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Park Hyatt Hadahaa Review – Best Luxury Resort In Maldives

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Park Hyatt Hadahaa Review – Welcome to the paradise Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives. We will write our experience in this amazing resort. We spent 4 days and we really loved it.

The island of Hadahaa is small and you can walk around the whole island 15 minutes. But there are many things to do and you will enjoy all the time.

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Park Hyatt Hadahaa Review

How to get to Park Hyatt Hadahaa

It’s located 400 kilometers South of Male the capital of Maldives. To get Hadahaa you have to get a flight from Male Airport to Kooddoo airport. The flight will take an hour and try not to sleep because the views are insane. Once you land there is a 30 minutes speedboat ride.

I have to mention that in Hadahaa area in this Atoll is one hour’s advance from Male. We didn’t read about this before going there. So I don’t want to forget to mention it.

It’s perfect sunrise is at 6 45 am and after sunset you go for dinner. Or if you are hungry you can enjoy dinner by the beach while watching the sunset. Also it’s easier to wake up 6 45 am for the sunrise than 5 45 am that hour makes the difference ha!

No worries about this because Park Hyatt Maldives will be assisting you from your check-in in the airport where you can go to the lounge. In the airport lounge there is a play house for children, free breakfast and free internet connection. You will feel great before getting to the paradise Park Hyatt Hadahaa.

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Drone shot Park Hyatt Maldives

They did the check in for us and it was so comfortable catching up with work while having breakfast. After the flight and riding the speed boat on the way to Hadahaa you will realize of the quality of the resort.

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They serve cold water and ice tea with glass and free plastics. We loved it these details with Park Hyatt Maldives that they are a sustainable resort.

Once in the island the staff will come to give you the welcome many of them making sure everything is great. They will give you a welcome drink which is a juice in their dhoni (cute place for receiving people a traditional Maldivian fish boat). They will explain your itinerary and the facilities of the resort.

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Rooms at Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives

Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives

There are 3 kind of rooms Park Villa, Park Pool Villa and Water villas 14 of them facing the sunset.

We stayed in a Park Pool Villa and we really loved our place just one step to the beach. We were in Villa 20 it means in the middle of the island everything was 10 minutes walking distance or even less. We loved it our pool in the villa where the water was so clear and we also enjoyed a floating breakfast.

Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives
Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives

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Activities to do in Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives

Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives

Snorkeling is a must. Even you dont like snorkeling you have to go to the hetty where you can spot sharks, eagle rays and many fishes. It was amazing especially sunrise and sunset everyday you can spot sharks. They are reef sharks just in case you are swimming around no worries about this.

We did a guide snorkeling and it was great to see many fishes around the island.

You can rent kayaks for $25 USD a transparent one so instagrammable for your days in Park Hyatt. It’s not waivy and the water is so calm around the island.

Vidhun Massage

We enjoyed a signature massage for couples. It was one hour massage which made us relax for the rest of our staying ha! It was awesome. The massutes were from Bali and Bhutan super nice sorry that we forgot the names. But we don’t forget the smiles and nationalities.


One of the best places to dive in Maldives. If you are planning to get your open water or dive master you can do it. There are mroe than 20 diving spots around the area. You can see sharks, eagle rays, turtles and many different fishes.

Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives Travel Guide eagle ray
Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives
snorkeling in Maldives

There are also fishing activities in a traditional Dhoni (how they call their traditional boats). You can also go for sunset with the boat. In the fishing if you fish the staff will prepare your catch for dinner. Yeah fresh food for you.

The Staff

Well this is the best part of the resort the staff has 10/10 without any doubt. They will call you by your name all the time. They will do everything for you feeling the real paradise of the island. Super friendly and making friends of different countries: the sweet manager Ann is from Malaysia.

We met staff from Indonesia, Maldives, Tadjikistan and even the Philippines. Yes we met someone who lives in the small city in Pampanga. Small world at Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives ha!

Park Hyatt Hadahaa Review – The Food

Food at Park Hyatt Hadahaa, Maldives

There are two restaurants at Park Hyatt Maldives. The dinning room where you will have breakfast and the Island Grill. We loved and tried both of them. It depends on your itinerary can be only breakfast which is amazing from 7 am to 10 30 am with two dishes and pastery, fruits, juices and coffee. There is a signature dish Eggs Hadahaa spicy which became Rachel’s favorite.

Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives, food at Hadahaa
Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives, food at Hadahaa
Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives, food at Hadahaa

If you have Half Board you will be able to enjoy dinner in the Dinning room 3 courses with no alcohol drinks included. Our favorite starters were ceviche and dumplings. For main courses we loved it all of them fish and meat. Juices were great too!

In the Island Grill you have a credit of $75 USD per dinner if you have Half board meals. The food was also delicious salad, main course and dessert was amazing. So much food for us and so delicious that we can’t finish it.

We enjoyed a buffet dinner by the beach. Barbecue and Maldivian, Indian and Sri Lnakan dishes. It was great to try local food and everything was delicious. From curries, samosas, sea food barbecue to delicious desserts by the beach

We even tried a floating breakfast in our room and it was so completed. Well we had so much fun taking shots and videos. That’s why we were visiting the hotel to create content for them and for us. And we enjoyed the experience a lot.

floating breakfast

There is a pool area in front of the Dinning restaurant and with view to the beach. All the details are amazing and make Park Hyatt Maldives so beautiful.

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Magical sunsets

sunsets in Maldives

Our favorite in the resort apart from the staff best ever was food, room and the sunset. How epic the sunsets are in Park Hyatt. Really amazing you will not get tired of taking pictures in the beach, facing the water villas.

We were only allowed to fly the drone close to the jetty port and we always have to ask for permission. Yeah they want to keep the privacy of the guests and we totally understand about this. We were flying early morning for the sunrise less windy and less annoying for guests. We flew one at noon from the jetty to get the colors of the water on point.

Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives

Let’s continue with the sunset as we mentioned before Park Hyatt Hadahaa is very Instagrammable. There are swings and they make dinner set ups. So romantic and so beautiful. This hotel is the best for your honeymoon and for couples. If you are bringing your kid no worries there are many activities and with this amazing staff kids will love it there for sure.

sunsets in Maldives

We also loved it walking around the beach! The sand was white and the colors of the water were so beautiful. Plus everyday after sunrise and at sunset time you can see sharks and eagle rayas around the jetty port. Not only that if you go snorkeling plenty of fish!

Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives
Thulusdhoo Maldives Travel Guide 12

Hope you liked it our Park Hyatt review in Maldives. To be honest it was the best place ever for both of us. Since we love walking around the beach, enjoying sunsets and the food was amazing too! All the staff was super friendly and from different countries it means you are always learning new things.

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Happy Travels!

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