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Sim Card Marrakech Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Marrakech

Last updated on February 29th, 2024 at 08:31 am

Sim Card Marrakech Airport, Buy Marrakech Sim Card Airport

Looking to make a sim card Marrakech Airport purchase? Looking for the best guide on getting SIM card in Marrakech.

Landing at Marrakech Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Marrakech Airport? Yes, there are kiosks and vendors with Inwi, Orange and Maroc Telecom are the leading SIM card providers in Marrakech and Morocco.

Orange and Maroc are the top options for a sim card in Marrakech, if you are looking for the easiest way to buy an eSIM you can go for Airalo and Holafly

If you are going from Marrakech Airport to the city center you should know that it will take 15 minutes by taxi and 30 minutes by public transportation.

Whether you’re a digital nomad craving uninterrupted internet, a globe-trotter wanting to capture every moment, or a newbie stepping into Marrakech’s vibrant streets, we’ve curated this guide, especially for you.

Navigating mobile services can be a tad confusing, more so in a city as bustling as Marrakech. But fret not; we’re here to simplify it for you.

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Why Buying a Local SIM in Marrakech Airport

If you land at Marrakech Airport and you buy a sim card the prices are higher than phone shops. You can get a Marrakech Airport sim card for $20 USD with 20 GB with Inwi, Orange and Maroc Telecom and it will be easy to activate since they will help you at the store!

A little bit more expensive than if you buy your sim card in Marrakech at the shops in the city. But just landing you will be able to book your taxi, Uber and check online before getting to your hotel. If you aren’t in a hurry and you want to save a few bucks just look for the official stores in Marrakech.

How to Buy a SIM Card in Marrakech

Absolutely! Acquiring a SIM card in Marrakech is straightforward. However, remember to carry a valid ID, like your passport, for registration, in accordance with Moroccan regulations.

On landing at Menara Airport, you’ll notice kiosks and retail outlets selling SIM cards. The city, especially popular places like Jemaa el-Fnaa, also hosts several stores to aid your purchase.

Where to Get Your SIM Card in Marrakech

Airport Outlets

Post customs clearance, you’ll find kiosks providing instant activation SIM cards.

Malls and Marketplaces

Key city areas and markets in Marrakech usually house SIM card selling points.

Network Provider Outlets

Maroc Telecom, Orange Morocco, and Inwi have their dedicated stores spread across Marrakech.


Some prefer ordering SIM cards online prior to their journey. Yet, on-arrival registration may be needed.

Mobile Operators, Networks & Frequencies in Marrakech – Sim Card Marrakech Airport

The primary cellular service providers in Marrakech include Maroc Telecom, Orange Morocco, and Inwi. These operators cater to a range of services, encompassing 3G and 4G.

VoLTE & VoWiFi in Marrakech

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) enable enhanced voice call experiences. Their availability hinges on both the network provider and your device’s compatibility.

5G in Marrakech

5G rollout in Marrakech is progressive. The main city center enjoys better coverage, but expanding networks promise wider reach soon.

SIM Card Registration in Marrakech

SIM card registration, in line with Morocco’s regulations, necessitates an ID, mostly a passport for tourists. This quick process ensures immediate activation post-verification.

When you arrive in Marrakech and decide to purchase a local SIM card, you’ll be participating in a procedure that’s standard across Morocco. This is the SIM card registration. Let’s delve into what this process entails:

  1. Importance of Registration: Morocco has implemented SIM card registration to ensure security and monitor cellular device use. This system helps prevent misuse and fraudulent activities.
  2. Documentation Needed: While various forms of identification might be accepted, tourists are primarily required to present their passport. This international ID proves to be the most universally accepted document, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.
  3. The Process: Upon selecting your desired SIM card and package, the seller will typically make a photocopy of your passport’s main page (and sometimes the entry stamp). They’ll then fill out a short registration form, either digitally or on paper. Your details, along with the SIM card’s number, will be entered.
  4. Activation Time: In most instances, once the registration process is complete, the SIM card activates within minutes. However, in some cases, it might take a few hours. It’s always a good idea to test the card in the presence of the seller to confirm its activation status.
  5. Privacy Assurance: While sharing personal information might raise privacy concerns for some, rest assured that Morocco’s telecom regulations are designed to safeguard customer data. The primary purpose of collecting this information is security.
  6. Recharging and Additional Services: After registration and activation, you’re free to recharge and select additional services based on your needs. Many shops, kiosks, and even some cafes offer recharge services. But remember, if you buy a new SIM or switch providers, you’ll need to undergo the registration process again.

In a nutshell, SIM card registration in Marrakech, and Morocco at large, is a straightforward process designed for both the safety of the user and the integrity of the telecom system.

The Best SIM Card in Marrakech

When pondering over which SIM card to choose, understanding your requirements is pivotal. Be it high-speed data, budget-friendly packs, or vast coverage, Marrakech offers options galore.

