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How to Use your Cell phone in Europe: Make Calls and Surf the Internet Without Limits

Europe is a dream destination for many, with its rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes. As a modern traveler, one essential question you may have is, “Can I use my cell phone in Europe?” With an eSIM Europe, you certainly can.

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Will my USA Phone Work in Europe?

Whether your USA phone works in Europe depends primarily on two factors: the type of phone you have and your mobile provider. So be aware of it as you don’t want to return home with a large bill due to roaming charges.

"Can I use my cell phone in Europe?" With an eSIM Europe, you certainly can. Using Your Cellphone in Europe: Unlimited Calls and Surf


Mobile phones operate using specific frequencies. Different regions in the world use different frequencies, so it’s crucial that your phone is compatible with those used in Europe. You can check your phone’s compatibility here.

Using a Local USA Provider

Using your USA mobile provider while in Europe is an option. However, it often comes with high international roaming charges, which can quickly add up. On the plus side, it’s convenient because you don’t need to change your SIM card and you keep your current number.

International Provider

A more cost-effective alternative is to use an international provider like Holafly. With their Europe eSIM, you can navigate the internet and make calls in Europe using your own cell phone without worrying about costly roaming fees.

Europe eSIM with Calls and Data

Alosim Now with Phone Number for Your eSIM data with Hushed

Now working in Europe, North America (and all other continents), combining Alosim eSIM technology with Hushed’s free phone number can become a part of your travel arsenal in Europe. Every eSIM with Alosim now comes with a free Hushed number (private number), with free credits that you can later reload based on your need. The good thing is that Alosim has some of the most competitive prices available right now when it comes to eSIM prices for Europe.

What about Holafly? Update as of June 2024

While Holafly’s Europe eSIM still offers unlimited data, a perfect companion for travelers with high data needs while on the go, Holafly has removed their calls feature in Europe in exchange for their now available tethering feature to up to 80 countries around the world. With strong tethering, you can now use VOIP calls (calls over the internet ) to make calls in Europe.

"Can I use my cell phone in Europe?" With an eSIM Europe, you certainly can. Using Your Cellphone in Europe: Unlimited Calls and Surf


How to Call from eSIM on iPhone?

Get your Alosim eSIM now with a Free Private Phone Number while You Travel in Europe

Making a call from an eSIM on your iPhone is straightforward. Here are the steps:

            Go to Settings > Cellular.

            Under ‘Cellular Plans’, tap on the label for the eSIM.

            Tap ‘Turn On This Line’.

            Now, you can make calls using your eSIM line.

FAQs about Using a Cellphone in Europe

Is Calling in Europe Free? No, calling in Europe usually has associated costs. However, with a service like Alosim eSIM, you get a private number so no one can trace your activities while traveling, keep your regular communication separate, and have credits for calls (free) that you can later top up.

What if my American Phone is Locked for Use with Other Carriers? If your phone is locked, it might not work with an eSIM. It’s best to check with your provider to ensure compatibility.

Does eSIM have a Phone Number? Only some eSIMs come with phone numbers like new Alosim that now works with their Hushed service.

Traveling to Europe and using your cell phone without restrictions has never been easier, thanks to the innovative eSIM technology. Enjoy the freedom of making calls and surfing the internet without limitations, wherever your European adventure takes you.

"Can I use my cell phone in Europe?" With an eSIM Europe, you certainly can. Using Your Cellphone in Europe: Unlimited Calls and Surf

Final Thoughts on Using Your Cellphone in Europe

In today’s connected world, it’s hard to imagine traveling without a cell phone at your fingertips. Whether it’s navigating city streets, staying in touch with loved ones back home, or simply posting your adventures online, a reliable, cost-effective way to use your phone overseas is crucial. Insert, the Alosim eSIM . It’s what we trust when it comes to eSIM Europe.

The answer lies in the technology of eSIMs, like the one provided by Holafly for Europe. It allows you to enjoy your phone’s conveniences without worrying about high roaming costs. With its convenience, simplicity, and competitive pricing, the Holafly Europe eSIM provides a seamless solution for your communication needs while exploring the rich diversity of Europe.

Ultimately, travel should be about making unforgettable memories and immersing oneself in new experiences, not worrying about hefty phone bills. With Holafly’s eSIM, you get to focus on what truly matters – your journey. So pack your bags, and remember to include Holafly’s Europe eSIM in your travel checklist for a hassle-free European adventure!

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David N.

Sunday 10th of March 2024

TRAVEL WI FI - I’m surprised there is no mention of Travel WiFi. Several years ago when we went to Paris for a couple weeks, using our iPhones for mapping and texting we did, indeed get a huge Verizon bill when we got home. However, the next year when we went back to Paris we discovered Travel WiFi - a small device (smaller than an iPhone) that essentially is a walking WiFi HotSpot. The device was $100 but we have it forever and the we subscribe to a Global x-gig plan and live, walking around European cities, mapping, texting, calling works wonderfully. Wouldn’t go to Europe (or anywhere outside the USA) without it. Actually heading to Amsterdam this April for the tulips.