Budget To Travel In Thailand: How Much Do You Need

Last updated on June 3rd, 2021 at 01:19 pm

Budget to travel in Thailand, street food in Thailand, cheap accommodation in Thailand

In this blog, we will talk about the budget to travel in Thailand. First question you should know: who travels to Thailand? Well, Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia.

Most of the travelers are coming for 2 weeks Thailand itinerary from western countries like United States, Europe, Australia but there are also people coming from Japan, South Korea, and other countries around Asia.

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Budget To Travel In Thailand

Is it difficult to travel to Thailand?

It´s really easy to travel to and in Thailand. Flights here are easily accessible and you will find hotels, tours, accommodation and even people who can speak a little bit of English to you. However, in some situations like when you’re riding a taxi or roaming around local places, they don’t usually talk in English so you should also learn how to communicate even without speaking. Using gestures is one example.

Best time to go to Thailand

The best season to go to Thailand is during winter, from December to January. It is not very warm and it´s also not rainy. It’s the perfect season to travel in Thailand so you will be able to explore the country without any hassle with the weather.

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Visa in Thailand

Visa will not be an issue for people coming from most of western and Asian countries. You can get 30 days Visa if you come by plane and will be only needing your passport with 6 months before the expiration date. Check out if your country is eligible for free visa in Thailand!

Cash and ATM in Thailand

There are ATMs almost everywhere and they charge 5 USD fee commission every time you withdraw money. You can also exchange money everywhere and the rate is around $1 USD= 31 THB.

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Accommodation budget travel in Thailand

In the southern part of the country, around the beach, accommodation is a little bit more expensive. You can find a room from 10-20 USD. The accommodation is always fine and they usually provide a towel and internet.

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Food budget travel in Thailand

Budget to travel in Thailand, street food in Thailand, cheap accommodation in Thailand

If you go to local places, prices start from $2-3 for a meal in a local restaurant, but it could be even cheaper in the street. Let´s say you go on a budget. You can spend one whole day with $10 for food, juices and a few bottles of beer.

What´s included in $2 meal? You can get a noodle soup, pad thai (noodles with chicken for example), rice with chicken, and as well as seafood. Thai food is really affordable and delicious. Click here to know our favorite street food dishes around Southeast Asia.

Entrance fees in Thailand

Always remember that you have to keep some of your pocket money for entrance fees. For example, in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, there are entrance fees for temples like Wat Pho and King Palace. In the rest of the country, there is also some small fees in the beaches and waterfalls. A few temples will cost you for free, as cheap as $1 or it can cost around $10 like King Palace in Bangkok.

Tours and Island Hoping

You can find island hoping tours starting from $20-25 and it will include lunch and snorkeling. It lasts around 4-5 hours.

Transportation budget travel in Thailand

Transportation is not very expensive in Thailand. A bus from Bangkok and ferry to the islands can cost around $20-25. Train ticket is even cheaper if you are traveling to the northern part of the country. Transportation around Thailand will cost your around $15-20 for long distances by bus or train and it will be more expensive if you purchase a flight ticket.

Budget to travel in Thailand

To conclude, you can spend $20 per day in Thailand, sleeping and eating comfortably included! If you are traveling as a couple. You can even spend less than $10 in accommodation or you can book a better place. If you include entrance fess and transportation you can spend $25 per day in Thailand. It’s already a budget deal and includes enjoying different activities like visiting temples, eating street foods and visiting local restaurants.

In local markets, you can find pad thai, noodle soups, fried rice for $1-1.5 and juices for $1. Another good thing in Thailand is that you can find a 7-Eleven store anywhere. It’s where you can buy snacks and soft drinks for very cheap prices.

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It´s easy and affordable to travel in Thailand. It’s such a touristic and beautiful country, plus everyone will understand you.

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Happy Travels!

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