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Most Popular Airports To Land In Mexico

Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 03:16 pm

Most Popular Airports To Land In Mexico

Visiting Mexico for tourism is a good idea because of its rich culture and attractive locations. The best part is that traveling to this country is easy because of the numerous airports. Of course, you may be wondering which one is the best option for landing.

You don’t have to look far to learn about the most popular airports to land in Mexico. Here is a complete guide about it.

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Mexico As A Tourist Destination

Mexico has a high inflow of tourists every year because of its rich attractions such as sandy beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, amazing natural scenery, and much more. North Americans and Europeans also love to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

The best part is that citizens of some countries do not need a visa to travel to Mexico. For instance, US citizens can stay in this nation for 180 days without a visa. Of course, you will still need a tourist card to enter the country.

Service providers such as Natvisa can help you get a Mexico tourist card for land. Mexico is also a family-friendly tourist destination because of its inclusive resorts, theme parks, and much more.

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Does Mexico Have Good International Airports?

Traveling to Mexico is a breeze because of its excellent international airports. The locations have high security and well-developed structure for a safe experience. More than 100 airports are present in the country for easier landings.

Many of the busiest airports in this country are mainly international airports. You can enjoy easy access to various terminals, friendly staff, and much more. Of course, some locations are better than others for a good experience.

Top 5 Largest Airports In Mexico

Here are the top five largest international airports in Mexico:

  1. Mexico City International Airport (MEX)
Most Popular Airports To Land In Mexico

The Mexico City International Airport is the top airport in Mexico for traveling. More than 30 airlines fly from this airport. Some of them are domestic airlines, while others are international. The location of this airport is also preferable for many people.

This is because the airport is only 5 kilometers away from the downtown region of Mexico City. Government, commercial, and military planes can use this airport only. Many reputable airlines, such as Delta Air Lines and British Airways, are supported by this airport.

  1. Cancún International Airport (CUN)
Most Popular Airports To Land In Mexico

Cancun International Airport is one of the busiest airports in this country. Most international visitors come to Mexico by flights that land at this airport. The location also has two parallel runways for easier landings and takeoffs.

The airport also has four terminals and supports many major airlines for easy accessibility. Another excellent thing is that you can reach more than 20 destinations in this country by traveling from this airport.

  1. Guadalajara International Airport (GDL)
Most Popular Airports To Land In Mexico

The Guadalajara International Airport is present in the second biggest city in Mexico. It is the third busiest airport in this nation because of the high passenger traffic and two terminals. The best part about the location is that it is easily accessible by many US cities and some European regions.

Alaska Airlines, Volaris, and other companies use this airport for landings. The location is 20 km away from the city, so traffic is managed better to avoid overcrowding.

  1. Tijuana International Airport (TIJ)
How To Get From Tijuana Airport To City Center - All Possible Ways, cheapest way from Tijuana airport to city center, Tijuana airport to city center

You may also use Tijuana International Airport for landing in Mexico. Getting to San Diego through this site is relatively easy through the Cross Border Terminal. The airport is the fourth busiest in the country because it supports many airlines. 

It is also the top option if you have a planned trip to Tijuana. Two terminals allow easy management of different flights and passengers. The Main Terminal is primarily used for managing flights that leave and reach the airport.

  1. Monterrey International Airport (MTY)
How To Get From Monterrey Airport To City Center - All Possible Ways, cheapest way from Monterrey airport to city center, Monterrey airport to city center

The final international airport you can use for landing in Mexico is Monterrey International Airport. It has two asphalt runways and four terminals to handle passenger traffic easily. Many high-end facilities are also offered at the airport.

You can enjoy food at the airport restaurants while waiting for your pickup car. Shopping areas are also present for spending time if your flight has been delayed or you cannot find a cab outside the airport.


These are the top five international airports in Mexico for landing. You can choose a specific option by considering the accessibility to your traveling region. Remember you must have proper documents to enter the country through these airports.

For instance, you must have an eVisa or tourist card, depending on your country of origin. You can easily get authorized traveling documents through Natvisa.

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