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Best Things to do in Kuwait (Travel Guide)

Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait

Kuwait is considered not the most touristic of countries in the Middle East. It is underrated which makes it even more interesting for us as we look for off the beaten places and countries to explore. Excited to explore information and ideas things to do in Kuwait? Hang in our Kuwait travel guide!

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Kuwait Travel Guide

If desert and mosque explorations are something you’re looking forward to experiencing, you’ll love Kuwait. Before we check the things to do while you are in Kuwait, let’s see where it is exactly in the map.

Top things to do in Kuwait – Best things to do

Visiting the Grand Mosque

Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait, Grand Mosque

Image from Visit Kuwait

Religion is one of the amazing things to witness and understand when traveling in countries in the Middle East like Kuwait. Grand Mosque will be a visit you should never miss. It is a requirement when visiting the Grand Mosque to wear an abaya for women. Shoes need to be removed when entering praying rooms too. You’ll have chances to get free tours and learn about the religious belief and customs while you’re here.

Visiting Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait towers are one of the most visited place to see when in Kuwait. Here you can have dinner, and can be a good spot to view the city of Kuwait. It is a prominent landmark, and reminds us of the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Checking out Kuwait’s House of Mirrors

Mirror's House, Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait

Image from Flickr

If you like art, this is a place not to miss. Created by an Italian artist and her husband, this place in Kuwait is full of mirrors with each of its rooms filled with different stories. This is the couple’s private property, so a booking in advance to get a tour is necessary.

Visiting Tarej Rajam Museum

Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait,Tarej Rajam Museum

Image from Flickr

This is the place to be if you want to see thousands (300,000 to be exact) of Islamic artifacts collected for around 50 years. If you’re a history buff, we think it’s one of the not-to-miss things to see when in Kuwait. You will definitely have a deeper appreciation for the Islamic religion when you visit here. This is in addition to your visit to the Grand Mosque.

Visiting the Kuwait National Museum

Kuwait Museum, Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait

If you’re looking for free activities to do while in Kuwait, visiting the Kuwait National Museum will be a good way to go. Here is where you’ll discover more of Kuwait’s history.

Something we always love to see when traveling to a new country. Getting to experience what a country was during the ancient times tells a lot about how and why a country is at the moment.

Going Shopping in the Avenues

Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait, shopping in Kuwait

Image from Wikimedia

It’s hard to not think about shopping when you are in the Middle East, and Kuwait is not an exception. If you love malls and shopping centers you need to visit the Avenues. Or even if you just want to see how the local life looks like in Kuwait, give it a look.

Relaxing at the Al Kout Beach

Al Kout Beach, Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait

Image from Muslim World Link

Since Middle Eastern countries began as deserts, it’s quite an experience to have a beach. And in Kuwait, the beach to visit is Al Kout Beach, the artificial beach to visit while in Kuwait. If you love beach to do’s, definitely not miss the Al Kout Beach.

More Things to Do in Kuwait

Going on a Desert Safari

Safari Kuwait, Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait

This is a must not miss, especially since you’re already in a desert. Have an adventurous desert visit, and choose the ride that bite fits your lifestyle – truck, desert biking or even walk with camels or get a camping experience to last you a lifetime!

Eat in a Souk

Souk in Kuwait, Kuwait travel guide, things to do in Kuwait

If local experiences is what you’re after, a Souk is a must do! Eat and shop in one, and find markets or soul for spices and other local food and delicacies. Taste local food and immerse in Kuwait’s food culture. Head on to Souk Al Mubarakiya for a traditional Kuwait souk experience.

Hope you loved our things to do in Kuwait guide! Tell us when you’re planning to visit Kuwait and what experiences you’re looking forward to doing. We definitely want to hear your stories to feel free to comment below or send us a message.

Til the next travel guide!

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