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Kuramathi Island Resort Review – Luxury Resort For Affordable Price

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Kuramathi Island Resort Review – Luxury Resort For Affordable Price

We were headed to our first experience in a water villa in Maldives. Everything was so positive and we had amazing time. Now we will write our Kuramathi Island Resort Review for you. If you are heading to Maldives we hope this information can be useful.

We will explain how to get to Kuramathi Island Resort, how is the island, things to do, what to eat and the most beautiful places for taking pictures and enjoying your honeymoon in Maldives at Kuramathi Island Resort.

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How to get to Kuramathi Island Resort

Kuramathi island is located ocated a few miles off NE Ari Atoll, known as Ross, Rasdhoo. It’s 60 kilometers far from Velana International Airport in Male.

It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes by speed boat from the airport. The boat ride is smooth and it’s comfortable. They have two boat rides in the morning and late afternoon. Same way to go back to Male International airport from Kuramathi Island Resort.

Obviously speed boat is the cheapest option to get to the resort since there aren’t public boats going to Kuramathi.

Kuramathi Island Resort, Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island, Speed boat

There are also sea planes going to Kuramathi Island and it will take 25 minutes. If you want to have that experience and having more comfort it can be your choice.

Kuramathi Island Resort Review

Kuramathi Resort Review

Once you arrive with the speed boat to the jetty port the staff will welcome you and going with you to the reception. While doing the check in and explaining about the island you will have a fruit juice as a welcome drink.

Kuramathi Island Resort, sand bar in Maldives, Sand bar in Kuramathi island resort

We didn’t mention yet but Kuramathi Island Resort is two kilometers long and the island is big compared with other islands and resorts in Maldives. You can move around the resort with buggies since it’s long distance to walk. The only area where there is no buggy is close to the sand bar at the end of the island. Buggies will only go there to pick up or drop your luggage.

There are 3 different areas depending where you are staying at Kuramathi. Those areas have their own bar, restaurant and reception. The bars open until the last guest stays there ha!

Our Room in Kuramathi Island Resort

Kuramathi Island Resort

Kuramathi is one of the luxury resorts in the Maldives. We got a Deluxe Water villa and we love it to swim in the ocean relaxing every time that we went back to the room. So comfortable the bed, huge bathroom, amazing views, good for snorkeling and very quiet from the noisy during the day and at night.

We would like to fly the drone but since it’s not allowed to fly close to the properties only in the sand bar. We didn’t want to break the rules so we are missing those pictures.

We didn’t spend so much time in the room just sleeping, swimming and catching up with internet. We have to say that wifi worked great during our staying at Kuramathi Island Resort.

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More Areas of Kuramathi Island Resort Review

Kuramathi Resort Review

There are 9 restaurants in the resort. And we tried two of them for breakfast and lunch as buffet Farivalhu. You can find almost everything fruits, meat, vegetables and everything taste good.

We also had dinner at Island Barbecue and we have to say that the restaurant was amazing. The meat tasted delicious and we tried flambe dishes sharing with Chilean wine.

Kuramathi 15

Our favorite choices were steak Diane, the bread was delicious and also the desserts. Big portions and we ended up super full. You can check the pictures below:

Favorite Areas of Kuramathi

Kuramathi Island Resort review

Well we went here to take pictures apart from having so much fun. The favorite spot for taking pictures in Kuramathi was the sand bar at the end of the island. The best time to visit the sand bar is at sunset time. I would say one hour before sunset time was empty and little bit crowded for sunset.

Kuramathi 6

Flying the drone is allowed in the sand bard and forbidden in the rest of the resort since Kuramathi likes to give privacy to their guests.

We liked Laguna Bar and the views to the infinity pool. We came after sunset and it was perfect for a drink. During the day you can do snorkeling in front of the bar in the reef and you will see fish just in front of the bar.

We can recommend this area for getting your mask and your underwater camera and have fun!

Kuramathi 3

Based in our experience everything was perfect the food, internet connection, the room, areas of the hotel for taking pictures. And prices are cheaper than other luxury resorts in Maldives. There are great deals and you can get rooms for less than $400 USD per night for two people to have your luxury experience in Maldives.

Click here to book in advance your staying at Kuramathi Island Resort.

Will you go back to Kuramathi Island Resort?

snorkeling in Kuramathi resort

A big yes of course we would love to go back. The island is big and there are many things to do since swimming, snorkeling, activities and enjoying the facilities.

Kuramathi 11

The staff was super helpful and friendly in whatever we needed they solved fast and efficiently. The only thing that we liked less in Kuramathi Island was a little bit crowded for us since we prefer more calm places ha! Ruben is saying this Rachel loved the vibe in the bars and has no complaints about this ha!

sunset at Kuramathi Resort, Maldives

The facilities have almost everything so you don’t need to leave the island. There is a service for kids 3-12 years old where they will take care of them as a complimentary and food included. Next time we will bring our little one Han and he will enjoy the kids area! Meanwhile we will enjoy the spa and the nice views to the beach.

We got surprised in Kuramathi there is a soccer field for the staff. Library, gym, boutiques and even medical center. You can enjoy water sports different bars and restaurants. Whatever gastronomy you like it you will find dishes in Kuramathi Island Resort.


Kuramathi cares about the environment and they keep almost no plastics in the resort. Hopefully in a few years they will avoid all of them. Something that all the resorts in Maldives are fighting to be free plastics as soon as possible.

Kuramathi quality-price will be one of the best options in Maldives.

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Happy Travels!

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