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4 Top Digital Nomad Cities in Latin America

latin america digital nomad, top digital nomad cities

Latin America Digital Nomad and our recommended Top digital nomad cities around the world.

4 Top Digital Nomad Cities in Latin America – Our Latin America Digital Nomad Areas Recommendation

latin america digital nomad, top digital nomad cities
A photo us sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro – Top Digital Nomad Cities (Latin America Digital Nomad)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Okay, so picture this. You’re in Rio de Janeiro, right? You wake up to the sound of waves because, of course, you chose an apartment close to the beach. You head out and grab a quick breakfast from a local bakery – those cheese breads are to die for, by the way.

Now it’s time to get some work done, so you go to a co-working space or maybe you just find a cozy beachfront cafe with decent Wi-Fi. 4 Top Digital Nomad Cities in Latin America

When the work is done, you can hit a samba club or just chill and watch the sunset. Yeah, you gotta be careful with your stuff, Rio can be a bit rough around the edges, but hey, it’s all part of the package.


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Suggested Cafes / Co-Working Spaces in Rio

👉🏽 Pousada Favelina, Sta. Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Pusada Favelina Latin America Digital Nomad Top Digital Nomad Cities

One of our top favorite hostels in South America and actually the first ever hostel to be situated in a favela, this is a safe place where you can work, connect with different kinds of travelers and digital nomads around the world and actually be in the middle of what the local Rio de Janeiro and Brazil life is.

👉🏽 Gringo Cafe, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Gringo Cafe Latin America Digital Nomad Top Cities Digital Nomad

A great work space and cafe, fairly priced in Rio.

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Then there’s Salvador. It’s a bit more chill than Rio but just as cool. The city is rich with music, dance, and food – it’s like a cultural bath. And between the co-working spots and the UNESCO-listed Pelourinho district, you’re never short of places to work and play.


Salento, Colombia

Then you have Salento in Colombia. This place is like a breath of fresh air – it’s got a slower pace of life and a beautiful, natural backdrop. Salento doesn’t really have traditional co-working spaces, but there are some pretty nice cafes. The coffee is great (obviously) and so is the Wi-Fi. And in your free time, there’s plenty to explore – the Cocora Valley, coffee farms, and a local music and dance scene.

San Agustin and Neiva, Colombia

Finally, there’s San Agustin. This small town is peaceful and rich with history and beautiful landscapes. Work might be at a cafe or your guesthouse, and when you’re off, you can visit the Archaeological Park, go horse riding, or try out the local cuisine.

What Digital Nomad Life Really Is (And What It’s Not)

Latin America Digital Nomad / Top Digital Nomad Cities

Of course, living the digital nomad life isn’t all about samba clubs and beachfront cafes. There are some serious pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Digital Nomad Life

Starting with the good stuff, you’ve got freedom and flexibility. It’s like being a bird. You can fly anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s Wi-Fi. We decide our own schedules and we adapt as we go along.

Then there’s the learning. You’re not just hearing about these different cultures, you’re experiencing them firsthand. It’s like the whole world is your classroom. You’re picking up new things, new ideas every day, and that’s priceless.

Don’t forget about the people. You’ll meet folks from all walks of life, people you would never have bumped into if you stayed put. Some of these people might end up being friends for life.

And then there’s the cost of living. Depending on where you go, your money might stretch a lot further than it would back home. You’re living the good life and saving at the same time. Win-win!

Cons of Digital Nomad Life

But, okay, let’s get real. It’s not all sunshine and co-working spaces.

Stability, for one thing, is a bit of a downside. There’s a lot of moving around, and sometimes, you just miss having a place to call your own. You’re always packing and unpacking, and it can be exhausting.

And then there’s the work-life balance. It can get tricky when your home is also your office. It takes discipline to know when to log off and when to start exploring the city.

You also might get lonely. Yes, you meet new people, but your old friends and family are far away and time zones can be a real pain.

Lastly, there’s healthcare. You have to navigate unfamiliar healthcare systems and insurance plans. It’s not always easy and you’ve got to stay on top of it to ensure you’re covered, especially in these pandemic times.

So there you have it, the highs and lows of being a digital nomad. It’s a ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Things to Know Before Setting up Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle (Top Digital Nomad Cities)

Ah, so you’re thinking about joining the nomad squad, are you? Well, sit down and buckle up, because we’re about to spill the beans on how you can transition from your usual 9-5 to a nomadic lifestyle.

First things first: What does it mean to be a digital nomad? Essentially, it’s a lifestyle that lets you work and live anywhere in the world, as long as you have a solid internet connection. Sounds awesome, right? Imagine sending emails from a beach hut in Bali or video calling from a bustling cafe in the heart of Rome.

