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The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Medellin – Best Things To Do in Medellin

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Medellin with Kids and the Best Things To Do in Medellin with Kids

Visiting Medellin and ready for a fully packed Medellin with Kids trip? Want to know what are the top things to do in Medellin? In this guide, we’ll discuss this and more.

Medellin, once infamous for its turbulent past, has blossomed into a lively, inviting city overflowing with culture, innovation, and breathtaking natural beauty. It’s an exhilarating destination for families, boasting a wide array of attractions and activities that are perfect for kids.


Having traveled extensively in Medellin as a family of three, we find it to be a remarkable spot in South America for those with little ones in tow.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re excited to share the top things to do in Medellin with kids, promising an enriching and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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Why Traveling to Medellin with Kids is a Great Way to Discover Colombia

As a family of three, with one energetic youngster in tow, we’ve traversed extensively through the vibrant city of Medellin, finding it to be a hidden gem for family adventures in South America. Medellin’s warm climate, rich cultural tapestry, and abundance of engaging activities make it a compelling destination for families.

The city unfolds a myriad of experiences that cater to young minds, igniting their curiosity and wonder. From exploring interactive museums like Parque Explora to soaking up nature’s tranquility at Parque Arvi, each day in Medellin offers a new avenue for learning and fun.

The local community, with its inherent warmth and family-oriented culture, further enriches the travel experience, making Medellin not just a travel destination, but a place where families can connect, learn, and create cherished memories together. This post delves into the diverse activities that make Medellin a delightful playground for the young and young at heart.

Engage with Nature

Parque Explora – Medellin with Kids

Immerse yourselves in the wonders of nature and science at Parque Explora. This interactive museum captivates young minds with its vibrant aquarium, vivarium, and numerous hands-on exhibits focusing on physics, biology, and more. It’s a place where curiosity thrives and learning comes alive in the most enjoyable manner.


  1. Aquarium:
    • Marvel at a rich diversity of aquatic life as you journey through the freshwater and marine sections, each housing a variety of intriguing species.
    • Children will be enthralled by the colorful display of exotic fish, the serene movement of rays, and the playful antics of the Amazonian manatees.
    • Interactive displays provide educational insights into aquatic ecosystems, engaging young minds in a fun, immersive learning experience.
  2. Vivarium:
    • Encounter a captivating array of reptiles and amphibians, each exhibit designed to mimic the natural habitats of these creatures.
    • Kids can observe the behaviors of different species, from the slow crawl of tortoises to the agile movements of snakes.
    • Informative signage helps families learn about the importance of biodiversity and the role of each species in their ecosystem.
  3. Interactive Rooms:
    • Explore a plethora of interactive activities spread across thematic rooms, each dedicated to a different field of science.
    • Engage in hands-on experiments that demonstrate principles of physics, biology, and chemistry in an accessible, kid-friendly manner.
    • The fun and interactive nature of these exhibits helps foster a lasting curiosity and appreciation for science among young learners.
  4. Outdoor Garden:
    • Step into an outdoor oasis where the wonders of physics come alive through interactive installations nestled amidst nature.
    • Kids can experiment with sound waves, optical illusions, and simple machines as they navigate through the garden.
    • The open-air setting provides a refreshing environment for families to explore, learn, and play together.
  5. Workshops:
    • Participate in engaging workshops where experienced educators introduce families to exciting scientific concepts through practical activities.
    • From building simple gadgets to conducting mini experiments, these workshops provide a platform for interactive learning and creativity.
    • The workshops are tailored to be kid-friendly, igniting a passion for discovery and exploration in young minds.

Parque Arvi

Escape the bustling city and embrace the tranquility of Parque Arvi. The journey begins with a scenic cable car ride over Medellin’s expansive neighborhoods, leading to a serene nature reserve. Here, families can indulge in mild hiking trails, picnicking, and exploring the diverse flora and fauna that call this place home.


