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18 Awesome Things to do in Dhiffushi Island (Travel Guide)

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We will let you know in this blog post all the things to do in Dhiffushi from swimming and snorkeling to watching sharks in the seashore in our Dhiffushi travel guide.

Dhiffushi what a paradise in Maldives. Just 40 kilometers Northeast of Male the capital of Maldives. Dhiffushi is one of the islands in Maldives where you can go on a budget. Read here Maldives itinerary!

Dhiffushi island is only more than 1 kilometer long and 200 meters wide. The population is only 1000 people in the island and you will not find many tourists around. There is no crime rate and no police in the island.

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Dhiffushi Travel Guide – How to get to Dhiffushi

Getting to Dhiffushi Island by Public Boat

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, Public boat Male-Dhiffushi,

The public boat is leaving Male at 2 30 pm from Villingili Ferry Terminal. To reach the terminal from Velana International Airport by taxi will cost you around $6 USD. And it will take you 15 minutes to get there.

If you go by public boat from the airport to Male the ferry will cost you 60 cents of USD. And later you can go walking 20 minutes distance. Or grab a taxi for $3 USD.

The price of the ferry is $1.5 USD which is 22 MVR and you don’t have to book in advance. The trip will last 3 hours since is stopping in a few islands.

Book Online Transportation From Male to Diffushi

ferry Male to Dhiffushi

Local boat leaves at 6 30 am Dhiffushi Island except Fridays when there is no boat since is a holiday in Maldives.

Getting to Dhiffushi by Speed Boat

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, Speed boat

You will have to ride the ferry to Male from the airport. It will cost you 60 cents of USD. Once you are in the port the speedboat leaves at noon and 4 30 pm two times per day except Fridays.

The costs is $25 USD one way per person. It will take 45 minutes to reach Dhiffushi Island. If you are coming with more people you can hire a private boat from the airport for $250 USD good enough for 6 people. It will be the fastest way to get there. You have to book in advance the speed boat!

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Speed boat leaving Dhiffushi Island 3 times per day except Fridays (only two boats leaving) 7 30 am, 1 30 pm and 5 45 pm. And it takes 40 minutes to reach Male. Prices are going from $25-30 USD.

Read here a full blog post how to get to Dhiffushi Island!

ATM in Dhiffushi Island

There is no ATM in the island. Make sure that you bring enough cash. You can withdraw in the airport and many places to do it around Male. We didn’t even see a place to exchange money. If you are bringing USD they will accept and they will give your change in local currency.

The ATM charges 100 Rufiyaas ($6.5 USD) commission per withdrawal so try to withdraw as much cash as you can in Male to avoid the commission.

Visa And Currency in Maldives

Cash in Maldives, Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island

Maldives is Visa-friendly. You will get 30 days free visa when landing in Maldives. You just get a stamp and you’re good to go!

The official currency in the country is the Maldivian Rufiyaa and the exchange rate is around $1=15.4 Rufiyaas. Click here to know the exact exchange rate before you visit.

Wifi and Internet Connection in Dhiffushi

wifi and internet connection in Maldives, sim card in Maldives

You can buy the cheapest sim card in Maldives with Ooredoo and Dhiraagu Maldives prepaid sim card for $35 USD and 17 GB and for $50 USD with 100 GB data both of them valid for 30 days.

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Read here and best Maldives eSim and best Maldives tourist sim card

Transportation Around Dhiffushi Island

bicycle around Thulusdhoo

You can seriously go walking everywhere in Dhiffushi Island. There are also bicycles for renting for $6 USD per day and people move around with motorbikes too. Your resort will help you with your luggage when you get to the port. A few places they use a golf car to move your luggage around the island.

golf car around Maldives

How Many Days Should I Spend in Dhiffushi Island

Dhiffushi Maldives Travel Guide 17 1024x767 1

We will recommend you at least 3 days to spend in Dhiffushi so you can appreciate the island and disconnect. The first day you will arrive on time for the sunset if you are coming with the public boat.

You can explore the island sunrise and sunset are amazing! The colors of the ski are totally worth it. Watch out at noon the colors of the water are insane so clear and blue everywhere.

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island

If you are leaving with the public boat you will leave at 6 30 am so you have to take note 2 nights will be very little time. Actually would be a day and a half. If you are planning to stay longer and you have budget you can go for day trips for snorkeling, sand bank, fishing or other activities.

But you can spend days relaxing around the island. It’s still not touristic especially in low season and there are only 13 guest houses with prices around $40-60 USD depending of the season that you are going to Dhiffushi Island.

In our opinion Dhiffushi Island was our favorite island on a budget beside Gulhi Island. We recommend you visit bot of them South and North Male if you have time.