But hold on, it’s not just about packing a suitcase and booking a one-way ticket to your dream destination. There’s more to it. Here’s what you need to consider:

  1. Monetary preparations: This is super important. Before you quit your day job and embark on this journey, you need a safety net. Aim to have at least six months to a year’s worth of living expenses in your bank account. Because, let’s face it, the life of a digital nomad can be unpredictable, and it’s always better to be prepared.
  2. Know your expenses: Budgeting is a key skill for a digital nomad. You need to know how much you’re going to spend on living costs, work tools, travel, and fun stuff. And remember, different countries have different costs of living, so do your research.
  3. Insurance: Now this is something people often overlook. But guess what? Even digital nomads need insurance. And here’s where Safetywing comes in. It’s a top-notch insurance provider designed specifically for nomads like us. So whether you’re salsa dancing in Colombia or exploring temples in Thailand, Safetywing‘s got you covered.

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  4. Expect the unexpected: Things might not always go as planned. You might face language barriers, culture shock, or Wi-Fi issues (the horror!). But that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey. Be patient, stay adaptable, and remember that it’s these unexpected moments that make the best stories.

Becoming a digital nomad is about more than just work and travel; it’s about freedom, adventure, and personal growth. It’s about living life on your terms. Sure, it might be a bit scary at first, but trust us, once you take the plunge, there’s no going back. And we’re here to help you navigate it all. Let’s do this!

1. Tools of the Trade:

Okay, let’s chat about the tools that make our nomadic life possible. No, I’m not talking about camping gear – we’re digital nomads, not wilderness survivalists. It’s all about the tech! A laptop and smartphone are your lifelines. Choose reliable, lightweight models because you’ll be lugging these around everywhere.

Apps like Asana or Trello can keep you organized, while a VPN secures your internet connection (and lets you access your favorite Netflix shows, no matter where you are).
Don’t forget a good pair of headphones for those noisy cafe days, and consider a travel router and power bank for connectivity and power emergencies. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

2. Visa and Legal Requirements:

Oh boy, here’s where things get a bit sticky – visas and legal stuff. The rules vary widely depending on your nationality and where you’re headed. So, do your homework and understand the visa requirements before you hop on that plane. Tourist visas work in some countries, but others have digital nomad visas that let you stay longer.

Keep an eye on the duration of stay allowed – overstaying your visa is a no-no. And while we’re at it, look into your tax situation. You’re still earning an income, after all, and Uncle Sam (or whichever government) will want their cut.

3. Staying Healthy on the Road:

Health – physical and mental – is super important. Remember, this isn’t a vacation; it’s your life. Make sure to find ways to stay active, even if it’s just a morning yoga routine in your Airbnb or hitting a local gym. Try to eat healthy too, even with all the amazing new cuisines around you.

As for your mental health, it can get lonely sometimes, and the occasional bout of homesickness is normal. Stay connected with your family and friends back home, join digital nomad groups, or use apps to meet people in your new city. This life is an adventure, but everyone needs a support network.

5. Community and Networking:

You’re not alone in this nomadic journey, there’s a whole community of us digital wanderers! It’s good to connect with others who ‘get’ the lifestyle. Networking isn’t just about business opportunities – it’s also about friendship and support.

There are plenty of online communities and meetups (yes, face-to-face interaction, remember that?) where you can share experiences, and advice, and even find your next destination.

Safetywing currently offers a community hub for travelers and digital nomads who want to build and network around the world while traveling. Make sure you check them out.

6. Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them:

Ah, challenges. Every lifestyle has them, and being a digital nomad is no different. Unreliable Wi-Fi is a biggie. Before choosing your accommodation, check out the Wi-Fi situation. Time zones can also be a headache, especially if you’re working with a team back home. Try to keep a consistent schedule and use tools that help manage different time zones.

And let’s be honest, sometimes, you’re going to miss home. It’s okay to feel homesick. This is when your digital nomad community can be a real lifeline, offering understanding and support. Remember, it’s okay to slow down, stay longer in one place if you love it, or even take a trip home when you need it. Your way is the right way.

Our Final Thoughts (Top Digital Nomad Cities)

Remember, being a digital nomad is a lifestyle choice, and it’s not always perfect.

For this Latin America Digital Nomad series, we pick Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Salento, and San Agustin Colombia.

Don’t forget to check Safetywing as a top travel insurance and part of your digital nomad arsenal.

But with the right preparation and mindset, it can be an amazing way to live and work. If it’s something you actually love to do, all the preparations needed are worth it.

Let us know what questions you have and we’ll be here to support you!

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