  1. Cable Car Ride:
    • As you ascend over Medellin’s neighborhoods in a cable car, witness a stunning aerial view of the city gradually transitioning into lush countryside.
    • The smooth ride provides a unique perspective, offering a bird’s eye view of Medellin’s urban landscape and the contrasting serene greenery of the outskirts.
    • It’s a picturesque journey that sets the tone for the natural exploration awaiting at Parque Arvi.
  2. Nature Trails:
    • Wander along well-marked trails amidst a canopy of trees, breathing in the fresh mountain air as you explore the verdant surroundings.
    • These trails offer varying levels of difficulty, ensuring a pleasant hiking experience for families with kids of all ages.
    • Along the way, informational boards provide insights into the local flora and fauna, making the hike both enjoyable and educational.
  3. Picnicking:
    • Choose a scenic spot amidst nature to lay down a picnic blanket, enjoy a leisurely meal surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Parque Arvi.
    • The open spaces offer ample room for kids to play and explore, making it a delightful outing for the entire family.
    • It’s a chance to relax, recharge, and appreciate the peaceful ambiance of the nature reserve.
  4. Educational Workshops:
    • Attend enlightening workshops that delve into environmental education, offering a deeper understanding of conservation efforts and sustainable practices.
    • Through interactive sessions, families can learn about the importance of preserving natural habitats and the diverse ecosystems within Parque Arvi.
    • The workshops often include guided nature walks, where families can witness firsthand the topics discussed, enriching the learning experience.
  5. Local Market:
    • Explore the local market where vendors display a variety of regional products, from fresh produce to handcrafted goods.
    • Families can sample local delicacies, providing a taste of the region’s culinary heritage.
    • It’s also a great opportunity to interact with local artisans, learn about their crafts, and perhaps purchase souvenirs to commemorate the visit.

Cultural Immersion

El Castillo Museo y Jardines – Medellin with Kids

Traverse through time at El Castillo Museo y Jardines, where a quaint castle unveils snippets of Colombia’s rich historical tapestry. The elegant gardens surrounding the castle provide a peaceful backdrop for a family picnic or a leisurely stroll, adding to the charm of this historical escape.


  1. Guided Tour:
    • Embark on a guided tour through the elegant halls of El Castillo, where each room tells a story of Medellin’s historical and cultural evolution.
    • Knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the architecture, the period furniture, and the lives of past residents, enriching the visit with historical context.
    • The tour is a journey back in time, providing a tactile connection to the city’s rich heritage.
  2. Garden Exploration:
    • Wander through meticulously manicured gardens, where the tranquility of nature complements the grandeur of the castle.
    • The gardens house beautiful sculptures, fountains, and blooming flowers that provide a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle.
    • It’s a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls, offering plenty of photo opportunities amidst the lush greenery and historical architecture.
  3. Photography:
    • Capture the timeless elegance of El Castillo and its gardens through your lens, creating lasting memories of your visit.
    • The castle’s old-world charm provides a captivating backdrop for family photos.
    • Photography enthusiasts will find plenty of inspiration in the interplay of natural light, architectural details, and verdant landscapes.
  4. Art Exhibitions:
    • Discover rotating art exhibitions housed within the castle, showcasing works by local and international artists.
    • Each exhibition provides a fresh perspective, blending contemporary art with the historical ambiance of El Castillo.
    • It’s a culturally enriching experience that sparks conversations about art and creativity within the family.
  5. Workshops:
    • Engage in a variety of workshops and cultural events hosted at El Castillo, from art classes to musical performances.
    • These activities provide a platform for families to immerse themselves in the local culture, learn new skills, and enjoy creative expression.
    • The events calendar is always bustling with interesting programs, ensuring a rich cultural experience with each visit.

Pueblito Paisa

Nestled atop Cerro Nutibara, Pueblito Paisa is a meticulous replica of a traditional Antioquian village. It’s a cultural haven where families can soak in the local traditions, admire the colonial architecture, and enjoy panoramic vistas of Medellin, making it a picturesque and educational outing.