Daily Travel Budget in Dhiffushi Island

what to eat in Dhiffushi

You can get snacks for 2-3 RFY ($1=15.4 RFY). It´s very common for locals have tea with these snacks. You can have rice with fish curry for 25 RFY where they will give you a kind of chips for free, perfect for sharing the food.

Most of the Maldives food have fish and curry but you can also find chicken here A bottle of water costs 15 RFY while cookies and small snacks go for 5-10 RFYForeigners’ meals cost $7-10. It’s mostly just pizza and pasta, though. There is also Chinese food for around $5-6 USD per dish.

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If you decide to do activities will cost you $30 USD per person for snorkeling and visiting the sand bank. If you decide to visit a luxury resort in a day trip with activities and lunch included will cost you $100-150 USD per person. In our opinion much better if you travel as a couple find a great deal and stay in the resort. Click here to find the best hotel deals in Maldives with Agoda.

There are cheap hotels in Dhiffushi Island starting from $40-60 USD depending on the season. Most of them included breakfast so take advantage of that freebie.

Things to Know Before Visiting the islands in Maldives

Dress Code in Maldives

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island

Maldives is a Muslim country and it will require to dress properly in the islands. For men is easy jsut wearing a t-shirt and shorts is fine. For women you have to cover your shoulders and if it’s possible wear pants until your knees to walk around the islands.

Bikini Beaches For swimming

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island

For swimming go to the bikini beaches. There always 2-3 of them in the islands and you can wear your bikini and swimming suit. Make sure you dress properly after your swim to walk around the island.

It’s really important to respect the locals and follow their rules!

Bring a SIM Card

We mentioned before the internet connection works fine but bring a Sim card if you have to catch up with work online. Also remember bring cash local currency or USD since there is no ATM in the island.

Supermarkets in the Island

There are supermarkets in Dhiffushi Island with similar prices than Male to buy snacks, sodas, cookies and chocolates.

Things to do do in Dhiffushi Island

1. Visit Bikini Beaches

Dhiffushi Maldives Travel Guide 19

We liked both bikini beaches in Dhiffushi Island. Especially the one with the sand bank. It’s quiet and calm and not many people around. There are two of them in the North part of the island and on the South just in front of Meeru Island Resort. Click this link for checking the best deals rooms for $200 USD.

2. Enjoy the sunrise

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, Sunrise in Dhiffushi island

If you are an early bird or you love to take pictures like us. You will love the sunrise in Dhiffushi Island. You will find the best colors from the port to the bikini beaches North and South parts. We really loved the colors. We took this picture in the bikini beach right next to the port.

3. Epic sunsets in Dhiffushi

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, sunsets in Dhiffushi Island

The sunsets are in the part of the island where there aren’t bikini beaches. The sunsets are amazing and totally worth it to watch. There are swings around if you want to take pictures. It’s not so crowded so choose your best spot and enjoy.

4. Surfing


Depending on the season that you visit Dhiffushi Island you will be able to surf. You can rent the equipment there. Dhiffushi isn’t so popular island for this as Thulusdhoo Island but still you can try it.

There are few shops close to the bikini beaches where you can rent the board. You can have surfing lessons if you need them. Prices for renting a board $30 USD and $70 USD for surfing lessons.

5. Day trip to Thulusdhoo Island

Aerial shots Maldives on a budget, maldives on a budget, trip to Maldives, where to stay in Maldives, cheap hotels in Maldives, things to do in Maldives, how to get to Maldives

A day trip to Thulusdhoo Island. You can go in the local ferry from Dhiffushi Island. The ferry leaves Dhiffushi 6 30 am daily except Fridays. The price is 1.5 USD or 22 Rufiyaas. It will take 40-50 minutes to reach Thulusdhoo.

6. Day Trip to a Luxury Resort

Day trip to a luxury resort

There are tours going to luxury resorts and prices are going from $100-150 USD per person depending how many people are joining with lunch included, snorkeling and visiting san bars.

In our opinion, 2 people paying $150 USD will be $300 USD and if you click here you will find offers to stay one night for $300-400 USD in a luxury resort and enjoying the paradise of Maldives. Who isn’t been dreaming of this?

7. Swinging in the beach

Dhiffushi Maldives Travel Guide 26 684x1024 1

There are many instagrammable spots in Dhiffushi. There are swings everywhere for the sunset, sunrise and during the day to see the clear water in the island.

8. Sand Bank

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, Sand bar in Maldives, Sand bar in Dhiffushi, sand bank in Dhiffushi

There are a few sand banks that you can see in Dhiffushi. As a day trip getting a boat 15 minutes. A day trip to the sand bar including two snorkeling spots 2-3 hours costs around $30-35 USD depending on the season.

