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5 Best Tips For Road Trip With An RV: How To Plan

Road Trip With An RV: How To Plan

5 Best Tips For Road Trip With An RV: How To Plan

If we’re talking about dreams and bucket lists, a road trip with an RV in United States is definitely one of ours. Crossing from West Coast to the East, spending around 3 months in the road.

We can stop in small towns for a few days, visiting new cities and meeting friends along the way. Whatever new plan comes along. Some trips are made for this.

We would love to start from San Diego and going up to Seattle. From there, cross the country and drive up to Miami, maybe relax in the beach for a few days. It’s not a fix plan but the idea will be something similar.

We have been traveling together hitchhiking and by local transportation. But we have never done a road trip with an RV. The idea is so exciting. Then, Ruben and I would like to try and see if we can do a bigger road trip with an RV if we like the experience.

Ruben has been traveling by bicycle, by motorbike and by hitchhiking – never with an RV, yet.


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Tips For Road Trip With An RV: How To Plan

Now that we’re thinking, it’s actually nice to plan some details even if you’re just dreaming about this certain type of travel? Because why not!

Here’s a plan:

1 Check Maps

First of all, we will need to rent an RV, get maps, check the roads and the rest of the travel route with a GPS. And after that, planning the places that we want to visit. We always use Google Maps for this where you can see the distance and the travel time live!

For checking maps and check internet you have to make sure that you are connecting online buying a sim card or an eSim before your trip.

Road trip with an RV: Our home

2. What to bring for a road trip with an RV?

We need to bring clothes for different weather conditions since in the United States the temperature can change a lot. Also, it will be good to prepare for different kinds of travel like hiking, and swimming, making sure we are bringing the right type of travel gear, and travel accessories such as a portable solar panel.

One more interesting thing. Blogs! Blogs have always been our go to when it comes to information. There are just so many people writing out there, which can help you a lot when planning. We will read blogs related to get more information and listening to the advice of friends and local people. We need to plan where to park the RV and where it’s possible to stay overnight with the RV.

3. Accommodation: Will it be tricky?

For accommodation and plan the best places where to stay with the RV we will use Park4Night App. You can download the App and you will get the best info of places to stay, if it’s free at night and if there is a small fee for parking during the say and if vans or RV are allowed to stay.

Since we are doing a road trip with an RV, we will certainly be able to save up on accommodation. There’s definitely a lot of fun possible. We will visit a mix of cities, nature and small towns to make sure that we get the real feeling of everything during the trip.

And most importantly, we need to prepare physically and mentally about staying on the road in an RV for several weeks. Got to be prepared!


4. When to do the trip?

5 Best Tips For Road Trip With An RV: How To Plan

We believe that the best time for an RV trip in the US can be Spring- Summer or Summer-Autumn since we don’t want the weather to be very cold.  We got used to living in the Philippines and we prefer to avoid low temperatures as much as possible, ha!

One challenge is that those dates will be during high season, which usually means crowded and higher prices, but we will handle it. Maybe start at the end of Summer or the beginning of Spring. We will surely have enough time to think about it and plan properly.

Getting a travel Insurance is really important to make sure if something happen you are covered and you don’t have to get worried about the expenses.

5. Avoid Toruist Places On Weekends

Avoid tourist places on weekends is a must and trying to visit during weekdays since is more quiet. You will be able to enjoy a better experience!

After this planning ahead, we hope that we are ready to take the plunge and do a road trip with an RV. We are very excited about it! So stay updated here to find out when we can visit the US. Can’t be that impossible, right?

If you’ve traveled with an RV before, let us know if we missed any details. We’d love to hear your top tips about traveling in an RV. Comment below for any suggestions and questions and we’ll hit you right back.

Happy Travels!

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Nawab Tanweer Ahmad

Sunday 14th of May 2017

Why aren't there a like button on your blog?

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 14th of May 2017

No idea why its not a like button my friend :)

Financial Hippie

Friday 12th of May 2017

Definitely on my list! I've done roadtrips up and down the east coast, and from New England out to South Dakota, but I want to really live on the road for a few months. Planning on building my own RV out of a work van or something similar. One of these days! I'll be starting in the Northeast, so I'm thinking straight across the country, by the Great Lakes, and maybe even through Canada out to Alaska. Then I'll come south along the West Coast, and spend some time in all of the National Parks in the Southwestern US. Thinking of finishing up by following the Gulf Coast out to Key West? Then back home!

Ruben Arribas

Friday 12th of May 2017

Thanks for sharing your tips! We have to do a lot of research for the trip! It sounds amazing your itinerary :)