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25 Amazing Sunsets Around the world

25 Amazing Sunsets Around the world

Watching sunsets is one thing we all love to do, wherever in the world we may be. For us, it gives us this familiar feeling that even if you are traveling to a different place every day, there’s this one thing you can see that you know people from all over the world are also witnessing. Sunsets are one of nature’s most beautiful forms.

This is why we searched for 25 of the most beautiful sunsets around the world taken by travel bloggers. (Of course, we’d pick people from the travel community. ha!) Be prepared for some major sunset porn and follow some of the newest travel blogger discoveries here. Let us know how you love all these sunsets and the various countries in the comments below. Have a favorite sunset spot? Don’t forget to tell us!


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Best Sunsets Around the world

1. Komodo Island by Adventure J


The sunset is taken from the patio restaurant of the Blue Marlin Dive shop in Labujan Bajo on the island of Flores, the taking off point to explore the Komodo Islands. The sunsets there were just stunning!

2. Sunset in Afghanistan by Lost with Purpose

Sunset in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is only associated with negativity in the news, yet the country is filled with beauty. From ancient Zoroastrian temples to the Buddhist caves pictured here, Afghanistan has been an essential convergence point of cultures for hundreds of years.

I was admittedly a bit nervous before visiting the country, given the security situation, but as I watched this sunset over Bamyan I knew that traveling to Afghanistan was the right decision.

3. Riomaggiore by from How Near How Far

sunset in Italy

The sun has just set past the horizon in Riomaggiore, Italy and resulted in a a picturesque scenery. It was one of the most impressive photo opportunities I recall seeing. The surreal look of the buildings as the sun disappeared left a blue illumination in the sky that stays with you after you leave.

4. Galicia in Spain by A World to Travel

Sunset in Galicia

Galicia is our land. The place we call home and get back over and over between our travels to rest and get the needed energy to go back and continue exploring the world. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Cantabric sea, Galicia has endless spots to admire both sunrise and sunset, as this one pictured here.

Cathedrals beach, near Ribadeo, is one of the most stunning beaches I have came across in my life and an all time favorite of ours. Plan your visit according to the low tide and try to avoid peak season. Go there in Fall, Winter or Spring and you could enjoy it without the crowds, just for yourself.

5. Lake Titicaca by Probe around the Globe

Sunset at Titicaca Lake.
While visiting the Uros Islands on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, this man rowed home to his house on the reed islands of the Uros people.The sun was setting and casted a pink and purple spell across the skies over Lake Titicaca. His sillouette in stark contrast with the bright skies.

Seeing the sun set over this vast lake at high altitude was a humble experience as it reminded me about the beauty of mother nature. Read more about the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca on Probe around the Globe.

6. Bali by Contented Traveller

Sunset in Bali.

Bali is not our home country but it is a place of epic sunsets around the world. One of the most pleasurable things to do in this country is to sit down on the beach, have a Bintang beer, listen to music and watch the world go by.

7. Yukon by The Snow Chasers

Sunset at Yukon.

This photo was taken from Six Mile River Resort in Tagish, Yukon. This is one of our all-time favourite sunsets and was taken at around 11pm, at the end of May. During the peak of summer, the sun doesn’t really set in the Yukon and it never gets dark. We love how the sun splashes its colours on the snow-capped mountains in the background and reflects off the water.

8. Sunset in Mozambique by The World Pursuit

Sunset at Mozambique.
One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen was off the coast of Tofo Beach in Mozambique. We set out to find one of the most secluded spots in the area to catch sunset. We camped in the perfect spot and as the sun went down we were able to catch 50 or so whales breaching off the coast. Seeing these amazing creatures without even planning it made for one of the most memorable sunsets I’ve ever had.

9. Zimbabwe by Make Time To See The World

Sunset in Zimbabwe

This sunset was captured at the end of our Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. It was a magical experience to be on the water, surrounded by Hippos as the African sky put on a show for us. This was one of our Top 9 Adventure Activities in Victoria Falls – and definitely my favorite!

10. Iceland by Mr & Mrs Howe

Sunset in Iceland.

This photo of an incredible sunset near Vik in southern Iceland doesn’t quite manage to convey the biting cold, the gale force wind and the smell of the salt water spray being kicked up from the waves. Even so, this sunset perfectly sums up our 4 day road trip along the southern coastal route; rugged terrain, imposing rock formations, fresh sea air.

And the forces of nature reminding you that you’re there because they have allowed it! It is in moments like this that make the frozen fingers, stinging nose and numb toes al worth it!

11. Christchurch by Lifelong Vagabonds

Sunset in Christchurch

When the cold winter gripped the insides of our traveling van, when the condensation built up into little rivers running down the windows, when the mental and physical exhaustion from work took over, we could still find solace in the beauty of the New Zealand sunset.

It became a nightly ritual for us to get off work and then drive over to this windsurfer beach in Christchurch. To watch as the sun set in a miraculous display of colors over the shallow waters was always a breathtaking highlight of any day. I mean, just look at it.

12. Mancora by Like Riding A Bicycle

Sunset in Mancora

My all time favourite sunsets around the world are easily in Mancora, Peru. Located on the west coast facing the Pacific, the sunsets never cease to amaze me; the sun seems to transform into different shapes before finally passing the horizon, ready for another day to come to some other part of the world. They’re hard to describe, but they are my favourite sunsets on earth.

Sunsets Around the world

13. Siquijor Island by The Fly Away Life

Sunset at Siquijor Island

This sunset was on Siquijor Island in the Philippines. I had already been backpacking the country for about two weeks at this point, but it was the 24 hours leading up to this sunset that made me fall in love with the country. We somehow managed to book ourselves a bungalow directly next to the crazy all-night neighborhood block party.

