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Cycling around Madrid – What To Do and Where To Go

Cycling around Madrid – What To Do and Where To Go

Cycling around Madrid – What To Do and Where To Go

Madrid itinerary has so many places to offer tourists. People often explore the place by riding buses, taxis, and metro. I have never experienced cycling around Madrid but I recommend that you explore it by riding a bicycle. It’s a more fun and faster way to visit Madrid instagram spots


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How to rent a bicycle

Cycling around Madrid - What To Do and Where To Go

My brother and I used Donkey Republic App when we went cycling around Madrid. This app really made everything easier for us. There are many main points where you can grab your bicycle. You can rent a bike for a few hours, for 24 hours, for a few days. It is really easy and convenient. Just check the app and they will explain you everything step by step.

One cool thing about this app is that you just need to put your Bluetooth on and put the phone in front of the bike. After you followed the app’s step by step guide, you will unlock the bicycle. And when you’re done using the bicycle, just do the same procedures with the app and they will lock the bicycle for you. Leave your e-mail in the app and they will send you a confirmation that everything turned out fine.

What to see cycling around Madrid

There are different points to see around Madrid. Here we will show you our favorite ones:

Retiro Park

Spain biking 0585

Retiro Park is huge and full of life. You will see many people joggling, cycling, skating, and walking around the park. There are areas in the park for relaxing if you feel like resting from the traffic and the busy city.

Spain biking 0564

There is a small lake where you can rent a boat to spend the morning or the afternoon. Both are great plans. Of course, you can also cycle around Retiro Park.

Spain biking 0555

There are a few landmarks that you must see:

Puerta de Alcala

Beautiful landmarks cycling around Madrid

One of the main landmarks in Madrid that was made by the Romans a long time ago. This place is always busy due to traffic.


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This is one of tourists’ favorite places to visit in Madrid. Real Madrid Soccer Team celebrates their championship here with all the people around the area. If you aren´t a supporter of Real Madrid, that´s not a problem. Just go down half a kilometer and you will arrive at Neptuno, where Atletico de Madrid supporters celebrate their trophies.

Plaza España

The square is also full of life and you will see how busy the traffic is around the area. I love all city squares since there’s always a small space to sit around.

Debod Temple

Spain biking 0736

Temple of Debod is my favorite place in Madrid. The best time to visit is during the sunset. You will see people walking around, relaxing and playing guitar while waiting for the sunset around the park . You can ride a cable car to get amazing views from the top.

Great views

Spain biking 0754

From Debod temple, you will get really nice views of the city, especially in Almudena Church´s which is one of the biggest and popular churches in Madrid.

Where to eat

There are a few places that I can recommend around Plaza Mayor like San Miguel Market. There are Tapas bars and squid sandwiches which are perfect snacks when taking a bicycle break. Just look for a local bar and you will see prices that are very affordable. You can get beer and sandwiches starting from $4-$5.

If you want another gastronomy, in Plaza España, there is a small Chinatown inside the parking area. The food is really tasty and you will experience Chinese dishes. Prices of main dishes start from $5.

Spain biking 0543

Traffic cycling around Madrid

Be careful of the traffic.

Make sure you are always on the right side and using the bicycle lane. There are so many cars, taxi, and buses around the city so you really have to be careful. The capital is so busy, just use common sense and everything will be fine.

For more information about attractions in Madrid read this post!

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