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Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis – Which Mobile Hotspot to Choose

Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis pros and cons

GlocalMe vs Skyroam Solis – if you are looking for a hotspot to take with you on your travels, we compare 2 of the best mobile hotspot in the market below. GlocalMe vs Skyroam Solis Lite. Read here Glocalme Review

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Skyroam Solis Lite – Features

Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis pros and cons


SignalScan is a unique feature of the Skyroam Solis Lite Device where your device can switch to the best 4G carrier available in your location.

We remember traveling before Skyroam and other Global Wifi devices. You always have to worry about which local sim card network to buy, and sometimes we even buy multiple sim cards, and multiple plans, just to make sure we will really get wifi.

The SignalScan feature is a unique and very useful feature, and now you don’t have to worry about several simcards, and actually focus on your trip or work.

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Encypted Data

Because of the increasing phishing attacks and tracking activities on the internet, having a way to surf the internet with an encrypted network is great. Skyroam Solis also offers an optional VPN.


The Skyroam Solis Lite Less than 1″ in height and just 4.9 oz, just like a really light powerbank. Easy to bring anywhere.

Global Wifi

Skyroam Solis connection is available in 135+ countries around the world, which lets you get a connection in various places, whether you’re traveling for leisure or for business.

4700 mAH Power Bank

The Skyroam Solis device also doubles as a power bank, and who doesn’t need bringing one

Shared Devices

Your data from Skyroam Solid Device can be shared with up to 10 devices, more than enough to cover all the devices you need while traveling, and maybe even some friends.

Glocalme Features

Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis pros and cons, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis - Which Mobile Hotspot to Choose

U50 GlocalMe Numen Air 5G Device – Features

U50 Numen Air 5G Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot from GlocalMe has the following features, in case you’re deciding which hotspot device to pick from GlocalMe’s lineup:

  1. The GlocalMe Numen Air uses its own Cloud Sim with HyperConn feature. This enables the device to look for the best network signal to connect to depending on where you are located. If the CloudSim is incompatible with the local networks, you can use your own nano sim to connect to data.
  2. You can simultaneously connect up to 16 devices with the Numen Air. It uses Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).
  3. The Numer Air is a touch screen device, where you can easily check your signal, your battery level, and your data plan usage!
  4. Speaking of battery, you don’t have to worry about losing connection because the Numen Air easily lasts a full day!
  5. Also, because of its 5400mAh battery, the Numen Air can easily double as a power bank. You can charge any device that charges with a USB-C port.

Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis Pricing

Skyroam Solis Lite Pricing

The Skyroam Solis Lite device costs a one-time payment of $139.99. To use data, you’ll have to buy data plan of your choice.

Skyroam has US, Europe, Asia and Global Wifi Plans. You won’t need sim cards, because you only need to buy the data plans, and you’ll be able to use the Skyroam Solis.

Let’s look at some of the Skyroam Solis US Pricing:

You have the option to get data service and pay per GB or pay a monthly subscription.

Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis pros and cons, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis - Which Mobile Hotspot to Choose

USA Pay Per GB

This plan is best for you, if you don’t need continuous use of the internet. So you’ll just need to pay based on how much data you need to use.


  • This data works on all 50 states
  • Data unused doesn’t expire
  • Speed is fast, and doesn’t throttle

You can get the Skyroam pay per GB for for $8 for 1GB, $35 for 5GB, $60 for 10GB, and $100 for 20GB.

If you’re planning to use monthly renewing plans, you can do so as well. Monthly plans go from $6-$200, depending on your amount of data.

  • 1 GB for $6
  • 5 GB for $25
  • 10 GB for $40
  • 25 GB for $60
  • 50 GB for $110
  • 100 GB for $200

Skyroam Solis also has plans that can work in all countries (Global Plans). Plans go from $6-$100, depending on the data you will need, and there are plans for Daypass (24-hour data plans), GB plans, Monthly Subscriptions, and Unlimited Monthly Subscriptions.

Global Daypass Plans

  • 1 Daypass = $9
  • 5 Daypassses = $45
  • 10 Daypasses = $90
  • 20 Daypasses = $180

With Global Daypass plans, you get redemption codes, and codes last for 24 hours. These codes don’t expire so you can purchase them in advance of your trips.