We were promptly invited to join in the festivities. We then spent the next day with an amazing group of locals who showed us how much they love their island. This sunset was just the perfect ending to an amazing day!

14. Cayman by The Travel Sisters

Sunset at Cayman

I witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen while visiting Grand Cayman.  On my first day on the island, I went for a stroll on Seven Mile Beach.  Although I expected to be wowed by clear water and coral sands, I was surprised by a beautiful orange and blue sunset.

15. Darwin by The Travelling Tom

Sunset in Darwin

One of the best sunsets that I’ve seen was when I was in Darwin. I’d seen a few sunsets before, but this one was more vibrant and colourful. The sky was a mix of colours as the sun set below the horizon. The proximity to the Equator, makes a sunset in extra special!

16. Belitung by Suma Explore Asia

Sunset in Belitung

The sunsets in Belitung Indonesia are nothing short of spectacular. Here, the sky turns a golden orange colour and is contrasted with traditional wood fishing boats on the water or the huge bulging rocks the island is known for. The best way to take it all in is from the white sand beach you’ll share with very few other tourists.

17. Tawang by Escaping Life

Sunset in Tawang

Sunset at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang is beautiful Tibetan settlement situated at the borders of India and China in the North Eastern part of India. Not many have ventured to this part of the world. They call it the Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains. The people here are the descendants of the Monpa tribes from Tibet.

Tawang is well known for the Tawang Monastery (visible in the picture to the right) which is the largest in India and the second largest monastery in world after the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

Not much of the sun is visible in the photo but it was the last bit of rays I caught that evening. There was a sense of peace and calm in the atmosphere and I felt really blessed to be at that place at that time. It was my last day in the small village and I was slowly bidding goodbye to my time there.

18. Las Penitas by Two Scots Abroad

Sunset in Nicaragua

Craig and I were fortunate enough to live in paradise for five weeks and every night the sunset differed, it beat have a TV I can reasure you of that! So where is this paradise? Las Peñitas in Nicaragua, less than 30 minutes from the city of León.

19. Gili Trawangan by Traveling Nine To Fiver

Sunset in Lombok

After about a week and a half in Bali, I made my way to Gili Trawangan. Each day on the island I walked or biked to the west side to watch the sunset. For me, there is nothing better than watching a sunset over the ocean. To top it off, this was my first solo trip in about a decade and at this point was feeling more at peace and free to be myself than I had in a long time. This shot reminds me of the serenity that came with my time on this tiny island.

20. Kuta Beach by Travel and Lipsticks

Sunset at Kuta Beach
I experienced an amazing sunset in Bali, Indonesia. Tired after a long day I sat in a bar and was watching the waves as the sky turned orange, purple and deep blue, in the centre, nothing. Everyone was in awe, couldn´t believe their eyes. Children ran off to the sea to play in purple water. It felt like mother nature did a magic trick to entertain her guests.

21. Lombok by Jones Around The World

Sunset in Gilli Islands

Gili Trawangan is hands down my favorite place in the world to watch the sunset.   I lived there for two months, and every night I would be mesmerized by how the sun would dip below Mt Kintamani in the distance, and the sky would change to the most beautiful shades or orange, purple, and pink.

The water provides the perfect reflection for photos, and there are these swings that will make you feel like you’re soaring into heaven.  It’s a magical feeling!

22. Port Dickson by Karolina Patryk

Sunset at Port Dickson

The photo was taken in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Even though we are traveling the world full time, it was the first (and the last) time we saw a burning sky like this! We just couldn’t stop taking photos, everything around us was orange and red. It was the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen.

23. Budapest by Pretty Wild World

Sunset in Budapest

It was my second night in this new place and it is also the last leg on this Balkan trip I’m doing and I was pretty impressed that I found such an amazing hostel with the most beautiful view from the balcony, the sky turned into this beautiful pink color as the sun set to call it a day. It was indeed beautiful!

There are many things to do in Budapest  and sure, I’ve done tons during my stay and I must say that looking over at this beautiful view is one of the most memorable of them all because not only I manage to capture it, I was also sharing that same experience with new friends I got acquainted with. Just that moment, we all realized, that sometimes the best part of traveling is the not place itself but rather the experience and as well the people you share it with – either with the people you love or strangers alike.

24. Zadar by  Irish Girl Travels

Sunset in Zadar
What makes this sunset special is that it did not follow the ‘norm’ of sunsets I have seen before (sky changing between orange, pink and purple). The sunset in Zadar was like watching a ball of flames sink into the horizon. The sun set so slowly that I felt myself becoming mesmerised by the colours radiating from the sun. For those who want to see a sunset where the sun is what amazes you and not the colour of the sky then this is the one for you.

25. Subic by Gamintraveler

Sunset at Subic

Subic is one our favorite destinations in the Philippines. We have been for a few times and we still enjoy watching the sunsets. Colors are great and we love how quiet is the place while watching the sunset. You will not hear any sound around there. If you are planning to visit Subic, make sure you read our guide.


There you go dearest wanderlusts! Keen to hear what you think in the comments below. Do you any other favorite parts of traveling, we’d love to hear from you. Where are your favorite sunsets around the world?

Til the next travel story. Keep the dream on.

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Thanks, we are glad that you liked them :)


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Wow! Siquijor and Subic :) Among my faves. :D

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We didn´t visit yet Siquijor but hopefully we will do it next month :)

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