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Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Prague

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Are you getting your Prague sim card airport? We recommend Vodafone if you really need to buy your sim card in Prague airport. If you can wait til you visit the city to buy a sim card in Prague, go for O2 and T-mobile. For eSIM in Prague, we recommend Maya, Airalo and Holafly

Landing at Prague Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Prague Airport? Yes, you can buy with Vodafone one of the leading SIM card providers in Prague and Czech Republic.

In this guide, we’re diving in deeper on how to buy sim card Prague airport.

Prague, often referred to as “The City of a Hundred Spires,” is a dream destination for many. As the Czech capital seamlessly blends centuries-old architecture with modern amenities, the last thing any traveler would want is to be disconnected in this European gem.

Whether you’re capturing the panoramic city views from Prague Castle, navigating the cobbled alleys of Old Town, or sharing live updates from Charles Bridge, having a reliable mobile connection is crucial.

Václav Havel Airrport Prague, the city’s main international gateway, ensures that you’re connected from the moment you touch Czech soil. With a selection of telecom providers catering to diverse needs, picking the right SIM card can seem daunting.

Fear not! Our comprehensive guide below will navigate you through your choices, ensuring you stay digitally connected as you immerse yourself in Prague’s enchanting wonders.

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Why Getting Prague Sim Card Airport

Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy Sim Card Prague Airport

Just landing you will be able to book your taxi, Uber and check online before getting to your hotel. If you aren’t in a hurry and you want to save a few bucks just look for the official stores in Prague.

There is only a Vodafone sim card at Prague Airport:


A go-to for many travelers, Vodafone’s kiosk is conveniently located in the Terminal 2 arrivals area. Vodafone offers two prepaid plans tailored for visitors:

  • Data SIM for Visitors 10GB: Priced at 800 CZK (~36 USD), this plan provides 10GB of data with a 30-day validity.
  • Data SIM for Visitors 20GB: For heavier data users, this option gives 20GB for 1299 CZK (~58.50 USD) and remains valid for 30 days.

Where to Buy A Sim Card in Prague

Vodafone Sim Card in Prague

Vodafone Prague sim card, Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Prague

Vodafone offers two prepaid plans under the ‘Data SIM for Visitors’ label: 650 CZK for 20GB with a 30-day validity​. As you can see prices are cheaper buying a sim card in Prague compared to the airport and you will get more data.

Check the exact location to find Vodafone stores to buy a sim card in Prague.

O2 – Prague Sim Card

O2 Prague sim card, Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Prague

While there are no O2 kiosks at the airport, their offers are widely accessible throughout Prague:

  • 1GB + 50 minutes: For 179 CZK (~8.05 USD), this plan includes 1GB of data and 50 free minutes, valid for 30 days.
  • 3GB + 100 minutes + 25 SMS: This comprehensive package costs 299 CZK (~13.45 USD) and offers 3GB of data, 100 minutes, and 25 SMS, valid for 30 days.
  • Offers a 1GB data + 50 free minutes plan for 179 CZK and a 3GB data + 100 minutes + 25 SMS plan for 299 CZK, both valid for 30 days​
  • Not available at the airport but easily accessible in the city.

Check the exact location to find O2 stores to buy a sim card in Prague.

T-Mobile Prague Sim Card

T-Mobile Prague sim card, Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy A Sim Card in Prague

Although T-Mobile does not have a presence at the airport, their services can be availed citywide:

  • Daily Internet Packages: For those needing short-term connectivity, T-Mobile offers daily internet packages at 24 CZK (~1.08 USD) for 25MB.
  • Standard SIM Card: In the city, a T-Mobile SIM card can be purchased for 150 CZK (~6.75 USD).
  • Offers daily internet packages at 24 CZK for 25MB and a SIM card can be bought for 150 CZK citywide, making it a flexible option for short-term visitors​
  • Not available at the airport but is available citywide.

Check the exact location to find T-Mobile stores to buy a sim card in Prague.

EU Roaming and its Implications for Prague

The Czech Republic is part of the EU’s “Roam Like at Home” policy:

  • Roam Like You’re Home: EU residents using an EU-based SIM card can use mobile services in Prague at the same rates as their home country.
  • For Non-EU Visitors: Standard roaming rates will apply. Thus, procuring a local SIM card upon arrival is typically more cost-effective.
Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy Sim Card Prague Airport

The choice of the best prepaid SIM card for tourists visiting Prague largely depends on the individual’s data, call, and SMS needs, as well as the duration of their stay. Here’s a comparison based on the information gathered:

Based on convenience and ease of access, Vodafone might be a preferable choice for tourists as it is available directly at Prague Airport. This is especially handy for tourists who want to stay connected as soon as they land.

On the other hand, for those looking for a cost-effective option and don’t mind traveling into the city, O2 and T-Mobile could be viable choices. O2 offers more data and call minutes for a reasonable price, while T-Mobile is a good choice for short-term visitors due to its daily internet packages.

Comparing eSIMs in Prague – Sim Card Prague Airport

The concept of eSIM, or electronic SIM, is gradually gaining traction worldwide, including in Prague. This digital SIM allows the activation of a cellular plan without a physical counterpart. If your device supports eSIM, consider leveraging this for flexible and efficient connectivity during your stay.

Maya eSIM Prague (Buy Sim Card Prague Airport)

Prague sim card airport, buy sim card prague airport
  • 3 GB for $6 USD (5 days)
  • 5 GB for $9 USD (5 days)
  • 10 GB for $11 USD (5 days)
Prague sim card airport, buy sim card prague airport

If you’re looking for eSIM data with unlimited options, Maya offers this in Czech Republic starting at $19 for 5 days (without hotspot capabilities), while from $29 you can get unlimited data with hotspot.

Maya offers relatively low-cost eSIM options that are easy to use and straightforward to set up. With a focus on affordability, Maya eSIM Prague is particularly beneficial for short-term visitors who need basic data access.


Holafly Prague eSIM

Getting Prague Sim Card Airport: Buy Sim Card Prague Airport
  • Unlimited data for $19 USD (5 days) using discount code GAMINTRAVELER

Holafly offers unlimited data, making it ideal for heavy data users or business travelers. Using a promotional code can further reduce costs, making it a competitive option for those who don’t want to compromise on data usage.

Another good deal that Holafly offers is their new call packages in Europe. Their Prague eSIM and Czech Republic eSIM includes 60 minutes of local phone call.


Airalo Prague eSIM

Prague sim card airport, buy sim card prague airport
  • 1 GB for $4.5 USD (7 days)
  • 20 GB for $26 USD (30 days)

Airalo provides highly flexible, low-cost data options suitable for both short and longer stays. The ease of setup and wide range of data packages make Airalo a convenient option for those looking for customization and affordability.


Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Prague (Buy Sim Card Prague Airport)

While Vodafone stands out for immediate connectivity right at Prague Airport, exploring the city opens up opportunities to tap into offerings from O2 and T-Mobile as well. Depending on your data and call needs, select a plan that best aligns with your itinerary and communication patterns.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations – Buy Sim Card Prague Airport

Vodafone emerges as the frontrunner for travelers landing at Prague Airport, ensuring instantaneous connectivity. However, if you’re planning a prolonged stay or a deep dive into the city, considering O2 and T-Mobile’s offerings might be worthwhile. For eSIM options in Prague, go for Maya or Airalo. The essence is to remain connected as you soak in the breathtaking beauty and historical tapestry of Prague.

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