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How to pack for a long trip And What to bring for your trip

How to pack for a long trip

How to pack for a long trip – All the tips, what to pack to get ready for a long trip.

Anyone who has traveled before or is planning to travel for a long time knows how tedious packing for a long trip can be. A lot of travelers delay packing til the last day. And that is totally understandable. Who wants to spend hours and hours of packing?

If it’s your first time to go on a long trip, or if you are going to a long trip soon, check out the post we’ve prepared for you today. We will share to you the full list of the things that we brought for a one-month trip to Southeast Asia. In the many years I’m traveling, I have experienced traveling and bringing everything that I think I will use, only to realize that I don’t necessarily need a lot of them when I´m on the road.

Are you planning how to pack for a long trip or who know living on the road? I will tell you what I´m packing for my travels. Some readers ask me about that, it´s simple and easy packing for a long trip.

First of all, I pack for a long trip very light. At the beginning of my trips, I was packing things that later I didn’t use during my travels. Those mistakes are common when you start traveling. Nowadays when I pack for a long trip, I’m only bringing things that I know that I will use during my trip. There are many things that you will find during the way that you don’t need to bring from home. Read here how to pack light and fashionable for Europe

When you get used to traveling often, sometimes a one month travel can feel like a really short time.  When you are traveling, the most of the days you need to pack and unpack. And packing shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

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How to pack for a long trip

What to pack

For a trip this long, I packed a 60-liter backpack. If you can bring it down to 50, even better. Really, you would like to pack light when you are traveling and moving around a lot, and even especially if you want to backpack and hitchhike along the way.

Business professionals: The backpack’s sleek and professional design makes it suitable for business professionals who need a durable and functional backpack to carry their laptops, documents, and other work essentials.

Clothes for a long trip

5 T-shirts (including the one I’m wearing)

1 Long sleeve t-shirt

1 Jumper

5 pairs Underwear (including the one wearing)

1 pair of Sneakears

1 pair of Flip-flop

3 Pairs of socks

1 Bathing suit 

1 Pair of jeans

1 pair of Shorts

1 Towel

Toiletries and Accesories for a long trip

Tootbrush and toothpaste

A small bottle of shampoo (100ml) To make sure that I can bring it with hand luggage.

Small bottle of gel shower (100ml)


Hair gel  (just in case I need to be formal for a special reason)

Small mirror

Nail cutter

A shaver to cut my hair and shave


Soap for my body and for washing clothes

Drops to potabilize the water. You can’t imagine how useful it is. Not only for your health but also for saving money. $1 per day is nothing, but what about $30 per month? It could be a few extra beers, a fancy dinner or even an additional 3 days to your travel


Anti-diarrea pills


Contraceptives (you need to be always ready and safe when you are traveling)

A locker

A flashlight

Sleeping bag

Plastic bags to keep dirty clothes

I´m bringing my camera and phone with their respective chargers

I´m bringing my laptop and charger and a universal adaptor

I´m bringing my passport, and certificate of vaccinations

Travel Insurance

A card to withdraw money

Cash Euros and USD

A pen and some piece of papers just in case we need to write something. It’s useful for making hitchhiking signs and showing them on the road.

You can bring some photos for possible visas. In this case, I’m not bringing since we don’t need to apply for any visa, just a stamp in our passport.

I make sure that I’m bringing some food for the airport and the flight. In this case, the flight is 4 hours from the Philippines to Singapore. But  when you buy a cheap flight ticket, food isn’t included in the price yet. Cookies, chips and sandwiches are perfect for these days. Prices in the airport are very expensive. When you travel long, you need to think about saving all the time. Every time you save some money, it could be some extra days traveling for you.

Weighing a traveling backpack in the airport, How to pack for a long trip

Weighing my backpack in the Philippine airport

I usually bring my tent for long trips, but since we scheduled accommodations in advance for this trip, and we know that we will be working in our blog and with our clients everyday, we need to make sure that we find wifi every time. But carrying your tent is something that you can’t miss when you pack for a long trip. A tent is very useful for traveling, especially if you are hitchhiking.

