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5 Essential Travel Tips Before Visiting Las Vegas

5 Essential Travel Tips Before Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the hub for nightlife, casinos, and drinks all around with its expansive atmosphere and alluring setting. It is famous for its heavy emphasis on dining, shopping, and entertainment activities as anything you can think of you can probably do in Vegas. The place has captured the minds of people who want a more exhilarating travel experience.

People know what happens there, stay there. Las Vegas is a city filled with juicy secrets and nighttime leisure. However, if you’re planning to visit such a lucrative place, you must, of course, plan ahead.

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We’re here to share with you some essential travel tips before visiting Las Vegas.

Don’t Get Lost

If you want to enjoy the experience of Vegas or visit a new place, scout ahead first and see the lay of the land by looking into google maps or any blog site with information on the place. Having more details about a certain location you’re planning to visit is always a good thing because you’re better prepared to face any uncertainty that you may come across. You would want to search for points of interest that the area has to offer, and to do that, you must read other people’s experiences.

Enjoy Fun Games

If you’re going to Vegas, you might as well enjoy what the place offers: mainly its casinos. With Bitcoin slowly being integrated into the financial lives of people, more and more establishments are using Bitcoin as a legitimate currency of payment, and so there is a huge selection of Bitcoin slots available in Las Vegas as more outlets are becoming receptive to the currency’s potential. For example, the Golden Gate and The D were the first ones to accept cryptocurrency, and more are coming as hotel reservations, gift shops, and dining are now accepting Bitcoin.

Know What You Can Afford

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The average price of a hotel in Vegas can range around $312 at a 3-star hotel while a 4-star hotel can average about $380 per night. If you’re more on the budget side of things, you need to be smart in looking for a place that is cheap enough, but comfortable and near places of interest. However, an average 5-star hotel can cost around $495 per night, so booking an affordable hotel in Vegas is seemingly difficult because hotels there assume that you’re about to spend a lot of cash when visiting.

But there are ways to find a suitable hotel for your needs such as several hotels found along Fremont Street in downtown Vegas, costing rooms for less than $150 per night. You just must look deeply and research thoroughly for any information you can find online. Despite the costly appearance of Vegas, there are sure to be some places there suited for on-the-budget visitors.

A total of $40-50 USD would be the range of your budget for accommodation in Las Vegas. There are hotels mid-budget $100-150 USD and you can find luxury accommodations starting from $300 USD.


Eat Something Good

5 Essential Travel Tips Before Visiting Las Vegas

While you’re there in Vegas, why not enjoy the food you eat? There are plenty of amazing dining options in Vegas despite its reputation of all-you-can-eat buffets. For example, at a mid-range restaurant, a 3-course meal for two would cost around $65. From a budget restaurant, a cheap meal can cost around $18 while a beer can cost anywhere between $5-$8 and a cappuccino are around $5, depending on where you’re eating and drinking. 

In traveling, the point of going to places is also trying out the new delicacies and exotic food you may try. There might be that restaurant in the corner that will blow your mind, and you must try it out. Otherwise, you might just have to question why you even travelled in the first place. 

So, while you’re there at that specific place, try to eat something good, will you?

Remember Transportation

Here are some key pointers you need to know in terms of transportation in Vegas. Firstly, a monorail connects through the Las Vegas Trip, and it makes seven stops along it. A day pass costs around $13 and a pay-per-journey costs around $5 per trip. 

Another viable choice for transport is city buses, which is handy for traveling between downtown and the Strip. You can expect $6 for two-hour passes or pay for a 24-hour pass costing $8.

However, an alternative is the downtown loop, a free shuttle stopping at several attractions in downtown, which includes Symphony Park, Fremont Street, and Arts District. You can use it as it runs from Sunday to Thursday through 11 am to 6 pm while Friday and Saturday are reserved for 3 pm to 10 pm. If everything else fails, you can always try a taxi, which starts at around $3.50 with an added $2.76 per mile travelled.

You can also use Uber and Lyft, and they are usually cheaper options than a regular taxi.


Whatever your reason for visiting Las Vegas, these five essential travel tips will allow you to enjoy Vegas for all its worth. Remember: don’t get lost, enjoy fun games, know what you can afford, eat something good, and remember transportation. Las Vegas has so much to offer from returning visitors to newcomers, and you just must look through the nooks and crannies to see the hidden gems.

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