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5 Best Destinations For A Barefoot Workation

5 Best Destinations For A Barefoot Workation

Remote work is becoming the norm around the globe. Companies are switching to the work-from-home model, which means that you can be anywhere in the world as long as you finish your tasks on time.

Sipping a cocktail on a beach in Maui sounds much better compared to being in a place like Oregon for a business trip. Here are some of the best paradise destinations where you can be productive at work barefoot and feel the warm sand under your toes. 

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Best Destinations For A Barefoot Workation


Bali Anantara Golf

Bali is a paradise for digital nomads. Just looking at pictures makes you drool over the mesmerizing beaches and crystal blue water. Since it’s a tropical place, you might wonder about the internet speed.

That’s nothing to be worried about because there are coworking spaces with ultra-fast, high-quality internet. Unofficially, Bali is the undisputed destination for a barefoot workation. Beaches, cultural events, and lively people will make your time there feel like a never-ending adventure. 


Best time to visit Maldives, 5 Best Destinations For A Barefoot Workation

The Maldives is a step up in luxury compared to Bali. There aren’t many coworking places, so you’ll have to stay at the resort or a neighboring restaurant or café. Imagine sitting under a palm tree and looking at a wallpaper-like setting every time you raise your eyes from the laptop. Few places can compare to the tropical beauty of the Maldives. 


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Mexico is best to visit in the spring. That’s when the weather is best, and it’s also the time when travelers come in doves. Places like Cancun allow you to experience the barefoot aspect of your stay, but you can also choose to find out more about the rich history. There are numerous attractions, and you can set a goal to visit at least one new thing each day. 



Known as the playground of the wealthy, Maui stands as one of the high-end places where you can work remotely. Being there will make you feel like you want to unplug entirely, and keeping your cash flow will help you do it. If it’s your first time visiting, it will feel like the trip of a lifetime. Waking up early to look at the sunrise will make you think you’re living in a dream. 


Bora Bora


Bora Bora seems like the place where you’d like to go on a honeymoon. But who says you can’t enjoy a slice of paradise while working? Freelancers and remote workers are slowly transitioning to Bora Bora and creating an adventure out of their lives. The pandemic helped people transition away from hustle city culture and right into a beach-cation lifestyle. 

How to be productive?

There are two ways to approach a workation. The first is to match the hours with your main company and go for the traditional 9 to 5. That’s not fun because you miss out on morning swims, walks, and diving with marine animals. Sure, you can enjoy the place for the next couple of hours, but it’s still going to feel like you’re not using the workation as you should. 

The second way is much better. You can set a list of goals or tasks to finish for the day and then pump them out as fast as possible. To be honest, most people aren’t productive for 8 hours every single day. Try to finish all of your work in one sitting, and then close your laptop when you’re done. Of course, the deal depends on your job flexibility, so try to find activities based on your arrangement. 

How to bypass geographic restrictions?

Even though you’re on a workation, you might still want to finish the show that you started watching on Netflix. However, when you log in, you notice that the entire selection has been changed. Being in an exotic place, you don’t get access to the same content as at home. 

Luckily, there’s a solution to bypass the problem. Getting a USA VPN switches your IP address, and you can pretend to be home. Plus, you get additional features that can block ads or scan files for malware. Internet companies won’t notice the difference, and you can keep watching the show while being protected online.

A few final words

Remember to take things slow. When you’re working and vacationing simultaneously, you’ll feel like you’re running out of time constantly. Make some plans beforehand on how to structure your days and how to combine your leisure with your working life. As soon as you follow the plan, everything will fall into its place. 

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