Siem Reap and Beyond: A Helicopter Scenic flight over Siem Reap

Last updated on February 9th, 2021 at 04:03 am

If you’ve already traveled to Siem Reap and it’s temples, you might think there’s nothing more to it. But there are actually more ways than one to discover the beautiful Siem Reap: a helicopter scenic flight around Siem Reap.

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a helicopter scenic flight around Siem Reap with the captain

Today, we’ll take you a 20- minute scenic flight over Siem Reap Cambodia.

This trip, booked with Eoasia is one of the best plans we’ve done in Siem Reap. A 20- minute scenic flight over Siem Reap, which has includes the following scenes:

  • Bakheng Mountain
  • Angkor Wat
  • Srah Srang
  • Prasat Pre Rup
  • Eastern Mebon
  • Tonle Sap Floating Village
  • Phnom Krom
  • Siem Reap town

The experience

Very early in the morning, we got a shuttle service from the hotel in the form of Cambodia’s traditional tuktuk. From there, we were taken to the Helistar office to sign documents and then another short tuktuk ride to Siem Reap Airport.

From there we were greeted by our French pilot, who gave us a brief of how the flight will go – a short and relaxed briefing. Once inside, we tested the headsets and microphones which let us talk to each other while we were flying. This is a very nice detail.

The pilot was very well informed and knows his topography. Visiting all parts of the itinerary, he will touch into stories of history plus how the whole infrastructure of Siem Reap works together.

views in a helicopter scenic flight around Siem Reap

Seeing the temples from the ground and seeing from above, you will realize why the Angkor Wat times are or of history’s most incredible stories. A structure built in stones and by hand, you can just imagine the crazy, hard labor it took for all the men, and all the years the temples had to be built.

The floating village was also a good place to see. We also saw one of the best and unknown spot in Siem Reap to see the most beautiful sunset, Phnom Krom.

If you’ve got extra time (this takes only 20 minutes), we highly recommend experiencing Siem Reap this way – it was a once in a lifetime experience for us, and was one of the best. Check out how you can book the same experience with Eoasia, our trusted tour operator in Cambodia.

Hope you had fun!

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