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How To Get A Residence Visa In Portugal? Residency Types for Foreign Investor In Portugal

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More and more developed countries with a high standard of living offer foreigners favorable conditions for living and doing business. For example, you can get a D7, which entitles you to stay in Portugal for some time. 

The amount to obtain the document may include social payments, dividends from the use of real estate, profits from intellectual property, etc. In this article we will tell you in detail about, designed for enterprising investors. Portugal D7 visa for investor can be granted to a wide range of applicants from different countries.

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Overview of Portugal Residency Programs for Foreign Investors

Proposals granting the right to reside in this country are in exceptional demand among citizens living outside the European Union and Schengen countries. The difference of such projects is in their availability. They have quite flexible, attractive conditions for those who wish to profitably invest their funds. 

According to Immigrant Invest specialist Vladlena Baranova, today in Portugal are available:

  • resident permits – short-term documents that allow you to stay for 3-4 months;
  • residence permit – allows  to stay in the country for at least one year.

The latter type of visa is granted for work, study, family formation and in other cases specifically stipulated by law. Another alternative option for wealthy investors is Portugal Golden Visa program. This option can also be considered in some cases.

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Types of Portugal Residence Visas

Residence permits are divided into several types. A residence permit can be:

  • labor – granted to applicants who wish to work in the country;
  • educational – offered to students of local educational institutions who are studying here;
  • family reunification – issued to those who want to live in Portugal together with a family member who has citizenship – spouse or child, including adopted. 

In addition, there are special residence visas for seriously ill people, minors, including those who have never left the country, military personnel who have served in the Portuguese army and other categories.

Obtaining Process

To become eligible to live permanently in Portugal, you will first need an entry visa, which will allow you to come to the country to obtain a document authorizing permanent residence. A temporary visa is valid for 4 months. It can take 2 months to process.  

If you need a work or “family” visa, from an employer or family member, you will need to make a request to the SEF or the Labor Department. You must visit the offices of the above companies before your temporary visa expires to ensure that you do not violate the processing rules.

Key Advantages

Title documents imply quite a lot of privileges for applicants. According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert of the Immigrant Invest agency, among the Portugal RP benefits are:

  • the ability to freely visit the countries of the European Union, European Economic Area, as well as Schengen;
  • the right to obtain a job work on the territory of the country;
  • the prospect of acquiring Portuguese citizenship;
  • the right to receive education;
  • the possibility to use quality medical services;
  • the right to be reunited with other relatives residing here.

Thus, the applicant is faced with quite a few options to improve his/her life. You should definitely take the chance if you are under at least one requirement of the available Portuguese programs.

Portugal Residency Types for Foreign Investor

Comparing Different Visas

More and more applicants are asking which Portuguese visa is the best? Alas, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer, since the current programs offer the most favorable conditions for those who wish to take advantage of the hospitality of this country. However, the availability of the authorization document will first of all depend on your capabilities. 

To determine which visa is suitable for you, it is best to contact a professional government agency, whose representatives will analyze your chances, conduct a comparison and recommend the best option. 

Labor visa will be more preferable for people whose profession is in demand on the territory of Portugal. If you have close relatives living in this country, it will be best to apply for family reunification.


Programs for obtaining the right to reside in a developed country of Western Europe are very beneficial for all those who wish to improve the quality of life and fill it with new prospects and opportunities. 

It will take time and some effort on the part of the applicant to apply for the Portugal D7 Visa. However, you can significantly simplify the task by contacting a professional agency. Its specialists will definitely help you to draw up the necessary documentation on different residence permits in Portugal, suggest the best solution in a particular situation, as well as provide the latest, verified information regarding the legal aspects of the Portuguese visa. 

If you can fulfill the conditions of D7, you should not miss such an attractive chance. Get the right to live in a developed European country by turning to professionals!

Cooperation with professionals is the solution to many issues. You speed up the time it takes to prepare documents, since specialists know all the necessary points and eliminate any misunderstandings. You further simplify the process for yourself by eliminating unnecessary steps during the preparation of papers.

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