I´m writing about how to pack for a long trip like a guy. If you are a girl and you want to know what´s Rachel´s bringing in her backpack, keep reading:

What to pack for a long trip for women

Heya! Rachel here. The following are what I brought for our one month trip:


2 pairs of pants (Jeans and a pair of leggings)

2 pairs of soft pants (for sleeping, or staying in the beach)

2 pairs of underwear – 4 bras, 6 pairs of undies

Bathing suit

Tshirt or blouse – 5

2 pairs of shoes – sandals and rubber shoes

Toiletries and accesories

Eyeglasses and contact lenses

Devices: laptop, cellphone, with chargers

Everything else I’m lucky Ruben is bringing. ha!

People usually overpack because they think that they will need some things for their trip. Or they think that they won´t find things during the trip. They feel afraid to leave their comfort zone. But once you start traveling, you will realize that you don´t need many things, just the essentials.

Why my life has been easier when I learned to pack less

Traveling with the essential things makes me feel free. I’m carrying no more than 10 kilos of luggage anytime.  And this is not only for a one-time trip. If you are traveling continuously, you wouldn’t even have to pack anything heavier than this. Trust me. Those who packed a lot in the beginning, kind of regretted it. But no worries, if you did end up packing a lot, you can always give away your stuff as gifts, right? 🙂

Don’t overthink your packing. You usually think you will need a lot, but when you’re on the road, your mood changes, your plan can also change. Packing lighter, especially if you are traveling on the road, means you´ll be on the move all the time, and having a light luggage can make things easier for you.

If you pack lighter and later on have things to bring with you on the road. There are new things you may have purchased or food to bring with you, then you´ll still have extra space to fill in your luggage.

These are the things we brought for a month trip and I would say that for a longer trip is exactly the same. I´m not bringing winter clothes because the weather is warm in this case. If not, I will pack a jacket or I will make sure that I buy one during my trip for the cold weather. A good recommendation for not overpacking is buying a jacket when you need and if you aren´t planning to use more during your trip, give it away. Someone will use it! We didn´t necessarily have to pack heavy since we are traveling to countries with hot weather, and that´s something you really need to consider. Make sure you are ready and know the weather of the countries to which you are traveling.

For us, traveling in hot weather means you can easily wash your clothes in the toilet, or in a washer, and it can dry easily outside (30-32 degrees).

These things that I´m packing for a long trip are working with me. What about you? Let me know if I miss something in my luggage. Or am I still overpacked? ha!

If  you want to know more about backpacking checklist, check my friend Will´Hatton´s post.

Are you ready for a long trip? Do you need more information about how to pack for a long trip. If you want to have a full guide how to plan a long trip or how not to fear traveling alone make sure that you read our posts. If you need something else feel free to ask us or send your suggestions.

Remember to carry the love and share this post to our friends. And yeah, let’s start packing and traveling light, shall we? 

Happy Travels! x

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Saturday 3rd of June 2017

Hey! When you have your 50-60 Liter bag, don't you have to check that on an airline? Do you usually check bags when you are doing longer traveling?

Ruben Arribas

Saturday 3rd of June 2017

Hey Taylor, Im traveling with 60 Liter bag and Im always carrying as hand luggage. Its fitting and they usually give you 8-10 kilos which is enough :)

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Sunday 3rd of July 2016

"Small bottle of shampoo to keep it with hand luggage" What do u mean exactly ?

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 3rd of July 2016

Because in the plane, if you are bringing hand lugague, to avoid the payment in cheap flights. You cant have more than 100 mm of liquids. That´s why Mustafa!

Just a few days man, I hope you can enjoy Malaysia :)


Saturday 26th of March 2016

Thank you for liking and following! Lovely blog. :)

Ruben Arribas

Saturday 26th of March 2016

Pleasure is ours! ;)