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5 Reasons Why Choose Antarctica As Your Next Travel Destination

Discovering Antartica

5 Reasons Why Choose Antarctica As Your Next Vacation

Have you ever wondered how it feels to explore a cold, remote continent and have an out-of-this-world experience? How about seeing icebergs, penguins, and unique landscapes? Or maybe you just want to have fun while being isolated from the rest of the world? If your answer to all previous questions is yes, then you must consider Antarctica as your next travel destination!

Rachel and I have always been so adventurous when it comes to traveling, so we always research on where we could go to next. We read different blogs, articles, and news about the best travel destinations and Antarctica indeed stood out from the rest! So, what to expect in Antarctica?


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5 Reasons Why Choose Antarctica

1. It has unique and beautiful landscapes.
Admit it or not, one reason why travelers visit a certain place is because of its sceneries and landscapes. Well, Antarctica has something to show off! No, it will not give you photos of trees, green plants and bright sunsets. It offers visitors a new perspective instead.

White snow-covered grounds, mountain ranges, enormous glaciers and icebergs are the things Antarctica boasts! You will surely leave the place with great photos to share with your friends, family, and network! To prove it, here are some Antarctica’s breathtaking landscapes!

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2. Get a glimpse of Antarctica’s wildlife.

One type of animal that lives in the Antarctica is penguin. You can find them everywhere here! These flightless birds are not afraid of humans so you should not worry of not having good photos of these creatures in Antarctica.

In the Antarctic Sea, you will witness whales and seals swimming, too! If you are lucky, you might be able to see how seals eat penguins in action or how the enormous whales swim with the boats. A great way to spend your days in this vast continent, right?

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3. Experience a whole new world.

Once you step out of the ship in Antarctica, you will have an out-of-this-world experience! Just imagine seeing a light pollution-free place with no trees and other infrastructures around. This will surely make you feel like you are in another planet. Aside from the unusual cold breeze, air in Antarctica is also fresh since no commercial smoke is present here!

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4. Enjoy being isolated.

Did you know that the only people residing in Antarctica are researchers or scientists? The reason they are in Antarctica is because they are conducting a study or a research in the continent. This makes Antarctica an isolated place! So, if you want to take a break from your stressful work and just want to avoid people or simply the civilization, then you must absolutely visit Antarctica!

choose Antarctica
Worrying that you cannot enter this continent because you are not a scientist? Don’t worry! There are 80 companies that belong to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. They regulate non-research travel to Antarctica so you will surely get in!

5. Adventure awaits you in Antarctica!

Yes, you read that right! Antarctica does not only mean sight-seeing, animal-watching, and other non-physical activities. You can also do hiking and kayaking on this continent! And if you are brave enough, you can even go swimming! There will be a certificate given to you as a proof that you swam in freezing waters of Antarctica.

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To explore Antarctica might seem to be the last thing on someone’s bucket list, if it is even there. But to be honest, after finding out these things, Rachel and I want to visit Antarctica soon! I agree with others that it is an unusual place to go to but it is worth the try. I hope that Antarctica remains to be protected to retain its breathtaking features and uniqueness.

Will you consider visiting Antarctica soon? Share it with us!

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Nawab Tanweer Ahmad

Thursday 24th of August 2017

One of my dream destination


Sunday 20th of August 2017

It is hard to understand unless you have seen it, but we found the light in Antarctica to be something special.