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Budget Travel in Malaysia: How much do you need

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Malaysia is best known for its coastal Tourism, astonishing Architecture and it is one of the food heaven all over Asia. And these things are the main reason why tourist choose to visit Malaysia.

Most of the travelers visiting Malaysia are either from Western countries or other Asian countries, they visit because of its beauty and the country is also cheap. So today we will talk about the budget travel in Malaysia so you can be ready for your Malaysia trip!

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Is it safe/difficult to travel in Malaysia

It is very much safe to visit Malaysia! Take it from me a tourist that was able to experience backpacking in Malaysia for so many times. And to be frankly I feel much safer in Malaysia than in my own country. I was able to experience hitchhiking from Kuala Lumpur until North Malaysia and I’ve arrived safely without being harmed.

I also have met people both traveler and backpacker that had told me they haven’t had a problem traveling in Malaysia. But you should be a responsible travelers, be cautious and ask someone if necessary. So yes! It is safe to travel and explore Malaysia.


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Best time to visit in Malaysia

Same as many Asian country Malaysia has 2 different season, these are the wet and dry season. Since I have visited Malaysia many times and different months of the year, I would tell you that there would be a chance of rain any time of the year.

But the months of November to March is the wet season in Malaysia and the dry season would be in the months of April to October. And I would suggest that the best time to visit Malaysia is the months of April to October because of the reason that all your itinerary will consist walking and exploring the beauty of this country.

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Cash in Malaysia

The currency of Malaysia is called Malaysian Ringgit and this is the money you will use while you travel around the country. And the exchange rate is $1= 4.25 Ringgit. Also if you are bringing debit card, you will find many ATM’s all over Malaysia.

Or if you are bringing cash with the currency of your country you’ll be able to find exchange office and banks everywhere too. You just have to make sure to check where you can get the best rate for your money.

Click here to know the exact rate!

Visa in Malaysia

It is not that hard to secure a visa in Malaysia, most of the countries have visa free for 90 days to visit the beautiful country of Malaysia.   For countries that can enter the country without visa you just need to be a passport holder of your country with at least 6 months before expiry. Check here to know if your country belongs to those country that should apply a visa to enter Malaysia. It is a easy process also because you can apply online!

Internet in Malaysia

Internet in Malaysia is not hard to find in this times free WiFi is all over the country, you can access free WiFi inside malls, cafe’s, and bars. And the connection is really good compared to a lot of countries in Southeast Asia.

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Best Option: Asia Pacific Unlimited Data for 30 Days for $59 USD

You can find the cheapest Malaysia eSim with Airalo Malaysia eSim prepaid for $4.5 USD with 1 GB data valid for 7 days (USING DISCOUNT CODE GAMINTRAVELER 10%). For $9 USD with 3 GB data, for $13 USD with 5 GB data and for $25 USD with 10 GB data valid for 30 days.

There are 3 providers that operate a data network in Malaysia. It’s up to you what you want. You can choose from Yes, UniFi, and Altel. You can buy a sim for as low as $1.20 that has a life of 5 days that can extend up to 120 days depending on the amount.

Food budget travel in Malaysia

budget travel in Malaysia, food in Malaysia

It is safe to say that $2-3 is enough budget for food in a day. This is base on my experience while Backpacking in Malaysia, but your food budget will depend up to how much you want to indulge. I would recommend my favorite breakfast in Malaysia called Nasi Lemak that you can get for only $1.

You can find Nasi goreng and Mee goreng for less than $2 fried rice and fried noodles. Rotis cost for $1 and fruits are so tasty like jack fruit, rambutan and durian the smelly fruit. Satay which is barbecue ) chicken, beef…) and it´s served with rice or sauce is one of our favorite and it costs $2-3.

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Accommodation budget travel in Malaysia

budget travel in Malaysia, Accommodation in Malaysia

In terms of accommodation, I have a few tips from my own experience. Malaysia is a cheap destination especially for travelers who have Euros and Dollars as their currency. You can look for an accommodation for as low as $10 for a room or even less if you decide to sleep in a dorm. If you want to try mid-range accommodation you can find one ranging from $20-40.

The daily rate of your accommodation will depend on how you want to. You can also try Guest Houses or what we call nowadays as AirBnb if you are going for a more authentic feels in your stay at the country.


Tour/Entrance Fees in Malaysia

budget travel in Malaysia

Malaysia is a muslim country where you can find hundred of mosques. You should try and go inside to see what its like and just to experience their culture. If you are into Architecture you should visit Kuala Lumpur and see the famous Petronas Tower.

If you want to experience visiting one of their famous Temple’s you should visit Kek Lok Si Temple at Penang Island, you can enter the temple for free but the entrance fee to the Pagoda is $0.40. But I just want to remind you that you should also research about this kind of information so you can always stay in budget.

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Local transportation in Malaysia

There are many available transportation that you can ride to get around Malaysia. If you are planning to use public transport in most of your traveling, I would recommend you buy Touch ’n Go card for $4.70 you can use this on trains and buses you just only have to tap your card and it will automatically deduct the exact rate. It is much more convenient and less hassle for you. And this card can also be reloaded at retail stores and convenience store.

Buses cost around $1 inside the city and for long-distance buses 3-4 expect to pay around $10.

Budget Travel in Malaysia per day

A total of $25-30 is your daily budget in Malaysia, and this includes accommodation, food, transportation and fees for tourist attraction. You can spend $10 for accommodation you can find cheap hotels or AirBnB depending on your likes and wants, $5 for food you can find many tasty street food that will cost you for as low as $1, and $5 for transportation and entrance fees for tourist spots.

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Happy Travels!

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