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How to get from Manila to Anilao Best Way

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 07:02 pm

How to get from Manila to Anilao Best Way – You can go by bus and private transfer. Anilao is located south of Manila with an amazing marine life especially in the northwest shore of the Calumpang Peninsula. This is where most local resorts are found and from here you can rent boats to go island hopping and diving. Click here to get your discount booking activities in the Philippines!

What Is The Distance From Manila to Anilao?

The distance from Manila to Anilao is 88 Kilometers and it will take 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

What Is The Cheapest Way From Manila to Anilao?

The cheapest way from Manila to Anilao is by bus for $3 USD and it will take 3 hours. Read here things to do in Anilao and where to stay in Anilao


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How to get from Manila to Anilao

By Bus From Manila to Anilao (Cheapest Way)

The cheapest way from Manila to Anilao is by bus. There are buses leaving for Batangas regularly. You can board the buses from Alabang, Buendia or Cubao where there are hourly trips to Batangas. It takes 3 hours to reach Batangas and costs around 150 PHP, or $3 USD. Upon arriving in Batangas, there are several ways to reach Anilao. One option is hiring a tricycle for 300 PHP ($6 USD) for a 40-minute ride. Another way to get to Anilao from the bus terminal is to ride a jeepney. It costs 35 PHP per person to reach the municipality of Mabini’s market, then you can take a tricycle to your resort. You can also reach Anilao from Mabini by getting off at Anilao Port instead of the market and hailing a tricycle from there. The ride from the port lasts 10 minutes and costs around 60-100 PHP per tricycle. Jeepneys don’t travel directly to the resorts, only tricycles do. However, it was quite hard for us to deal with the tricycle drivers in Anilao. They charged 100 PHP per person, which was way overpriced and more than the 45 PHP rate that it typically cost. When we found out we’ve paid too much on our way to the resort, we made sure to pay the right amount on our way back.

By Car From Manila to Anilao (Best Way)

If you want to get from Manila to Anilao by car. You have to take South Luzon Expressway on the way to Batangas. You have to reach Bauan and keep going until Manghinao bridge. And from here just straight to Mabini. The trip from Manila to Anilao will last 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. Try to leave early morning to avoid the traffic crossing Manila.

Transportation Around Anilao

The best way to reach Anilao’s resorts from Mabini Market and Anilao Port is through the tricycle. Fares are negotiable and can go as low as 45 PHP for a ride to the port or 90 PHP for a trip to the market. When you reach your resort in Anilao you will spend most of the time inside and you will hardly leave to go around. The fee for renting a boat in Anilao to go diving or island hopping comes with the dive or tour package that you will avail. You can get a boat for a day trip in Anilao for 2500 PHP good enough for 8 people. So affordable you can get 300 PHP per person and spend an amazing day island hopping and snorkeling. You can visit Sombrero Island (200 PHP entrance fee) and also Sepoc Island is worth it to visit.

What to do in Anilao

Kayaking, Diving and Snorkeling

Manila to Anilao, how to get to Anilao, Things to do in Puerto Galera, Diving in Puerto Galera There are many activities to do in Anilao like Kayaking, snorkeling, diving, island hopping and paddling. The water are so clear and there is too much to explore around the islands and many great spots for snorkeling. Try to do all of them while spending your days in Anilao.

Day Trip to Sepoc Island

 Manila to Anilao, how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao You can have a day trip to Sepoc Island get there at around 15-20 minutes by boat from Eagle Point Resort. The island was so quiet and really beautiful. Once you’re there, you can swim and do snorkeling. You can walk around the white sand and enjoy the paradise. You can also visit Sombrero Island close to Anilao.

Getting a Massage

things to do in Anilao, massage in Anilao, how to get to anilao It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from scuba diving or just want to be pampered. You should get a massage (or hilot in Filipino) in Anilao. This destination is for relaxing and when you aren’t island hopping or snorkeling best thing to do is getting a massage.

Where to Stay in Anilao

Vivere Azure Resort

 how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao  how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao Vivere Azure Resort is one of our favorite hotels in the Philippines. From our room with views that were dreamy to the clear water and the islands on the landscape, we loved everything! It was our first time to encounter this with hotels so hands up to Vivere Azure for that! Yes, we were surprised of such good treatment from the staff so we can recommend 100% if you are looking for a place where to stay in Anilao. Click here to check their prices and availability! The room was big enough for us three and it had a desktop, a couch and a balcony as we mentioned above where we were enjoyed the views while working or just having a coffee. The food was amazing, the place so beautiful and the staff so friendly and helpful. Plus internet connection was working great in paradise! Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys Happy Travels!
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