johnnycake is something more like a bun, closer to a biscuit. You can partner your johnnycakes with meat, cheese, and other spreads or fillings.

Extras, Condiments, and Sides – Belize Food

Refried beans will be a staple in any Belizean breakfast spread. The main idea about beans is that they provide a good source of protein, are heavy to make you feel really full and ready to conquer your day, easy and fast to cook, but also refried in case these beans are from the last night.

Kidney beans are simmered to make sure they are cooked correctly and seasoned and cooked with onions and garlic. You can have your beans with bacon and breakfast sausage or just opt for tomatoes for a vegan or vegetarian breakfast in Belize.

Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce

Belizean Breakfast - Best Breakfast in Belize To Try

Famous hot sauce in Belize that you can find in a lot of local tables in Belize restaurants and food stalls, but even in local ones. If you love spicy food, you’ll definitely love to add this to anything!

Belizean Pico de Gallo

Belizean Breakfast - Best Breakfast in Belize To Try

This is chopped onions in vinegar, a very Caribbean popular side to any food in Belize, even with their breakfasts!

Additional Facts about Belizean Culture

Belizeans speak English as their official language

Belize is the only country in Latin America still part of the British Commonwealth. Because of colonization, Belizeans’ primary language is English, and yes you can definitely hear their accents!

Also, because it’s geographically in Central America, and its proximity to Spanish-speaking countries, a big part of the Belizean population (only about 300,000 people) speaks Spanish. In addition to Spanish and English, they speak local dialects and languages as well.

Belize is not a Hispanic country, although it’s in Central America

Yes, due to its history and roots, Belize is considered more an English country (British), rather than Hispanic. Belize locals is definitely culturally diverse, and you can see it with their food, with their activities, and of course with how the people look as well. Belizeans are one of the most popular countries in the Caribbean and Central America region for being lovely and friendly.

The United States is the largest community of Belizeans outside of Belize

We were surprised as well! But with the close proximity to the US, this is something to be expected 

Final Thoughts on Belize’s Breakfast and Culture

Some might think it’s limited, however Belize’s breakfast culture is a sign to its country’s simplicity. It has a high tourist and international culture, so there’s a wide variety of cuisine to experience as well, but don’t be afraid to start your day with a traditional Belizean breaky!

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Till our next guide. Stay happy friends!

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