15 Cool Things to do in Hulhumale (Travel Guide)

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15 Cool Things to do in Hulhumale

Hulhumale is the perfect place to stay when waiting for a flight or a boat to the islands in Maldives since it’s so close from Velana International Airport. And why not to spend 2 days since there are many things to do in Hulhumale from staying in the beach, eating in the restaurants. It’s quiet and prices are cheap comparing with other places in Maldives. Keep reading our Hulhumale travel guide to get all the information that you need.

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Hulhumale Travel Guide

Best time to visit Hulhumale

Maldives might be hot and sunny all year round, but it still consists of two seasons; the dry season and the wet season. December to April is the high season, which encounters the drier northeast monsoon and when most resorts rates rises. The best time to visit Hulhumale is May to November. Although you’ll experience some rain during the southwestern monsoon that occurs at this time, you’ll have the least company and the prices of the resorts are a little cheaper.

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How to get From Hulhumale to Male

How to get to Hulhumale from the airport

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You can take a bus from the airport to Hulhumale. They leave every 30 minutes and it costs 20 Rufiyaas around $1.5 USD. It will take you 15 minutes to reach Hulhumale.

You can also take a boat going to the jetty port in Male. And take another boat from the jetty port Hulhumale to Male but it will take longer and it will cost you the same 20 Rufiyaas (10 Rufiyaas each boat). And you will have to walk from the jetty port 15 minutes to Hulhumale or get a taxi.

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You can get by taxi from the airport to Hulhumale. Expect to pay around $12-15 USD for 10 minutes car ride.

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Visa And Currency in Maldives

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Maldives is Visa-friendly. You will get 30 days free visa when landing in Maldives. You just get a stamp and you’re good to go! The official currency in the country is the Maldivian Rufiyaa and the exchange rate is around $1=15.4 Rufiyaas. Click here to know the exact exchange rate before you visit. If you withdraw in the ATM you will get charged $6 USD commission 100 Rufiyaas for foreign card.

Wifi And Internet Connection in Hulhumale

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Internet connection was working great in Hulhumale! We managed ourselves for work with the wifi of our Airbnb and the wifi in the coffee shops. We recommend you to buy a local Sim card in Maldives. So you will enjoy of data connection when wifi is intermittent. A local Sim card costs $30 USD for 14 days with 17 GB and $20 USD for 7 days.

Daily Travel Budget in Hulhumale

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You can go walking around everywhere in Hulhumale. You can get a ferry or a bus going to Male if you want to explore. The ferry costs 10 Rufiyaas (15 minutes walking distance to the jetty port in Hulhumale) and the bus costs 20 Rufiyaas.

For food there are many options in Hulhumale from coffeeshops, ice cream to restaurants Western and locals. Expect to pay $4-5 USD for local food and $7-10 USD for Western food. Most of the places will offer breakfast by the beach included.

For accommodation in Hulhumale prices are from $40-60 USD the cheapest that you can find a room for two people with breakfast included. If you want more luxury and full board meals prices can go until $100 USD.

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How Long Should I Stay in Hulhumale

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In our opinion is a nice place to spend 1-2 days, You can relax in the beach and walk around. There are a few restaurants to have dinner at night. The beach is full of locals and isn’t bikini beach but it’s accepted since there are many tourists in Hulhumale. We usually stayed in Hulhumale when we were transfering to Male and waiting for transportation to the islands next day. Since there aren’t many schedule for departure it was a great place for resting.

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As most of the islands will require a connection to Male airport or Male city. Hulhumale is a great place for relaxing while waiting for your transfer if you have to wait for one afternoon or evening Hulhumale is more calm to stay than Male.

You can stay longer if you are planning to do day trips to a sand bank, snorkeling, fishing or even a day trip to a luxury resort. Keep reading all the things to do in Hulhumale if you are planning to stay there.

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Things to do in Hulhumale

There are many things to do in Hulhumale and the guesthouses and hotels they can organize tours and activities for you.

1. Going to the Beach in Hulhumale

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Hulhumale Beach isnt a bikini beach. It’s an artificial beach and there are many locals around swimming and doing water sports. Also foreigners most of them can to Hulhumale instead of spending the night in Male.

