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Finnish Breakfast – Best Traditional Breakfast in Finland and What to Eat in Finland

Finnish Breakfast - What to eat for traditional breakfast in Finland

A classic Finnish breakfast will include coffee and oatmeal porridge, topped with fruits and rye bread. Now don’t easily push off trying a good breakfast in Finland when you’re visiting, because their oatmeals and porridge, though sounding very typical at first, are special and taste really great in Finland. Finnish people have a tradition of having really simple and affordable breakfasts at home as eating out and shopping can expensive fast.

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Traditional Finnish Breakfast – What do the Finnish eat for Breakfast in Finland

A traditional Finnish breakfast typically consists of the following items:

  1. Bread: Whole grain or dark bread is a staple in Finnish breakfasts.
  2. Cheese: A variety of soft and hard cheeses, such as Leipäjuusto or Juustoleipä, are often served.
  3. Butter: Used to spread on the bread.
  4. Ham or cold cuts: These can include ham, salami, or liver pâté.
  5. Eggs: Boiled or fried eggs are common.
  6. Oatmeal porridge: A warm and filling option that is often sweetened with sugar or served with fruit.
  7. Yogurt: Low-fat or plain yogurt is a popular option.
  8. Fruit: Fresh berries or sliced fruit such as apples or pears are often served.
  9. Coffee or tea: Both are popular beverages to accompany breakfast.

Common Breakfast terms in the Finnish language

Let’s see how you can get yourself some traditional breakfast in Finland with these breakfast terms – time to get some practice!

  • Maito (Milk)
  • Marja (Berries) such as mustikka (blueberry), puolukka (lingonberry), or vadelma (raspberry).
  • Leipä (Bread), such as ruisleipä (rye bread).
  • Juusto (Cheese), such as gouda or emmental.
  • Leikkele (Deli meat), such as kinkku (ham).
  • Munat (Eggs), either keitetyt (boiled) or paistetut (fried).
  • Murot (Cereal), such as puuro (porridge) made from either haveri (oats) or ruis (rye).
  • Kahvi (Coffee) or tee (tea).
  • Konvehti (Jam), such as hillo (jelly).
  • Voi (Butter) or margariini (margarine).
  • Mehu (Juice), such as appelsiinimehu (orange juice).

Cost of Breakfast in Finland – How Much does a Traditional Finnish Breakfast Cost

A complete meal in a Finnish cafe can cost from €18 to €25, and breakfast in Finland may be a little less than this. For example, a burger can cost about €9-10, so be mindful of these amounts for your Finnish travel budget.

Breakfast in Finland is usually served in the mornings, at 7-8, and you’ll be served with oat or rice porridge or rye bread with cheese and salmon (salt cured). For additional proteins, you’ll get some eggs, traditional Finnish pastries, pies with fruit jam, and yogurt with berries.

Drinks at Traditional Finnish Breakfast

Finnish people will usually have hot coffee in the morning. It can be filtered coffee, enjoyed black, or with milk and sugar. The little ones can have milk or hot chocolate in the morning time.

The food at Traditional Finnish Breakfast

Karelian Pies - Finnish Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Finland, Traditional Finnish Breakfast
Traditional Breakfast in Finland – Karelian Pies

Breakfast in Finland can easily be just one – Porridge. You’ll find it in every home, and it’s something everyone thinks about in the morning. Finnish oatmeal is delicious. For your Finnish porridge, you cooked it on the stove, and either made it with milk or water. After cooking, you can add jam, berries, or butter and some more sugar to it.

Another classic in Finnish breakfast is rye bread. Rye sandwiches are usually done with cold cuts, cheese, or butter.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables are not required, however, they do like to eat well-balanced meals so you can add these to your sandwich in the morning.

Karelian pie - Traditional Finnish Breakfast, Breakfast in Finland, Finnish food
Karelian pie – Traditional Finnish Breakfast and Breakfast in Finland

Another morning favorite is a Karelian pie. Its name is from the Karelian area in Finland, and people in Estonia and some parts of Russia (borders) have them too. And will you believe that the Karelian pie actually has rice porridge inside it? Ha! It’s a traditional Finnish pastry you see all over the country with a thick rye crust. It’s a snack loved by everyone. In the photo above, you can see a special Karelian pie with toppings. Like Smoked salmon or even reindeer. The most popular is the egg-butter mix that is added to it.

Typical Finnish Breakfast the Modern Way

Breakfast in Finland is a tradition followed in different ways of course. Most people, especially the older generation would like to have it at home, while young people, focused more on smoothies with berries, quark (cheese) yogurt and flax, and other healthy ingredients that are popular for this age group.

Younger children will usually have their traditional breakfasts in schools.

A Finnish Hotel Breakfast (Breakfast in Finland)

If you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll probably have your breakfast there. And while you’ll have your typical international breakfast option, get that chance to have your Finnish breakfast while in the country!

What you usually have for a Finnish hotel breakfast 

  • A Karelian pie with butter & egg.
  • Local rye bread (or other bread if you don’t have one) and topped it with butter, cold cuts, cheese, and/ or veggies.
  • Porridge with toppings like butter or sugar. Let the butter melt in the middle.
  • Finnish coffee with milk.

Happy Travels!

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