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18 Most Instagrammable Places In The Bahamas And Best Bahamas Instagram Spots

We break down the best and the most instagrammable places in The Bahamas that you can go to and explore for your Instagram feed. If you’re an Instagram enthusiast, you will surely love this post about The Bahamas Instagram Spots that you can’t miss!

The Bahamas is very Instagrammable. Yes! It is one of the most sought-after places to travel in the world. One of the most luxurious and beautiful islands in the world, just in the Caribbean. Click here to book online Bahamas activities and day trips

Let us check the best parts of the country if you’re an aspiring content creator, or if you want to fill your vacation with amazing Bahamas photos and visual memories. Looking for more travel resources for Bahamas photography?

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Nurse sharks in the Bahamas

Instagramming the Bahamas? There’s nothing more popular than the nursing sharks in Compass Cay, Bahamas. Nurse sharks are just a mix of wild and beautiful. They are supposedly a predator species (because sharks, right?), however nurse sharks are these calm fishes just swimming by the bay and it’s just too tempting to take a picture with them, with the crystal blue Bahamas waters. Apparently, you can even hear them make squealing sounds if you’re swimming near them.

Compass Cay is a private island in the Outer Exemas. From Staniel Cay, you will mostly need a bigger private boat to go to this island. Just be wary to not feel menacing to the fishes. Although it happens rarely, they can still bite/attack. Although nursing sharks are known worldwide as the quiet ones of their species.


Pablo Escobar Sunken Plane
Most Instagrammable Places In The Bahamas- Image via yachtcharterfleet

Wreckage are popular dive sites and photography targets everywhere, and the Pablo Escobar Plane Wreck Dive Site is not immune to this. Divers and swimmers of all levels visit the area to take their viral Instagram shot, or even just to memorialize such a beautiful moment.

You will find the Pablo Escobar Plane Wreck Dive Site in Norman’s Cay, pretty far away from everything else so it’ll be an effort just to reach this area itself. This plane wreck is actually a sunken WWII military transport plane that was once used to help fuel Pablo Escobar’s cocaine trade to the United States.

A runway was previously built here to support the trade, however the accident happen in 1980. A  Curtiss C-46 Commando, registration N355BY mislanding. You’ll see it in a shallow sandbank which can be an easy snorkel, and yes, very big and popular photography spot and Instagram viral shot when in The Bahamas.

3. Ocean Atlas

The Ocean Atlas just off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas is the world’s largest underwater sculpture. Created by Jason de Caires Taylor, the Ocean Atlas was created for coral colonization, and to stop tourists from going to some of the island’s endangered reefs. The monument of the Ocean Atlas, a girl statue submerged in water, is crated from sustainable materials to help promote local coral growth. The art itself was create as a portrayal of humankind’s interaction with the natural world.

The Ocean Atlas is located off the west coast of New Providence in Nassau. Atlas is from Greek mythology, one of the Titans who was condemned to carry the heavens on his back for the whole eternity.

4. Coco Plum Beach

Coco Plum Beach Exuma Bahamas scaled

Coco Plum Beach is another Instagram and photography gem in the Bahamas. This white sand beach is located in the northeastern area of Great Exuma. This beach is also known for great shelling and sand dollars during low tide.

5. Pig Beach

Pig Beach in the Bahamas Instagrammable scaled
Pig Beach in the Bahamas scaled

If you search Bahamas pictures on the internet, you have probably seem The Bahamas crystalline blue waters, with a tourist, surrounded by cute pigs. Yes, this is the Bahamas popular, the Pig Beach of Exumas. The pigs can be found in Exuma’s Big Major Cay, which is an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. It’s really funny when you find out that these pigs are here, and no one knows how they started to be in the island.

Some stories will say they were left there by some sailors to be cooked later, and others say they swam to the island from a nearby shipwreck. However these cute creatures started to stay in the island, now they are there living an easy life, and becoming popular around the world, one vacation day at a time.

6. The Musician

The Musician Statue Bahamas
Image via Atlas Obscura – Most Instagrammable Places In The Bahamas

The Musician is another full scale statue in the Bahamas that is popular and well sought out for photography sessions. It’s a mermaid and a piano sculpture. The piano left underwater by David Copperfield. You’ll find this photography gem in Rudder Cut Cay, in The Bahamas.

7. Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill

Nippers Beach Bar and Grill
Most Instagrammable Places In The Bahamas – Image via Nipper’s Bar and Grill

The Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill is considered one of the best beach bars in the world. And of course, it is in The Bahamas. But what makes the Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill one of the best?

The Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations for vacation in the world, and celebrities and high profile people go a lot here, too. Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill has such an amazing location that just very near the beach bar itself is just a wide uninhabited beach, white sand and crystalline blue waters, with a lot of healthy reef that you can easily snorkel to when you’re looking to spend some time and do an activity. This area of the Bahamas in Great Guana Cay, Abaco Islands.

Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill itself of popular, colorful and vibrant. And if you’re looking for a celebrity spotting? You’ll mostly be lucky visiting here. Definitely one of the best places in the Bahamas (and in the world), for a beach party.

They serve international and delicious Caribbean and Bahamian cuisine and you can easily order cracked conch, jumbo fried shrimp and sauteed grouper here. If you are visiting on a Sunday, they have their ongoing and very popular pig roast buffets and this always draws a big crowd.

8. Glass Window Bridge

Glass Bridge Bahamas scaled

The Glass Window Bridge of The Bahamas is that breathtaking view where you can actually see the separation of the Atlantic ocean on one side of the road and the Bight of Eleuthera (people often mistake the side of the Caribbean Sea) on the other side.

These two beauties are separated by a 30-feet wide strip of rock. This bridge is actually given the name, The Narrowest Place on Earth. This bridge is located in Queen’s Highway, which runs the length of Eleuthera.