2. Day Trip to Male

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If you are staying at Hulhumale you can go for a walk and spend the day in Male. There is a boat 15 minutes ride and it costs less than $1 USD. There are also buses going from Hulhumale to Male and it costs 20 Rufiyaas.

3. Visit Centro Mall

Centro Mall Hulhumale

If you want to do shopping before heading to the islands in Maldives or just visit restaurants. In Centro Mall you will find many options for this. Jsut 5 minutes walking distance from the beach and jetty port.

4. Visit Local Restaurants

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There are local restaurants and Western. It depends on the food that you would love to try. We chose local options and you can get meals for $4-6 USD per person. If you go for Western Restaurants will cost you $8-10 USD per person.

5. Breakfast/Snacks on the Beach

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It’s quite popular to have breakfast in the beach if you are staying in the hotel with view to the beach. There are also snacks before sunset where you can sit down and having great views while enjoying the Mladivian taste.

6. Visit Local Market in Hulhumale

Local market Hulhumale

There is a small local market close to Centro Mall. There are fruits and vegetables. It’s colorful quiet and one of the things to do in Hulhumale that you can’t miss.

7. Walking Around the Parks in Hulhumale

Parks in Hulhumale

There are a couple of parks in Hulhumale to walk around and make friends with locals. They are clean and they are perfect at sunset time when it’s not so warm.

More Things to do in Hulhumale

8. Diving

If you decide to leave the island for activities you have to try diving in Maldives you can organize the activity from Hulhumale. The resorts offer tours going there and be ready to enjoy! Prices for 2 tank dive is around $150 USD.

9. Snorkeling

Just grab your snorkeling gear if you don’t have you can ask to your resort or renting around Hulhumale. The water is so clear and you can spot fishes and take nice shots. If you want to join to a snorkeling trip prices are around $30 USD.

10. Fishing Trips

Fishing trips, things to do in Hulhumale, Hulhumale travel guide

The resorts offer fishing trips during the day and sunset time 1-2 hours and the prices are around $30 USD. You can go on a speed boat. And also they have the option of go for fishing in a traditional dhoni. The best time is at sunset and if you fish they will cook for you and you will have fresh dinner.

11. Sand Bank Trip

sand bank in Thulusdhoo, things to do in Thulusdhoo Island, Thulusdhoo island travel guide

Wejoined a sand bank trip in Thulusdhoo and they car organize for you in Hulhumale. Prices are similar and it’s so worth it the experience. Better going early morning or at lunch time to avoid the crowd. Prices are around $35 USD per person.

12. Turtle Snorkeling

If you want to try turtle snorkeling you will have to join a tour organized for the guest houses. Prices are around $30 USD per person. The trip will take 1-2 hours.

13. Dolphin Watching

dolphin watching

One of the most popular things to do in Hulhumale is dolphin watching at sunset time. The activity costs $30 USD per person and it will take 1-2 hours. It depends on how many people are joining to the tour. They require a minimum of two people.

14. Water Sports

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There are a few sports that you can enjoy like jet ski. You can rent and going around the beautiful waters of the island.

15. Day Trip to a Luxury Resort

Day trip to a luxury resort, things to do in Hulhumale, Hulhumale travel guide

There are tours going to luxury resorts and prices are going from $100-150 USD per person depending how many people are joining with lunch included, snorkeling and visiting sand banks.

In our opinion 2 people paying $150 USD will be $300 USD and if you click here you will find offers to stay one night for $300-400 USD in a luxury resort and enjoying the paradise of Maldives. Who isn’t been dreaming with this?

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Where to Stay in Hulhumale

Where to stay in Hulhumale, things to do in Hulhumale, Hulhumale travel guide

We stayed at Planktons Beach,in a nice room with a view from the balcony to the beach. It’s a great place to sleep on a budget and it includes a wonderful breakfast on the beach. The staff was helpful and gave us good recommendations to move around Hulhumale and Male.

If you want to book places to stay in Hulhumale click here to get the best deals with Bookingand Agoda to see what works better with your budget and comfort!

You can also use AirBnb as we did in Male just click here to get $30 USD of your first booking with AirBnB. You can get great deals even cheaper than hotels staying in a local home.

Hope this blog post of things to do in Hulhumale is useful if you spend 1-2 days in the capital of Maldives. If you liked and you think it can be useful for your friends and family please share our Hulhumale travel guide in your social media.

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