Global Unlimited Data Subscription

You can get up to 20GB of monthly data for $99/month, renews automatically monthly. Speed is very fast, and doesn’t throttle. This is perfect if you need good internet for the occassional browsing, or if you need to make a few calls a month, or do work and will not require daily video streaming, or unlimited heavy downloads. If you need to top up for certain months, you do so for $9/1 GB.

Subsctiption plans of Skyroa, Solis may be renewable, but you are not tied to any contracts. So you can cancel these subscrptions any time you want.

Global Pay-per-GB: Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis

For data that does not expire, Global pay-per-GB plans (or any of Skyroam Solis pay-per-GB plans) is the best for you.

  • 1 GB = $12
  • 5 GB = $55
  • 10 GB = $100
  • 20 GB = $180

Glocalme Pricing

Glocalme Review: Glocalme Numen Air 5G Your Go-to Hotspot Device, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis pros and cons, Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis - Which Mobile Hotspot to Choose

Let’s look at the GlocalMe Wifi Hotspot pricing. GlocalMe offers data plans and unlimited data options that you can easily purchase online and will immediately get activated.

There are capped plans, where your internet speed will throttle after a certain limit, but there are also the full speed data plans, for use cases where you really need fast speed all the time.

I think that there are a good variety of choices for every type of traveler, and the internet needs here.

Let’s look at some prices and data packages:

For North America data service (covering travels inside United States and Canada), you can get a 15GB full speed data service for 30 days, for $99.

If you’re going anywhere around the world, you can also get the 10GB full speed, 5G data service for 30 days, for $179. This plan can be used globally, so you don’t have to worry about changing countries, and having to resubscribe to different plans every change. This GlocalMe plan is perfect for those who will be going to various countries and continents in a span of a month!

GlocalMe is not limited to use while traveling. If you’re someone who’s trying to have internet and having problems setting up subscription with companies, maybe moves around a lot, and needs access to internet, you can even have a yearly pass with GlocalMe.

Get 25GB/month of full speed data service, for only a one time payment of $586. This might save you money, if what you want to use the hotspot as your main internet connection in the United States.

Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis Pros And Cons

VERDICT: Glocalme vs Skyroam Solis

We like both devices, and I think they both work well. Skyroam Solis Lite and its plans are definitely more affordable and for us, this is a winner. We have to say that GlocalMe connection 5G is really awesome for off-the-beaten-path areas that can be your choice.

Agree with what we think or have other favorite wifi hotspot devices? Which one is your choice Skyroam vs GlocalMe? Would love to hear about GlocalMe vs Skyroam Solis in the comments below!


Glocalme Pros And Cons

Best Thing About Glocalme

With the current features of Glocalme Numen Air, and Glocalme’s 5G connection, we see this as the biggest pro of using Glocalme. 5G is incredibly fast and having the ability to access it with the Glocalme device and being able to share it with other people, and other devices make it worth it.

That’s the biggest pro that we see with mobile hotspots vs eSIMs that supposedly let you access the best data networks without ever having to purchase a separate sim card or device. eSIM data plans are rarely shareable, and usually can’t be used to be a hotspot so it’s usually for usage in just one device. With Glocalme Numen Air, you can simultaneously use the data to up to 16 devices – not only can you use it with mobile devices, easily connect your computers and smart TVs!

Worst Thing About Glocalme

The only but slightly big con we see with using hotspot devices like Glocalme is the steeper price for their plan like the 10GB full speed, 5G data service for 30 days, for $179 for their Global data. If you’re a very heavy internet user, doing downloads, constant video calls, or doing a continuous movie and TV series streaming, 10GB might not be enough, especially if you want to share it with more people. $179 is a little bit of a steep price!

Skyroam Solis Pros And Cons

Best Thing About Skyroam Solis

The best thing that we love about Skyroam Solis is the wide options of their data plans: You have global plans, country/continent specific plans, or even just day passes. And that all these plans do not expire. For example, buying a 5-day pass plan in advance can help you prepare for those days you will need to spend a lot of time outside of your hotel/accommodation and will not have access to wifi. Skyroam data plans are also shareable to up to 10 devices, so if you’re traveling with friends or family, you can easily split this price.

Worst Thing About Skyroam Solis

Plans with mobile wifi hotspots are usually more expensive than eSIMs (as there are companies now that are starting to offer more affordable prices) and local data sim plans, so that’s the only con we see.

We hope we’re able to show you the main pros and cons of the top mobile wifi hotspots available right now. Goodluck on your next trip and let us know if you have any questions about Glocalme vs Skyroam!

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