Our Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa Experience in Siem Reap

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Staying with Victoria Angkor was definitely a very nice introduction for us to Cambodia. It’s in the center where things are much more touristy, however we felt like we needed this pampering right before we head into the local Cambodia vibes. It’s really nice to just chill, to rest, and be relaxed as moving a lot can be easily stressful. Read here how to get from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airport to city center.

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Victoria Angkor has the colonial French buildings design. As Cambodia is a former French colony, you can easily see this architecture in a lot of buildings. I must say that staying in a luxury hotel in Siem Reap for us was such a great experience.

Victoria Angkor has definitely preserved the colonial French style with a good touch of luxury of modernization. We really liked the vibe while staying there. Very relaxed and perfect for those who are planning a retreat and getaway. Those days when you just need a vacation away from the every day routines of life or when celebrating something special!

Rachel is from the Philippines, and even if the country is not too far from Cambodia, neighboring Asian countries may discount Cambodia easily as a non-tourist destination. So we are definitely happy to show this part of the tourism in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Pickup from the airport

After 2 flights from Bali, it was pure comfort to get a ride from the airport to the hotel. It was really hot and the air dry in Siem Reap that day and knowing that we have a quick connection from the airport to the hotel was a relief we definitely welcomed!

Arriving at Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa

When we arrived, Victoria immediately showed a feeling of luxury and comfort. The hotel was big and we stayed in one of the suites overlooking the street.

Colors and feel of the room immediately brought the French Colonial elegance. The room has special artifacts too, and it felt like a mini museum inside! Loved the whole design of the room, and around the hotel.

Toilet and shower rooms separate from each other – the arrangement in the room felt like how French people really arranged their things until today.


The food was definitely high class and will meet Western expectations. For example, it’s hard to find real cheese in Asia, the ones we have in Europe. They produce these very processed cheese. However if you find a good one, it will be extremely expensive because it will be imported. The international buffet breakfast was a breath of fresh air. Really enjoyed good salad, bread and cheese.


We spent a lot of our afternoon time lounging by the massive pool. Very beautiful. I think that if you’re staying in Victoria Angkor, a pool view from the room will make the stay even more exquisite.

While we are staying in Victoria, we had the chance to meet Cedrid, the French operations manager. We appreciate such chances as there is not always a chance to connect with the managers in hotels in the various places we’ve been staying at.

Cedric mentioned about why it’s so important to preserve the French colonial heritage as part of the Siem Reap’s beauty, and why Victoria Angkor have been pushing continuous efforts in working with various travel influencers, not only to promote Victoria Angkor Spa and Hotel as a premier place for stay in Siem Reap, but also why Siem Reap is one of the top destinations you shouldn’t miss when traveling in Southeast Asia.

Cedric’s share

As travel influencers, we are happy to be part of this campaign. We feel that Cambodia is very raw and beautiful, and has a rich history. Some of it may be still be fresh and painful, however the best ways to preserve history and future generations and other people from other culture to understand what happened is to actually have these special places preserved.

Here’s what Cedric of Victoria Angkor shared about what to expect in Siem Reap, and other beautiful things to do and experience apart from the temples:

“Siem Reap is located right in the center of South-East Asia, less one hour from big cities like Bangkok, Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh Ville by plane. Siem Reap is usualy seen as “all about Angkor Wat”. Simply because it has become the symbol of Cambodia (just look at the national flag) and the site remains the country’s prime attraction. On the brochures, Angkor Wat seems to be always the unique selling point of the city. But living in Siem Reap, you then discover that there are more than that. And a good number of guests staying at Victoria like to enjoy the local weather and the peaceful pace of the city without visiting the Temples.

Khmer people are friendly and I believe quite honest. Of course, tuk tuk drivers or vendors in local market will always try to up the prices. But this is for a good reason and bargaining is part of the game. Hospitality is something natural for Khmer. I can experience it everyday with our staff. Sincerety and smiles predominate.

Apart of Temples, there are a lot to experience. Ride a tuk tuk, enjoy local fresh fruit juices, feel the colonial time architecture, beauty and quietness of pagodas. Explore the local markets, rent a bicyle and discover the silk farm or lotus farm only a few minutes outside the city. Pub Street is unique in its genre. Not mainy places in the world where you can dance in the street without the fear that people would look at you. You can also go the country side, see local houses and way of living. People seem to have nothing, but remain constantly smiling and probably taking more time to appreciate life than most of westerns would do.

There are plenty of nice hotels and guesthouses in Siem Reap. Traveling by yourself is easy.”

So yes – make sure you don’t miss Siem Reap!

Local life

Victoria was luckily situated in the center area of Siem Reap. From here, a mere 10 minute walk and you’ll be in the local streets and a lot of the restaurants and night activities in the city.

Local food

We definitely enjoyed some of Khmer’s local food – definitely moments we make sure we don’t miss while in any new place. Having Victoria Angkor right in the middle of where everything is just cloes by, we get easy access to the parks, to the night market (this will be about 20-30 minute walk), or the local eating places (short walk from the hotel), which makes your local experience still rich and true to what’s really happening there.

Siem Reap’s tours

It’s very easy to arrange your tours in Siem Reap with Victoria Angkor. For sure, one of the main itinerary when in Siem Reap is the temples, so you’ll need to check in with them to get the best recommendation.

Hope you had fun. Excited to share to you more of our Cambodia Experience. So glad that we started our journey in Siem Reap. With all the activities, from Victoria Angkor, to the temple tours, and the local life, really puts things in perspective.

We did travel in Siem Reap longest while staying in Cambodia, and we loved every minute of it. In all honesty, we can’t wait to be back. So in love with the people, Siem Reap’s night market (you need to visit there), and Victoria Angkor!

If you’re headed to Cambodia, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you create your Cambodia and Siem Reap itinerary, read here.

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