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Where to go in Turkey Travel Guide: Visa, How to Get There

Turkey Travel Guide

One of the most visited countries in the world is Turkey. Here is our Turkey travel guide. How to get your visa for Turkey, how to get there and where to go in Turkey. Read here Turkey eSim Airalo vs Holafly

An interesting fact about Turkey is that it is listed as a transcontinental country. It means it is located in two different continents: Europe and Asia that’s why it is called Eurasia. Amazing destinations like Istanbul and Cappadocia, great food, friendly people are waiting for you.

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Turkey Travel Guide

The main questions that you may be asking right now is about the visa in Turkey and how to get there. To get the visa to Turkey, we will tell you step by step on how to do it. We will write how to get to Turkey you will see how affordable the prices are.

Visa for Turkey

If you plan to visit Turkey there is something that you can’t forget. If you are traveling to Turkey, you need to apply your visa for Turkey. No worries! It’s so easy. You will just apply and pay online and then they will deliver it to you. Make sure you check Turkey visa requirements and you will be ready to go!

How to get to Turkey

If you are coming from United Kingdom there are daily flights coming from London, Manchester and Birmingham. The travel time is around 4 hours. You can get affordable flights for £100-120 from London with Pegasus Airlines.

There are also daily direct flights from Birmingham with Turkish Airlines for £200 going to Istanbul. If you are coming from Manchester flights are more expensive with British Airways up to £300.

All the flights are going to Istanbul. One of the most popular destinations in the world. Istanbul is the most populated city, center for economy, culture, and history of Turkey.

Where to go in Turkey

The two most popular places to visit in Turkey are Istanbul and Cappadocia. Istanbul is the most popular city in the country while Cappadocia is a historic region. Both are touristic places and you can’t miss them when visiting Turkey.



In Istanbul, you can also find beautiful Catholic Churches and Islamic Mosques. There are two different parts in Istanbul: the old city and the new city. In the old city the most famous landmarks are Haghia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern, and the Grand Bazaar.

You can spend hours visiting the landmarks, taking pictures and learning about their history. If you go around the Grand Bazaar you will find almost everything that you want to buy and eat. The Grand Bazaar is also good place to exchange your money. Click here to know the exact exchange rate!

The new district, now the most popular place is Taksim Square where you will be able to find great restaurants and a lot of places for shopping.

If you are a food lover like us, this one’s for you. We love trying local food and Istanbul is perfect for this. Fish dishes are the favorite of tourists and even locals especially close to the Bosphorus. You can find different snacks as street food like pastries, kebabs, and other fast-food. If you prefer coffee shops where you can enjoy Turkish coffee and connect online you will find nice ones in Istanbul.

We recommend you to spend at least 3 days in Istanbul. So you can visit the main spots of the old city. Enjoy a cruise in the Bosphorus, visit the Asian part of Istanbul. Apart from sightseeing in Istanbul try local food like kebabs, local restaurants and choose a cool spot for the sunset.


Cappadocia is a must in our travel guide to Turkey

Another place that tourists should visit is Cappadocia the beautiful historic region of Turkey. Cappadocia is popular for the hot air balloons especially at sunrise. You will have to wake up early morning to enjoy the ride. Prices are affordable £100 for such a cool experience.

After the hot air baloon ride, it is time to explore Goreme. Check the panoramic views of the town and also take a look at the underground city. Goreme Museum and Selime Monastery are places that you can’t miss in Goreme.

For food you will find local restaurants with delicious kebabs and juices. There are also coffee shops to have an amazing view of the place.

Hope this information is useful for your next trip to Turkey. Be ready with your camera for taking beautiful pictures and you will love your time in Turkey.

Have you been to Turkey before or planning to visit Turkey soon? How did you like this Turkey travel guide? Let us know in the comments below your favorite destinations in Turkey.

Happy Travels!

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