The original stone arch has been destroyed by hurricanes, bur the bridge name continued. This bridge connects the North Island to the South Island, and a few times strong waves can hit it unexpectedly, so driving cautiously in this small strip of bridge is highly suggested.

9. Tiger Beach

Tiger Shark in the Bahamas scaled

Now going to the West End of Grand Bahama Island, we look at the infamous Tiger Beach, where scuba diving with sharks are very popular. The Tiger Beach is one of the few places in the whole world where you can actually dive with Tiger Sharks. The exact spot where you can actually find several species of sharks is about 20 miles off the West End coast.

Before adding the Tiger Beach to your itinerary, check in with your dive company and diving instructors if they will require you to have a diving certification. Some companies might require you to have the open water certification while others will require you to even have the advance open water certification.

The waters in the Bahamas are warm all throughout the year which makes booking the Tiger Sharks dive experience doable any time, however a lot of people prefer October to January which is the breeding season of the Tiger Sharks. This is a time where a lot of the sharks will be circling around. The reef in this area is also incredible, so you’ll see more amazing marine life, in addition to the sharks, even possibly dolphins!

10. Atlantis Paradise Island

atlantis property shot royal hero sky
Most Instagrammable Places In The Bahamas – Image via Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island is the most popular vacation resort in the whole of The Bahamas. Atlantis Paradise Island is home to the largest open-air habitat in the world with 14 lagoons, and 50,000+ aquatic animals of roughly over 250 marine species.

It’s a popular destination not only for families, but even to all types of travelers. It has a 141-acre Aquaventure for lots of water slides and fun activities and have lots of snorkeling excursions. The Atlantis Paradise Resort is located on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, which is just across the bridge from downtown Nassau.

You do have a few price options when staying here, with current room rates starting at $189 per night. It can be quite pricey, however, The Bahamas is really known as a all-out vacation destination so definitely something to plan properly with the whole family or with your whole crew.

11. Pink Sand Beach

Pink Beach in the Bahamas scaled

Pink Sand Beaches – now that’s something unique and definitely Instagram and photography worthy! The Pink Sand Beach in The Bahamas is found along the eastern Atlantic Ocean side of Harbour Island. What makes this sandy beach pink? The pink color comes from microscopic coral insects, Foraminifera, which have a bright pink or red shell full of holes.

These creatures live on the underside of the reefs, like the nearby Devil’s Backbone, on the sea floors, beneath the rocks and in the caves. The good thing is that the sand in Bahamas Pink San Beach is always cool so any time of the day you can walk around barefoot, on this beautiful beach.

Most Bahamas Instagram Spots And Bahamas Photos

12. Chat N Chill

Chat N Chill
Bahamas Photos – Image via Chat n Chill

Chat N Chill is another popular restaurant in The Bahamas, and you might just want to add it to your Bahamas experience. Enjoying amazing Caribbean cuisine while close to activities like feeding stingrays swimming across the shore and watching Chat N Chill staff crack and remove conch to make fresh conch salad are just some of the things you can enjoy here.

Located in Stocking Island, add the Chat N Chill to your itinerary if grills and beach bars are something you wanna experience in the breathtaking Bahamas Islands.

13. Queen’s Staircase

Bahamas Photography – Image via viator

The Queen’s Staircase also known as the 66 steps, is one of Nassau’s major landmarks. It is located in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Nassau. Just the history around this staircase is pretty surprising as it is made from solid limestone rock by slaves between 1793 and 1794 and it is said that it provided a direct route from Fort Fincastle to Nassau City. The Queen’s Staircase is named after Queen Victoria of Britain.

14. Thunderball Grotto

thunderball grotto cave staniel cay
Image via Bahamas Air Tours – Bahamas Instagram Spots

With Bahamas blue waters come a very beautiful cave system, which is the Thunderball Grotto Bahamas. This underwater cave can be found just west of Staniel Cay and is popular for diving, snorkelling, nad wading. There is so much exotic marine life here, and what makes it very interesting is its small, hidden entrance. When going here, it is advised to enter the cave during ebb tide or at low tide time, when snorkeling gear is optional,


Bahamas Travel Tips, things to know before visiting Bahamas, facts about Bahamas, Blue Lagoon Bahamas
Image from Wikipedia – Bahamas Instagram Spots

Blue Lagoon Island is a private island located 5 kilometers far from Nassau. The most popular activities at Blue Lagoon Island apart from enjoying the white sand beaches is watching dolphins and sea lions. If you are traveling with kids the inflatable water park is waiting for you.


 Bahamas Travel Tips, things to know before visiting Bahamas, facts about Bahamas, Harbor Island

Harbor Island is popular in Bahamas because of its pink sand beaches. Harbor Island is full of resorts where you can stay, enjoy activities during the day, eating at restaurants and sipping cocktails at night. Prices are expensive and Harbor Island is a unique place in the Bahamas.


Lighthouse Nassau in The Bahamas scaled

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and the landing point. Most of the visitors are coming by flight or in a cruise. Nassau apart from shopping, museums and nightlife is the best starting point to visit and organize day trips. You can also go out and enjoy local food in the restaurants at Nassau.


Little Pipe Cay in The Bahamas scaled
Little Pipe Cay Aerial View Bahamas scaled

If you’re planning an even extra luxury in the already luxurious and beautiful Bahamas, you might just want to spend it in Little Pipe Cay – a 38-acre private island retreat in the Bahamas. To get here you’ll need to take a seaplane from the airport of Nassau. Get ready for some barefoot luxury, a retreat and to be just away from everything and be surrounded by a complete beauty.

Hope you liked our most Instagrammable places in the Bahamas. Let us know if we missed any Bahamas Instagram spots in the comments below.

Happy Travels!

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