  1. Historical Tour:
    • Stroll through the quaint streets of Pueblito Paisa, where traditional Antioquian architecture transports you to a bygone era.
    • Explore the charming little church, the quaint town square, and the museum that recounts the region’s history.
    • The meticulous attention to detail in the reconstruction offers a tangible glimpse into the traditional life of Antioquian villages.
  2. Panoramic Views:
    • Ascend to the top of Cerro Nutibara to reach Pueblito Paisa and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Medellin.
    • The elevated vantage point provides a stunning contrast between the traditional village and the modern cityscape below.
    • It’s a serene spot to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of Medellin from above.
  3. Local Crafts:
    • Browse through quaint shops that line the village, showcasing a range of local crafts and artisanal products.
    • Discover unique souvenirs, from handcrafted jewelry to traditional Colombian textiles, each telling a story of the region’s rich artistic heritage.
    • It’s a wonderful opportunity to support local artisans and take home a piece of Antioquian culture.
  4. Traditional Food:
    • Delight in the flavors of traditional Colombian cuisine at the onsite eateries, where the dishes are as authentic as the setting.
    • Sample local delicacies like bandeja paisa or arepas, providing a culinary adventure for the whole family.
    • The welcoming ambiance and delicious food make for a memorable dining experience.
  5. Photography:
    • The picturesque scenery of Pueblito Paisa offers ample photographic opportunities to capture the charm of traditional Colombian culture.
    • From the vibrant colors of the buildings to the panoramic vistas of the city, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenes to photograph.
    • It’s a chance to practice photography skills and capture the essence of Medellin’s cultural heritage.

Creative Play

Museo de los Niños – Medellin with Kids

Venture into a world where creativity knows no bounds at the Museo de los Niños. Interactive exhibits spanning various fields like science, art, and technology beckon young explorers to delve in, play, and learn. It’s a nurturing environment that fosters a love for discovery and innovation.

Plaza Botero


Plaza Botero - Medellin Itinerary, Medellin with kids, Things To Do in Medellin with Kids
Plaza Botero, Top Things To Do in Medellin with Kids

Stroll through the open-air gallery of Plaza Botero, home to 23 whimsical sculptures crafted by the illustrious Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. The exaggerated proportions and playful forms of the sculptures are bound to ignite lively discussions and imaginative interpretations, making it a fun, artistic outing for families.

  1. Sculpture Viewing:
    • Wander among the whimsical sculptures created by the renowned Colombian artist, Fernando Botero, each piece inviting interpretation and admiration.
    • The exaggerated proportions and playful forms of the sculptures ignite conversations and evoke smiles among visitors of all ages.
    • Through playful observation, families can discuss art, expressions, and the unique style that defines Botero’s work.
  2. Photography:
    • Capture memorable family photos with the distinctive sculptures as your backdrop, creating lasting memories of your visit to Plaza Botero.
    • The open-air setting provides ample natural light, making it a delightful spot for photography enthusiasts to practice their skills.
    • Each sculpture offers a different photographic angle, allowing for a fun and creative photo session.
  3. Sketching:
    • Bring along sketchbooks and let the kids draw their interpretations of the sculptures, fostering their observational and artistic skills.
    • The relaxed ambiance of the plaza provides a comfortable setting for budding artists to sit, sketch, and learn.
    • It’s a quiet and contemplative activity that allows for a deeper engagement with the artworks on display.
  4. Nearby Museums:
    • Extend your artistic exploration by visiting nearby museums like the Museum of Antioquia, which houses an extensive collection of Botero’s paintings and sculptures.
    • The museum provides a broader context to Botero’s work, enriching the understanding and appreciation of his contributions to the art world.
    • It’s a cultural extension to the visit, offering a deeper dive into Medellin’s artistic heritage.
  5. Café Culture:
    • Relax at a nearby café, soaking in the artistic ambiance of the plaza while enjoying Colombian coffee and pastries.
    • The café culture around Plaza Botero provides a pleasant setting for families to unwind, reflect on the art, and plan the next adventure.
    • It’s a cozy way to conclude the artistic outing, blending cultural exploration with the simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee.

Adventurous Outings

Parque Norte

Inject a dose of adrenaline into your Medellin adventure at Parque Norte. This beloved amusement park offers a medley of rides, games, and attractions catering to all ages, ensuring a day filled with laughter, excitement, and family bonding.

