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What to do in Dubai – 7 Checklist to Mark In Your Luxury Trip

What to do in Dubai - 7 Checklist to Mark In Your Luxury Trip

What to do in Dubai – In the past decade, Dubai has undergone a tremendous transformation in terms of infrastructure, lifestyle and economic growth. The grandeur city is the fourth most visited in the world; for all the good reasons. Undeniably, Dubai has walked down an incredible journey. 

Some humble beginnings as a small trading village, the city has now transpired into a metropolis city with beautiful beaches, giant shopping malls, world-class infrastructure and Vegas-like glitz. Click here to book online Dubai activities and day trips

Dubai offers fantastic touristy options to experience a whole new level. Contrary to the perception, Dubai is not just about malls and shopping. The sprawling city is crowded with over-the-top attractions and luxurious experiences. 

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What to do in Dubai – 7 Checklist to Mark in Your Luxury Trip to Dubai

  1. Book a private yacht 
What to do in Dubai - 7 Checklist to Mark In Your Luxury Trip

Fancy a view of Dubai from the sea? Book a private luxury yacht for a couple of hours for an unforgettable time with friends and family. Sail the Arabian sea to enjoy the glistening waters, historic monuments and picturesque city.

Along with exclusivity, you can look forward to having complete privacy, onboard amenities, dining experiences, memorable celebrations and impressive scenic views. So, whether it’s a special day or not; booking a private yacht in Dubai is a great idea.

  1. A 60-min helicopter ride

There is nothing as ecstatic as a 60-min helicopter ride in Dubai. You can now easily experience the bird’s eye view as Dubai is flooded with several helicopter tour providers with skilled pilots. 

These rides offer numerous photo opportunities, so snap and pose as much as your heart desires. Hover in the direction you want and get some shots of electrifying views of the skyline. It’s the perfect way to see the city in a new light. And of course, a helicopter ride is a treat to adventure lovers.

  1. Explore the city in luxury

Make your city tour a unique one by booking a luxurious car that offers chauffeur services. The good news is that booking a ride is not just for the mega rich anymore, it pretty much fits every pocket. When in Dubai, availing a limo rental service is an icing on the cake. It won’t just leave you with a good impression and memories, it is absolutely safe, professional and comfortable. Ditch the steering and the headache of parking, sit back and relax. You are certain to feel like a VIP and take home life-changing memories.

  1. Hot air balloon ride

Dubai’s spectacular landscapes makes it a top destination for hot air balloon rides. Hot air balloon over the dunes to experience the desert sunrise is worth every dime. The pilots are exceptionally skilled to deliver a momentous experience while floating in the air.

In fact, for dreamers and adventure seekers, a hot air balloon flight is mandatory while visiting Dubai. Expect a surreal experience from the moment of take-off to gazing at the spectacular sunrise and landscape of the city. You are likely to feel like you are in a dreamy world with vistas of colors.

So, kickstart your day an excellent way with a gourmet breakfast followed by gliding up to 4000 feet.

  1. Burj Khalifa
10 Dubai Hotels With Amazing Burj Khalifa Views

How about admiring the city from the world’s tallest building? As a matter of fact, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the Burj Khalifa. The structure is towering at an amazing 828 meters and delivers an elated feeling of being on top of the world. You can access the observation deck on the 124th floor or dive deep into luxury by visiting the 148th floor. At the Top Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly the highlight of the Middle East which offers the most premium city skyline experience and a funky outdoor terrace. 

  1. Dine in the sky

The Dinner in the Sky concept was introduced in UAE in 2013 and has splendidly become popular today. Beyond indulging in a toothsome meal, Dinner in the Sky guarantees an experience like no other with unhindered views that race your adrenaline levels. The unparalleled dining experience is elevated 50 meters above the ground with the help of a crane to enjoy some awe-inspiring views of the Dubai Marina, Nurj Al Arab, Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and other delights of the city.

The Sky Dinner Dubai greets guests with a welcome drink and runs for about 90 minutes of which 60 minutes is spent dining. An extravagant menu, luxury vibe and affordable pricing; is what the recreational activity offers. 

  1. Premium pass Desert Safari
What to do in Dubai - 7 Checklist to Mark In Your Luxury Trip

Traveling to Dubai and missing the untouched desert landscapes in a sheer crime. However, if you don’t want to do this the regular way nothing can beat a premium desert safari experience. Get set to enjoy an electrifying dune bash in a powerful Hummer.

Set your energy levels high and indulge in activities like quad biking and camel ride. Set your mood to enjoy the traditional performances. Once you are done with everything, you can relax in a private Bedouin style tent and relish a widespread traditional Arabian meal while smoking shisha.

And that’s a wrap on what to do in Dubai to experience a luxury trip. Dubai never disappoints, the city is flamboyant, glamorous and so snazzy. So, pack your bags and get going.

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