Navigating the telecom maze can be daunting, but we’ve broken down the prime choices for you:

Maroc Telecom – Marrakech Airport Sim Card

Maroc Telecom Marrakech sim card, Sim Card Marrakech Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Marrakech

Arguably the most renowned provider in Morocco, Maroc Telecom guarantees extensive coverage. Whether you’re venturing to the Atlas Mountains or simply staying within the bustling cityscape, you’re in good hands. Their ‘Pass Jawal’ caters to different needs, with options as low as 10 MAD. For extended stays, their monthly packages ensure you’re never out of touch.

Their ‘Pass Jawal’ offers cater to varied needs, with packages starting as low as 10 MAD. You can get for $25 USD with 25 GB data valid for 30 days. Maroc Telecom has the best coverage for sim card in Marrakech.

Check the exact location in Google Maps where to buy a sim card in Marrakech with Maroc Telecom.

Orange Morocco – Marrakech Airport Sim Card

Orange Morocco sim card, Sim Card Marrakech Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Marrakech

A name that resonates globally, Orange doesn’t disappoint in Morocco. With a vast network enveloping both Marrakech’s ancient nooks and its modern corners, you can rely on this titan for uninterrupted connectivity. Their ‘Orange Pass’ is a boon, offering an amalgamation of data, SMS, and local & international call minutes.

You can get for $20 USD with 25 GB data valid for 30 days. Orange is the cheapest sim card in Marrakech.

Check the exact location in Google Maps where to buy a sim card in Marrakech with Orange.


Inwi Marrakech sim card, Sim Card Marrakech Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Marrakech

You can get for $20 USD with 25 GB data valid for 30 days. Check the exact location in Google Maps where to buy a sim card in Marrakech with Inwi.

Buying eSIMs for Marrakech: Marrakech’s Digital Leap

The world’s steadily transitioning towards electronic solutions. For those landing in Marrakech with eSIM-enabled devices, this is especially good news. Brands like Airalo and Holafly are at the forefront, offering versatile eSIM plans. With just a few taps, you can select a plan, make the payment, and you’re set, even before you touch Moroccan soil.

Embracing eSIMs at Marrakech Menara Airport

The Evolution of Connectivity

The realm of communication has undergone a digital metamorphosis, with eSIMs emerging as the vanguard of this revolution. Marrakech, with its juxtaposition of ancient charm and modern comforts, isn’t untouched by this wave.

Understanding eSIMs

eSIMs or electronic SIMs have ushered in a new era where the hassle of handling tiny physical cards is passé. Essentially, eSIMs are integrated chips within your device, allowing dynamic profile switches. For globetrotters, this spells unparalleled ease: changing network providers without juggling multiple SIM cards.

Why eSIMs Shine in Marrakech

  1. Activation Before Arrival: Even as your flight descends over Marrakech’s picturesque landscape, you can be all set with your local connection. Platforms like Airalo and Holafly let you choose your plan, pay, and get a QR code – all within minutes.
  2. Simplicity & Security: Say goodbye to misplacing tiny SIM cards or worrying about the fitting. Scan, activate, and you’re good to go!
  3. Flexibility: Need to switch back to your home connection for a quick call? With eSIMs, toggling between profiles is a breeze.

Top eSIM Providers for Marrakech: An In-depth Look

In the age of digital advancement, the eSIM (embedded SIM) is revolutionizing the way we travel and connect. For those journeying to Marrakech, a city where ancient traditions meet modernity, eSIMs offer a convenient way to remain connected. Let’s delve deeper into the offerings of some top eSIM providers for Marrakech.

Remember to check device compatibility before purchasing an eSIM plan.

Holafly – Sim Card Marrakech Airport

sim card Marrakech Airport

Pricing and Package: For a mere $27, Holafly ensures you are connected as soon as you land with a 2.5GB package that spans 5 days.

Ideal for: If you’re planning a brief escape to Marrakech, say a long weekend, and wish to share updates, maps, and photos, this package has you covered. It’s curated for those who desire a hassle-free connectivity solution for shorter trips.

Holafly’s Marrakech unlimited high speed data starts at $27 USD for 5 Days Validity. Here are the complete packages:

  • $27 USD for 5 Days Validity
  • $34 USD for 7 Days Validity
  • $37 USD for 10 Days Validity
  • $47 USD for 15 Days Validity
  • $54 USD for 20 Days Validity


sim card Marrakech Airport

Pricing and Packages: Airalo emerges as a champion for those who are budget-conscious. Their eSIM plans kick off at a modest $8, offering 1GB of data across 7 days. For those seeking a little extra, $20 gets you a wholesome 3GB for the same duration.

Ideal for: Whether you’re backpacking through Marrakech’s historic medina or indulging in a culinary journey for a week, Airalo’s options are designed to meet diverse internet needs without breaking the bank.

This global eSIM store offers country-specific plans. Airalo Marrakech plan ensures consistent speeds and wide coverage.

