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Selling Your Home & Moving into a Backpack – Start Your Journey Backpacking


Selling Your Home & Moving into a Backpack

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you’re from; everyone reaches a time in their life when they decide they want to start living. There is no denying that traveling is one of the best ways to do this, but for those who are considering selling their home, backpacking is far more than going on a snapshot vacation. To make sure you kickstart your backpacking journey on the right foot this year, here are some helpful tips you can follow.

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Take the plunge

Many people dream of one day selling their home to go backpacking, but rarely does anyone do it. This is because it can feel almost impossible to say goodbye to your current life, and gather up the courage to go traveling. There is also the more practical aspect of selling your home, which can stop people from ever taking the plunge.

Whether you choose to market your home yourself or ask a local realtor for help, there are many ways to make selling your home quicker, easier, and way less stressful. Once you’re all packed and clued up on travel insurance, there won’t be anything to stop you from following your dream.


Budget, budget, budget

The biggest draw of backpacking is that you don’t need to plan anything. Yet, when it comes to traveling with your life savings and new funds, it’s best to be a little more careful. You don’t want to blow through your money in the first few months.

Even though this would be fun, it’s not a good plan for the long term. Instead, put some of your savings into an account back home, where it can continue to build interest, and budget out the rest of your money. As with everything in traveling, things can change.

Nasty surprises crop up, and overseas medical care can make a dent in your savings. Though you should create a budget for your first few weeks before you depart, check in on your funds and adapt your budget to match your adventure.

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Pack everything you need, but not everything

When you usually sell a home, you have boxes and boxes to pack your belongings into. This is not quite the same as backpacking; you’ll need to limit your travel items to a small list. This will include important items like medication, and essential items like t-shirts and sneakers.

Investing in some packing cubes will help you stay organized while backpacking, but you’ll also create more space in your bag. For all the items you leave behind, you can move them into a secure storage option, or ask family to take care of them. This way, they’ll be kept safe until your return.


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Search for package deals

There is a big misconception that backpacking means compromising on quality. While that may be true for backpackers on a budget, there will be times where you want to experience some luxury on your travels. Luckily, cheap vacations allow you to do this for a fraction of the cost you would usually expect.

Even all-inclusive resorts with beachside pools offer excellent deals, depending on which time of year you visit. You’d be right in thinking you can’t spend every day in luxury, but many backpackers would agree that indulging sometimes is more than okay.

Make time for self-care

This might be one of the most exciting times in your life, but moving into a backpack can also bring a lot of stress with it. In any stressful situation at home, your go-to should be practicing some easy self-care tips. This is no different when you are backpacking, and you’ll be surprised to learn that self-care can be quite fun when you’re traveling.

From getting a cheap massage on the beach to going hiking in impossibly green settings, taking even the smallest rest will give you all the energy you need to hit the road again feeling calm and refreshed.


Top up your savings as you go along

You might be flying high with the money from selling your house, but here’s the thing: that money won’t last forever. To ensure you have enough money to enjoy your travels fully, it’s a good idea to top up your savings as you go along. You might not want to do this for the first few months, but taking up a remote job can give you the flexibility you need to travel, and also supply you with a stable flow of income.

Popular options include freelancing, travel blogging, and even online teaching. If you’re in one place for long enough, you could take up an English teaching position in a local school.

Expect the unexpected

Every seasoned traveler will tell you that the best and the worst part of traveling is that it is full of surprises. These range from getting a free hotel upgrade to being pickpocketed of your cash; stumbling across an untouched wonder to getting a bad bout of food poisoning. In any case, you should always expect the unexpected. Not only will this keep your stress low and appreciation high, but this mantra will also help you learn how to adapt to tricky situations.

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Friday 10th of May 2019

Brave step! Indeed

Ruben Arribas

Friday 10th of May 2019

Yes so brave! Thanks :)


Tuesday 7th of May 2019

Sounds so fun, but I don't think my husband would go for this life haha. I'll have to keep dreaming for now :P

Ruben Arribas

Wednesday 8th of May 2019

Hey Chris you never know! Try to convince him :)