There is also a sand bank in the bikini beach at Dhiffushi Island where you can take nice pictures in front of the blue waters.

9. Snorkeling

Port Barton Guide by Gamintraveler 33

Just grab your snorkeling gear if you don’t have you can ask to your resort or rent around the island. The water is so clear and you can spot sharks, fish and take nice shots. If you want to join to a snorkeling trip prices are around $30 USD.

10. Diving

diving 1049477 1920

If you decide to leave the island for activities you have to try diving in Dhiffushi. The resorts offer tours going there and be ready to enjoy! Prices for 2 2-tank dive are around $150 USD.

11. Watersports

things to do in Subic, Subic travel guide, watersports in Subic,

There are a few sports that you can enjoy like jet ski. You can rent and go around the beautiful waters of the island.

12. Fishing trips

The resorts offer fishing trips during the day and sunset time 1-2 hours and the prices are around $30 USD. You can go on a speed boat. And also they have the option of go for fishing in a traditional dhoni. The best time is at sunset and if you fish they will cook for you and you will have a fresh dinner.

More Things to do in Dhiffushi Island

13. Turtle Snorkeling

Underwater 2384547

If you want to try turtle snorkeling you will have to join a tour organized for the guest houses. Prices are around $30 USD per person. The trip will take 1-2 hours.

14. Dolphin Watching at sunset

dolphin watching

One of the most popular things to do in Dhiffushi Island is dolphin watching at sunset time. The activity costs $30 USD per person and it will take 1-2 hours.

15. Kayaking and Paddle Board

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You can rent a kayak and move around the island. Be careful with the current of the water. And follow the instructions and rules. It’s not allowed to go kayaking to the luxury resort in front of the island.

Make sure you are bringing a dry bag to protect your gadgets. Prices of renting a kayak for 2 people are around $15-20 USD for 2 hours and a little big more if you decide to spend the whole day.

16. Luxury staying at Meeru Island Resort

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhiffushi Island, Meeru Resort, luxury resort

While swimming in the bikini beach you will see the luxury resort with the water villas: Meeru Island Resort. It’s not allowed going swimming or kayaking there.

You can only visit in a day trip or booking your staying there!

Read here our review of Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives!

17. Rent a bicycle

rent a bicycle in Maldives

There are bicycles for rent on the island for $6 USD for the whole day. Well, the island isn’t very big but you can move really fast around with the bicycle. A few places will give you for free if you stay in their accommodation.

18. Watching Manta Rays and Baby Sharks

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, feeding manta rays, feeding baby sharks
Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, feeding baby sharks, feeding manta rays

In the evening is the most popular activity going to the bikini beach and feeding the manta rays and sharks. We saw baby sharks in the sea shore many of them. We couldn’t see Manta Rays because it was high tide at that time in the evening.

We took the pictures with the Go pro and Dome and they aren’t very clear at night. But you can tell perfectly once you go there, there are many of them and it’s so beautiful.

Where to Stay in Dhiffushi Island

Ranauraa Inn in Dhiffushi Island

Our choice to stay in Dhiffushi Island was Ranauraa Inn a guesthouse located just one minute walking distance from the port. The place is quiet only 5 rooms close to the beaches (everything is closed in this island ha!).

breakfast in Maldives

The staff is friendly, basic breakfast and room big enough for two of us. Prices are going from $40-60 USD depending on the season. Click here to check prices and availability.

If you want to take a look to the other places to stay in Dhiffushi luxury and budget options. Click here to compare prices and check availability!

Where to eat in Dhiffushi Island

Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, Cozy Cafe in Dhiffushi, what to eat in Dhiffushi,

Our favorite place to eat in the island was Cozy Cafe. It’s located close to the port and full of locals. The price per person for a meal starts from $4-6 USD.

local food in Dhiffushi, local food in Maldives, what to eat in Dhiffushi

There is another restaurant close to the swings in Dhiffushi Island in the sunset beach just 3 minutes walking distance from Cozy Cafe. Food and prices are quite similar.

We liked it more Cafe since we found more options to eat. Above the pictures of Cozy Cafe. And below you can see the snacks in the local restaurant at the sunset beach. We found the bill interesting since they charge per service 3 MVR per person which is 20 cents of USD.

what to eat in Dhiffushi, where to eat in Dhiffushi

Hope you find useful our favorite things to do in Dhiffushi Island and feel free to share our Dhiffushi Island travel guide with your friends going to Maldives. You will enjoy paradise for affordable prices.

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Happy Travels!

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