See Airalo eSIM plans below:

  • $8 USD for 1GB valid for 7 Days
  • $14.50 USD for 2GB valid for 15 Days
  • $20.50 USD for 3GB valid for 30 Days
  • $31.50 USD for 5GB valid for 30 Days

Airalo plans are best for flexible data usage when you don’t need to be connected to data all the time, however will need it to send a few messages from time to time while traveling. With its flexible plans, you can either get a smaller plan or a bigger one with longer validity.

Maya Mobile

sim card Marrakech Airport
sim card Marrakech Airport

Pricing and Packages: Maya Mobile introduces a spectrum of plans, catering to varied internet appetites. The modest traveler can opt for the 500MB package priced at $17. On the other end of the spectrum, if unlimited data is what you crave, be prepared to shell out $219 for a month of unrestricted internet access.

Ideal for: Digital nomads setting up shop in Marrakech for a month, streaming aficionados, or those who cannot fathom the idea of running out of data will find solace in Maya Mobile’s offerings.

Maya’s Data plans are:

  • 1GB for $8 USD for 5 Days
  • 3GB for $19 USD for 5 Days
  • 5GB for $28 USD for 5 Days
  • 10GB for $50 USD for 5 Days

In addition to Maya Mobile eSIM‘s regular data plans, they have unlimited plans in Morocco (Casablanca Airport Sim Card)

  • Unlimited Data for $39 USD for 5 Days – Best if you’re traveling solo, 2GB of Highspeed internet daily, then unlimited fast LTE at 1Mbps speed
  • Unlimited Data for $49 USD for 5 Days – Wi-Fi hotspot is included, 3GB of Highspeed internet daily, then unlimited fast LTE at 1Mbps speed
  • Unlimited Data for $59 USD for 5 Days – Wi-Fi hotspot is included, 5GB of Highspeed internet daily, then unlimited fast LTE at 1Mbps speed

Making the Choice

Your choice boils down to your specific needs. For the internet aficionados who cannot do without high-speed, uninterrupted access, Maya Mobile’s unlimited offering seems like a dream. However, for the casual traveler who just needs to check maps, share a few photos, or look up places to visit, Airalo’s budget-friendly plans make for an excellent choice.

Remember, Marrakech is a sensory delight, from its bustling souks to tranquil riads. While staying connected is essential, ensure you take a moment to disconnect and immerse yourself in the magic of the Red City.

Personal Experience: A Tale of Two Choices in Marrakech

On a recent sojourn to Marrakech, my friend and I decided to experiment with our connectivity choices. As she veered towards the traditional route, picking up a SIM card from one of the kiosks, I ventured into the realm of eSIMs. The contrast was palpable.

By the time our plane touched the tarmac, my phone buzzed to life with notifications. The seamless transition from being in the air to being digitally connected on the ground felt almost magical. On the other hand, my friend had to navigate the purchase process, grapple with the installation, and await activation – all this after a long flight.

As we navigated through Marrakech’s enchanting streets, I was constantly online, sharing snippets of our journey, checking reviews for the best local cafes, and seamlessly using navigation tools. The eSIM not only saved time at the outset but continued to offer superior convenience throughout our stay.

Our Final Conclusion: Getting a Sim Card in Marrakech

For buying a sim card in Marrakech Airport, Orange, Maroc Telecom and Inwi offer the best plans for prepaid physical sim cards while Airalo is best if you want eSIM.

Marrakech stands as a testament to the beautiful confluence of ancient traditions and modern trends. Similarly, your choice of staying connected can be a blend of the old and the new.

While the city beckons you with its vibrant hues, aromatic scents, and cacophony of sounds, being digitally connected allows you to capture these moments and share them instantaneously.

Embracing eSIMs or traditional SIM cards can offer different experiences, but it’s imperative to remember the heart of your journey. Dive deep into the city’s culture, capture its soul, and share your stories.

Yet, amidst the digital narrations, seek out genuine human interactions. For, in the labyrinthine alleys of Marrakech, sometimes the most profound connections are forged offline. Bon voyage and may your travels be as enriching as the stories you bring back! 🌍✈️

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Monday 6th of November 2023

Nov. 6, 2023 update from what I experienced: Just left the Marrakesh airport and am in the city now. The SIM card stalls, (now outside of the Marrakesh airport luggage scan area), seem to have formed a cartel. They all offer only 20GB for 30 days, for 20 euro now, across the board, (I asked INWI and Orange, and they both only offer this one option!) No receipt was given when I asked. Something smells off...

As it turns out, the hostel I’m staying in actually sells SIM cards for only a few euros and is tailored to my needs, i.e. 4 days vs. 30 days. So, don’t buy it at the airport. The problem is that when I was there, the Airport Wi-Fi was conveniently “not working,” which means, I had to buy a SIM card from these vendors. It’s funny how that works out.


Monday 6th of November 2023

@Brandon, this is helpful! Thanks. They do always change where these kiosks are so you'll really have to find them but it's understandable to be bummed out because airport wifi sometimes (as we have experienced as well) don't even work for you to find the kiosks or to wait for you to get a data plan. Goodluck on your trip!