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What To Wear in Iceland: Our Iceland Packing List And What To Pack For Iceland

What To Wear in Iceland: Our Iceland Packing List And What To Pack For Iceland

Iceland is one of the places in the world that jumps in the minds of people when they hear about adventure vacation? Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world – now that’s something we want to experience. Click here to book online Iceland activities and tours

What comes to mind when someone thinks about Iceland? For us, tours in Iceland makes us think of dramatic landscapes – volcanoes, geysers, green fields, mountains, hot springs, and the Vikings!

Iceland is one of our dream locations to visit and to create content in! Today, we write about a complete Iceland packing list and what to pack for Iceland.

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Let’s look at the weather details of our Iceland packing list and what to wear in Iceland.

What to pack when traveling in Iceland 1 scaled

Iceland has massive glaciers that are protected in two of their national parks – Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is the most populated part of the country, and is all powered by geothermal energy.

If you doubt the Vikings, then you’ll see proof of this time in Iceland’s National and Saga museums which show Iceland’s Viking history.

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Iceland is one of the destinations that is becoming really popular for travel because there’s just so much to see in Iceland. The climate and weather can vary greatly throughout the year. Frankly, there is something you can see in this country whatever time of the year you visit. Being in Iceland during the summer, you can experience the midnight sun, and during the winter, you get the Northern lights. And of course, the spring and autumn just brings new experiences and color to the beautiful landscapes of Iceland.

Tourist season in Iceland happens from mid-June until August. This is the summer season in Iceland, when you can experience the Midnight Sun. This is the months of the year in Iceland when you can experience the brightness of the Midnight Sun, and when you can experience having the sun even during night time, which can reach until midnight. Around May-July, the daylight hours of Iceland on its longest days can last up to 24 hours. Iceland’s longest day happens around June 21.

This is also known as the Summer Solstice. This is one of the most incredible events to witness during the summer time in Iceland. If you are in Reykjavík, the sun sets a little bit after midnight, and rises again before 3 in the morning. The sky goes through incredible colors during this time, and this event is unique in this part of the world.


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Opposite of the summer is the winter time in Iceland. Winter season is between November and March. This is when the shortest day of the year happens, which is around December 31. Around this season, if you are in Reykjavík for example, the sunrise may rise at around 11:30 in the morning, and will set at around 7:30 in the morning. The day gets shorter as you go further north in the country.

Once the country enters around the end of August to the beginning of September, there will be hours of complete darkness in the sky. This is when the Northern Lights start appearing in the sky.

So the best time to visit Iceland will depend on the experience you want to have. The summer season will be the peak for tourists, and Iceland is not the cheapest of destinations. So you might want to consider that. Snow can happen from October to May, and there are some months when the situation can get really cold and bad, so you’ll need to factor in those details too when planning your trip.


Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis Iceland scaled

The best season to pack and visit Iceland for the Northern Lights is from September through March. These are the months when the nights are the longest. The Northern lights can actually happen at any time, and you can be on the lookout between dusk and dawn.

What to pack when traveling in Iceland 3 scaled


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Anti-theft bags, locks for luggage, keeping important numbers and identifications with you, and spare money are all necessities in any travel. It will always be in handy to have these ready with you when you travel, even in a holiday destination like What to pack when traveling in Iceland 1.


Insurance is very important to have when you travel. For us, if you’re traveling a lot in places that expose you to water, in a destination like Iceland having insurance for important gear is good too. Double-check that you are protected the best way you can.


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Finally, making sure you are covered with the basic needs what to wear in Iceland like your personal toiletries are good to have when packing for a trip. When you are staying in high end resorts you will most likely have the best toiletries available, but just prepare any special products and knick knacks that you always want to have with you. Have your perfumes, deodorizers.

For the women, since a lot of the time will be spent in water, and lighter and thinner clothing, check if the trip will come during your time of the month. You don’t want to not be ready or to be stressed of having the special products you want to have during your special week, so have your feminine products with you.

If you haven’t tried menstrual cups, you might want to try or have these with you, if you are expecting to have your period and will still want to be in your cute, scrimpy bikinis all day long!


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Whatever season you decide to travel in Iceland, the most important part is to pack layers. Here is a list of what to pack for Iceland, whatever season you’ll be in the country.

Fleece lined or lightweight wool jumper

Rainproof and windproof jackets

Rainproof trousers

Strong / Sturdy walking shoes with a good grip

Gloves, scarves, and warm hat

Thermal base layers, examples are leggings and underwear (these are important for highland travel and activities)

Waterproof hiking boots and wool socks (specifically for highland travel and activities)

Swimwear, Quick dry towels – if you’re going for hot springs, these will be useful.


What to wear in Iceland 1 scaled

The most important what to wear in Iceland about footwear to consider is a good pair of walking shoes. Think of a pair of shoes that can be good for really long walks, even on uneven terrains, especially on beaches and national parks. Sneakers may be considered good shoes for walking, however, walking shoes with very good grip are advisable if you’re heading more countryside when you are packing for Iceland.

If it is hiking that you are going for in Iceland, pack good hiking boots and bring with you your hiking gear. Waterproof boots will help keep your feet warm and dry, even with the kind of weather they have in Iceland. Hiking boots will only be necessary if you’re going for more adventure walks and of course hiking in general. If not, a good pair of walking shoes should suffice.

If traveling in winter, warmers and waterproof boots will help keep you warm and cozy. Weather can get cold in Iceland so bring with you insulated jackets, trousers and boots. Scarfs and warm hats help too. If you’ve heard about heat packs, these will be useful in keeping your hands and fingers warm.


What to pack when traveling in Iceland 4 scaled

Accommodation in Iceland you can access a dorm that can go up to €30. And while a hotel that is double room in a budget can go up to €90. These prices vary depending on how much luxurious you want to. Also prices of accommodation can go up and down depending on what season you choose to go.



You can pay with cash in Iceland and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. The currency used all throughout Iceland is Icelandic króna. $1 USD is equal to 126 Icelandic króna. You can use debit cards everywhere in Iceland. ATMs are available and accessible in all part of the country.

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Hope you loved our what to pack for Iceland blog post guide! And can’t wait to hear about your Iceland packing list and if we forgot anything what to wear in Iceland.

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Happy Travels!

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