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Scopio Review: How To Submit Your Photos And Get Extra Income

We will write this Scopio review for you. We discovered Scopio a few months ago. We started submitting photos since we weren’t allowed to travel and just in case you are interested to do the same. Not only get extra income with Scopio but also if you do client work as we SEO and Social Media for companies it can be so useful to have original stock images.

We were using before Unsplash as free stock but we find Scopio much more complete for an affordable price. While researching how to earn money online we realized can be a great option.

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About Scopio

I just want to share a few cool things about Scopio and what makes it a unique stock photo platform. You will find that the images are ‘Un-Stock’ like and they are more real and less posed. That is because Scopio is a female-founded company that was created to bring more diverse and authentic images to the web.

This way creatives have a place to share their images, and businesses have a place they can go to find photos that better represent their brand! You can read more about them here, Scopio was featured in Forbes.

Scopio Review

Let’s go with this Scopio Review how to submit images and how to download them. It will not be a very long blog post guys because it’s so easy and simple to use. Since the images are organize by categories.

Especially if you look for travel, nature and animals niche you will find unlimited images. Scopio has over 200,000 photos in their library and the photos are submitted from photographers who live all around the world.

How to Submit Images in Scopio

Scopio Review

First you will have to click here to submit your pictures:

You will have to enter name, country, email and Instagram handle. Once you submit this information you can upload the pictures. You will have to indicate how many models you have in the photo. If there are no models just add 0 if there are 2 just add number 2.

You will receive model releases which email to your models and they can easily fill these out and submit these online in a couple of steps. photo editors will contact you after they have reviewed your photos. Your photos will be featured on Scopio, and you can share them on your social media to get more traction!

How the Photographers Make Profit

Scopio Review

Scopio will feature your photos in their Social Media Channels like Instagram and email marketing. They will tag you and add keywords for people finding them easy.

Plus they will add your Instagram handle and a contact form with the photographer just in case someone would love to contact you for a collaboration.

How to Download Images in Scopio

Jaipur, things to do in Jaipur, Jaipur travel guide, Scopio Review

Just explore the collection that you would like as for example travel. You click in the photo and ti will you the option to download. You can use photos for commercial use and if you have the unlimited package as we recommend if you will be using daily you just download and ready to go. If you don’t have the unlimited package they will set a price for image.

Scopio Packages

Scopio Review

If you decide to download a picture the price is $10 USD and you can use for commercial business and $99 USD to use the photos for Editorial business. If you are looking for more images it will be worth it to sign up for $29 USD monthly unlimited images.

Scopio Review Conclusion

There are two main benefits to Scopio. One is for the buyers who can find authentic and imaginative photos to use on their projects and websites; the other is for photographers, who have a supportive platform where they can submit their photos, be featured and have a chance to earn extra income.

In our case once we signed up as a member of Scopio we found all the images that we needed and stop looking for other places like Unsplash for free. It saves time for us and we can find more amount of photos.

Just check it out for yourself! If you are looking for images you can use our link to save 20% when you subscribe and you can also see the photos we submitted by searching for GaminTraveler in the search bar.

It is free to submit photos on Scopio, so if you are a photographer you can submit your photos today, and you will decide if the platform adapts to your needs.

In our case Nature, Travel, Lifestyle and Animals we found a lot of images. There are many collections and a few of them we didn’t check it out yet. But I guess they will be adding more images and niches in a short space of time.

And of course we submitted many of our travel photos we write about our favorite countries to visit for photos already where you will find more of our best photos. Hope we can get extra income soon and so far we are so happy having all these original stock images to use.

Hope you loved our Scopio review and feel free to ask questions in the comments below. You can see more of them in Scopio. Make sure you add Code Gamintraveler to get a 20% discount.

Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links will help us continue with the website maintenance and will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys 

Happy Travels!

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Sunday 12th of June 2022

[…] to get a 20% discount. Scopio is a platform where you can show and sell your pictures, we wrote a Scopio review step by step how it works. Click here if you want to submit your own […]

Amber Daulton

Sunday 12th of December 2021

I read your site when I was contemplating purchasing a Scopio subscription, and it helped me make the choice to buy it. Now, I regret it. Customer service is a joke. No one responds to messages through email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. I just can't get ahold of anyone. I finally reached someone on IG, and they're giving me the runaround and now ignoring me. This is not a trustworthy site, at least from my experience. I shouldn't have followed your advice, and I won't from now on.

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 12th of December 2021

Hi Amber, I'm So sorry to hear this! For us it worked great Scopio that's why we can recommend it. I will try to contact them in Scopio and share with you to help you. Could you give an email for contacting you?