How To Get From Siem Reap Airport To City Center – All Possible Ways


We will write how to get from Siem Reap airport to city center. The first thing that you need to know that Siem Reap airport distance to city center is only 8 kilometers and 6 kilometers if you are heading to Angkor Temples the most touristic part in Cambodia. And there is no public transportation available. You can go by taxi or Grab, motorbike taxi and by tuk tuk.

Prices are affordable and they will be starting from $6-10 USD from Siem Reap airport to city center. It will take around 20 minutes to get to your final destination in the city depending where are you going. Also your own Best sim card in Cambodia is important for communicating with locals and meeting other travelers.

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Siem Reap Airport To City

Tuk Tuk Fare Siem Reap Airport To City Center

siem reap airport to city, How To Get From Siem Reap To City Center

Tuk tuk fare from Siem Reap airport to city is $9 USD and it’s good enough until 4 people. It will be less comfortable than the taxi and it will take 20 minutes to reach city center. If you are bringing so much luggage and 4 people will hard to fit. We find an authentic option to go around in Cambodia.

Taxi Fare From Siem Reap Airport to City

The taxi fare from Siem Reap airport to city is $10 USD is a fixed rate and it’s good enough for 3 people. It will take 20 minutes driving and if you have too much luggage will be the best option for you.

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Siem Reap Airport to City By Motorbike Taxi

The cheapest option from Siem Reap airport to city center is by motorbike taxi for $6 USD. This option will be the best if you are traveling alone and with no so much luggage. It will take 20 minutes and it was cheaper before $3-4 USD but they went up with the prices last few years.

Van From Siem Reap Airport To City Center

The van is the best option is great if you are traveling in a group up to 6 people. The van fare from Siem Reap airport to city center is $15 USD.

Grab From Siem Reap Airport To City Center

You will be able to book Grab and prices are around $6-8 USD from Siem Reap airport to city center little bit cheaper than the taxi. There is wifi available in Siem Reap Airport if you need to download the app and ordering Grab service. It can be a car around $8 USD or a tuk tuk can be $6 USD.

Private Transfer from Siem Reap Airport

Just double check if your hotel offers free transportation from the airport as it happened to us. They will pick you up holding a sign and bring direct to your hotel avoiding the hassle of finding local transportation. Prices of private transportation from the airport to your hotel can go from $7-10 USD.

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The currency in Cambodia is called Cambodian Riel in this is the one you will be using all throughout your entire stay inside the country. Exchange rates are around $1= 4000 Riels. There are ATM’s available all throughout the country. You will be able to use USD when traveling around Cambodia.

You can also find many exchange office everywhere and banks if you are bringing cash. Just a reminder that you can use dollar everywhere but you should always have Riels because you will use it for small payments.

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The rainy or wet season in Cambodia takes place through the months of July to September and the dray season is in the months of October up until May.

But for me the best time to visit Cambodia for tourist and backpackers is in the month of November to February since most of your itinerary will consist of walking and sightseeing.

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food Budget Travel in Cambodia

A total of $10 USD will be your daily budget for food in Cambodia per person. There are many available street food around the country. One of the most popular Cambodian dish is called Fish Amok its is a red fish curry you can eat it with rice it is served wrapped in a banana leaf and the price start from $1-2 USD. 

If you are into noodles, Cambodian noodles it is a soup and a very spicy one you can also buy it for as low as $1-2 USD. We also enjoyed fruits and juices in Cambodia for $1 USD. Noddles soup and baguettes (Cambodia is a French colony) as a sandwich were delicious! Local fine restaurants for dinning can costs $5-6 USD.


Cheap accommodation in Cambodia is not a problem. There are may available cheap accommodation in the country. Hostels price starts at $5-6 USD a night per dorm and $10-15 USD for a room. Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries in Asia for accommodation.

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How To Get From Siem Reap To City Center

There are many tourist spots in Cambodia the most famous one is called Angkor Wat, when visiting the country it is a must to visit this place because you will spend an amazing time there just enjoying the temples. Since this place is famous it is always full of people and the entrance fee would be $37 USD per day and $62 USD for 3 days and $72 USD per a week.

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Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

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Happy Travels!

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