  1. Amusement Rides:
    • From gentle carousels for the little ones to thrilling roller coasters for the adventurous, Parque Norte offers a variety of amusement rides catering to all ages.
    • The rides are well-maintained and operated under stringent safety guidelines, ensuring a fun and secure experience for the whole family.
    • The laughter and excitement echo through the park, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere for a memorable day out.
  2. Games Arcade:
    • Challenge each other in a friendly competition at the games arcade, where a variety of digital and mechanical games await.
    • Kids can try their hand at classic arcade games, winning tickets to exchange for fun prizes.
    • The arcade provides a nostalgic trip for adults and a new exciting experience for kids, making it a fun-filled activity for all.
  3. Boating:
    • Enjoy a serene boat ride on the calm waters of the lake, taking in the picturesque scenery of the park.
    • The gentle glide on the water provides a peaceful respite from the energetic activities, allowing for quiet family moments amidst nature.
    • It’s a different pace of adventure, offering a tranquil experience amidst the lively ambiance of Parque Norte.
  4. Food Stalls:
    • Savor the flavors of local snacks and refreshments at various food stalls scattered around the park.
    • From traditional Colombian street food to international favorites, there’s a range of culinary options to refuel and satisfy the taste buds.
    • The casual dining experience adds to the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of the park.
  5. Seasonal Events:
    • Celebrate the joy of seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas at Parque Norte, where special decorations, rides, and activities enhance the festive spirit.
    • The park goes the extra mile in creating a magical atmosphere during these events, providing an additional layer of excitement and celebration.
    • It’s a wonderful way to experience the local festivities and create cherished family memories.


Guatape, El Peñol, Medellin with Kids, Things to Do in Medellin with Kids

Venture beyond the city limits for a day trip to the enchanting town of Guatapé. Ascend the El Peñol rock for awe-inspiring views of the emerald landscape, and unwind with a serene boat ride on the reservoir, exploring the quaint charm that Guatapé has to offer.


  1. El Peñol Climb:
El Peñol, Medellin with Kids, Things to Do in Medellin with Kids
  1. Embark on an invigorating climb up the 649 steps of El Peñol rock, where each step brings you closer to a rewarding panoramic view.
  2. The ascent is a family-friendly adventure, with well-maintained steps and handrails ensuring a safe climb.
  3. Reaching the top is a triumphant moment, offering a sense of accomplishment and awe-inspiring views of the emerald landscape below.
  4. Boat Tour:
    • Set sail on a boat tour across the tranquil waters of the reservoir, exploring hidden islands and picturesque shorelines.
    • The gentle breeze and the serene ambiance provide a relaxing setting for families to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of Guatapé.
    • Informative guides share interesting facts about the area, making the boat tour an enjoyable and educational experience.
  5. Colorful Streets:
    • Meander through the vibrant streets of Guatapé, where every building is adorned with colorful zócalos (decorative friezes) that tell stories of the town’s culture and history.
    • The cheerful ambiance and the artistic expressions on display provide a visual feast, igniting conversations and curiosity.
    • It’s a delightful stroll that encapsulates the spirit of Guatapé, making every corner a photogenic spot waiting to be discovered.
  6. Local Cuisine:
    • Indulge in the local cuisine at charming eateries around the town square, where the warmth of Colombian hospitality complements the delicious flavors.
    • From fresh trout dishes to traditional Colombian fare, there’s a culinary journey awaiting every palate.
    • It’s a delightful way to taste the essence of Guatapé, surrounded by the quaint charm of the town.
  7. Souvenir Shopping:
    • Browse through quaint souvenir shops lining the colorful streets, discovering a range of handcrafted goods and artisanal products.
    • From vibrant textiles to unique handicrafts, each item reflects the artistic flair and cultural heritage of Guatapé.
    • Shopping for souvenirs provides a chance to interact with local craftsmen and learn about the traditional crafts of the region.

Final Thoughts on Things To Do in Medellin with Kids

Medellin unfolds as a treasure trove of experiences, awaiting discovery by families. From its rich cultural fabric to its boundless natural wonders, the plethora of things to do in Medellin with kids ensures a captivating journey through this heartwarming Colombian city.

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