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Nicaraguan Breakfast – 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

Nicaraguan Breakfast – 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

But there are also some dishes that are authentic traditional Nicaraguan breakfast to try and we have the best breakfast in Nicaragua ready for you. Click here to book online Nicaragua activities and day trips

In a country as beautiful as Nicaragua with its exotic natural beauty and its impressive volcanoes, it’s very natural to be curious about what locals eat for Nicaraguan breakfast.

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What does a typical breakfast in Nicaragua look like?

Galla Pinto, just like in Costa Rica, is a typical part of a Nicaraguan breakfast dish. It is usually accompanied by eggs and beans and fried rice. A full Nicaraguan breakfast spread (Desayuno Nica) will include Gallo Pinto, served with a tortilla, a form of plantain, and some friend cheese.

Rice and beans are a typical dish in South America and a dish enjoyed by many more! Let’s look more at Nicaragua’s breakfast and food culture in general.

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Nicaraguan Breakfast – Best Traditional Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

Desayuno Tipico in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try, Costa Rican Breakfast: 16 Best Breakfast In Costa Rica That You Should Try. From the most popular Gallo Pinto to Arepas and Tortillas., Costa Rica travel tips, things to know before visiting Costa Rica, facts about Costa Rica

Galla Pinto

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

Typically considered as Nicaragua’s National dish, galla pinto can be thought of as their version of the fried rice. It’s typical in South America to have big breakfasts, and Galla Pinto is a mix of rice, red beans, fried to be eaten by itself as your Nicaraguan breakfast, or part of a bigger decayuno nica (Nica breakfast or Nicaraguan breakfast) or their desayuno tipico (typical breakfast).

Desayuno Nica

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

This is a brekfast in Nicaragua if you want to complement your galla pinto into a full breakfast spread – fried cheese, a tortilla, fried eggs, and a small fruit or plantain. It reminds us of Colombia’s popular dish, bandeja paisa. If you’re planning to have a brunch, or with big plans for your day in Nicaragua, a full desayuno nica is good for you. You can even have it ordered in restaurants for lunch.

Sweet Plantains

Fried plantains, easily eaten as a breakfast in Nicaragua, or even in afternoon snacks or a part of your bigger meal, fried sweet plantains is easily eaten and a big part of Nicaragua’s food culture.

Quesillo / Fried Cheese

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

If you’re out the beautiful Nicaraguan streets, whether early in the morning, or for an afternoon stroll, you might come across their quesillo or fried cheese. It’s a tortilla with white cheese spread on top, and served with small chopped onions and cream. Trust us, it’s a delicious treat any time of the day you want to have.

Nacatamal / Nacatamales / Nicaraguan Tamale

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

If you’re familiar with South American food, you probably have come across various versions of tamal or tamales, and in Nicaraguan breakfast or local dishes style, they have their Nacatamal or Nacatamales. They also use corn dough for the Nicaraguan tamal, with pork and potato stuffed inside. Easily partnered with Nicaraguan coffee!

Güirilas / Nicaraguan Pancakes

If you’re always looking for pancakes to start your mornings with, have a Nicaraguan breakfast with their guirilas or pancakes. These are tortilla style pancakes, topped with cream and curd cheese, called cuajada in Nicaragua.

Vigoron / Yuca and Cabbage Salad

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

Vigoron is popularly served in the city of Granada. It’s a Nicaraguan salad, which is a mix of pork rind or chicharrones, yuca, cabbage, and mimbro (fruit from Nicaragua).


Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

A typical Nicaraguan delicacy, and easily shared with others in South American culture, buñuelos are fried dough balls that are soaked in syrup. The dough balls are quite sticky, made from yuca / cassava flour, mixed with eggs and cheese.

Local Nicaraguans will usually have their Buñuelos served with snacks or for coffee time, or you can have it done on special events as well.

Tostones / Fried Green Plantains

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

If you have sweet plantains, you can also fry green plantains called tostones.

More Nicaraguan Breakfast – Best Traditional Breakfast in Nicaragua

Other Nicaraguan Food to have – Bruch and other Nicaraguan Popular Food

Nicaraguan Breakfast - 15 Best Breakfast in Nicaragua to Try

Tajadas / Fried Ripe Plantains

Another Nicaraguan delicacy, tajadas ia fried plantain, mixed qith queso or cheese and with cabbage – part of any big snack, bruch, possibly a breakfast in Nicaragua as well if you’d like.

Carne Asada – Grilled and Sliced Steak

If you’re looking for chicken alternatives, grilled pork / meat or carne asad is a big part of Nicaraguan food culture.

Pollo a la Plancha – Nicaraguan Grilled Chicken Breast

Pollo, translated to chicken, pollo a la plancha are chicken breast strips grilled to a delicious meal.

Berenjenas Rellenas – Nicaraguan Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplants stuffed with garlic, onions and bell peppers cooked can be part of a big Nicaraguan breakfast or a full meal.

Sopa de Mondongo – Tripe Soup


Tripe soup or sopa de mondongo is a very traditional Nicaraguan dish. Mondongo translates to cow’s stomach and with a mix of Nicaraguan dishes is cooked into a flavorful soup.

Baho (Vaho) – Beef, Plantains, and Yuca steamed in Banana Leaves

Vaho / Baho is a big part of Nicaraguan food culture. This is a mix of green plantains, beef or other meat, with yuca, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Carne Pinchada – Meat on a Stick

These are grilled meat (can be chicken or beef and pork), grilled in a stick. Quick lunch or dinner in Nicaragua

Food and Budget Travel in Nicaragua

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Prices are very affordable in Nicaragua and start from $2 USD in local restaurants per meal. You can get frescos (local juices) and a few snacks as street food for only $1 USD. Beers and drinks at night will cost you $2-3 USD.

For fine dining restaurants, prices can start at $7-10 USD per person. You can manage so easy your food budget travel in Nicaragua for $10 USD daily.

Hope you loved our best breakfast in Nicaragua blog post guide! And can’t wait to hear about which one is your favorite Nicaraguan breakfast in the comments below.

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