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18 Must Try Korean Snacks and Online Snacks in Korea to Try

must try korean snacks, korean snacks online, online snacks in Korea

Looking for must try Korean Snacks and where to get the best snacks in Korea?

For street food, go for Tteokbokki and Mandu or some Korean noodles and Pepero online!

One of the most enticing aspects of Korean culture is its vibrant and diverse street food scene. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Seoul or venturing to other parts of the country, you’ll encounter an array of mouth-watering snacks.

From spicy to sweet, deep-fried to steamed, there’s a Korean snack to satisfy every palate. This guide will introduce you to some of the must-try Korean snacks when you find yourself in Korea.

must try korean snacks, korean snacks online, online snacks in Korea
Must try Korean Snacks, Image via by LWY at Flickr

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Korean Snacks And Snacks in Korea

1. Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)

must try korean snacks, korean snacks online, online snacks in Korea
Tteokbokki – Must try Korean Snacks, Image via Wikimedia, by johl

Tteokbokki is a popular Korean street food made from soft rice cakes, fish cakes, and sweet red chili sauce. It’s known for its spicy yet sweet flavor and chewy texture. This snack is a staple in street markets and can also be found in most Korean restaurants worldwide.

2. Hotteok (Sweet Pancakes) – Must try Korean Snacks

Hotteok is a sweet Korean pancake filled with a mixture of brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon. It’s typically served during the winter season and is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Bungeoppang (Fish-Shaped Bread)

Don’t let the name fool you. Bungeoppang is a sweet, fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste. Despite its fishy appearance, it bears no seafood flavor. The crispy exterior and sweet filling make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

4. Gimbap (Korean Sushi Rolls)

Gimbap, also known as Korean sushi rolls, is a convenient and healthy snack. The roll contains steamed rice and various ingredients like pickled radish, cucumber, carrot, egg, and sometimes meat, all wrapped in dried seaweed.

5. Mandu (Korean Dumplings)

Mandu is a type of dumpling that can be steamed, pan-fried, or deep-fried. They’re usually stuffed with a mixture of minced meat, tofu, green onions, garlic, and kimchi, offering a hearty snack perfect for any time of day.

6. Chimaek (Fried Chicken and Beer)

Chimaek, a portmanteau of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’ (beer), is the ultimate Korean comfort food. Korean fried chicken is known for its crispy exterior and juicy interior, often glazed in spicy or sweet sauce, perfectly complemented with a glass of cold beer.

7. Odeng (Fish Cake Skewers)

Odeng, also known as Eomuk, is a skewered fish cake often served with a warm broth. It’s a popular street food snack, especially during the colder months. The fish cakes are soft and savory, providing a comforting bite in the chilly weather.

8. Dakkochi (Chicken Skewers)

Dakkochi are grilled chicken skewers marinated in a

consumed as an accompaniment to a cold beer. They’re commonly found in street stalls, particularly during festivals and markets.

9. Sundae (Korean Blood Sausage)

Despite its somewhat intimidating description, Sundae is a beloved Korean snack. It’s a type of blood sausage, consisting of pig’s intestines stuffed with glass noodles, barley, and pork blood. It’s often served with salt for dipping and can be found in street markets and traditional Korean restaurants.

10. Pajeon (Green Onion Pancake)

Pajeon is a savory pancake made from a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, and green onions. This crispy and flavorful pancake is often enjoyed with a side of soy sauce for dipping. It’s a popular rainy-day snack and can be found in restaurants and street stalls across Korea.

11. Bungeo-ppang (Fish-shaped Pastry)

A popular wintertime snack, Bungeo-ppang is a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste. It’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and perfectly sweet.

12. Sannakji (Live Octopus)

For the adventurous eaters, Sannakji is a must-try. It’s a dish of live baby octopus that’s chopped into small pieces and served immediately, usually with a sesame oil seasoning. Due to its freshness, the octopus pieces still squirm on the plate, making it an unusual and exciting culinary experience.

Store-Bought Korean Snacks – Must Try Korean Snacks

Now, let’s look at must try Korean snacks that you can actually buy online.

While street food gives you an authentic taste of Korea, there’s also an array of delicious Korean snacks you can conveniently purchase online and enjoy at home.

must try korean snacks, korean snacks online, online snacks in Korea
Online Korean Snacks to Buy, Image via Flickr

1. Choco Pie

Choco Pie is a popular Korean snack similar to a chocolate-covered marshmallow biscuit. It’s a delicious, fluffy dessert that comes individually wrapped, making it perfect for a quick snack or to include in a packed lunch.

2. Pepero

Pepero is a thin biscuit stick coated with chocolate. It comes in several flavors such as almond, strawberry, and cookies & cream. Pepero is particularly popular on November 11th, known as Pepero Day in Korea, where these treats are given as gifts.

3. Honey Butter Chips

This snack took Korea by storm when it was introduced. These light, crispy potato chips have a unique sweet and salty flavor that’s truly addictive. They’re often sold out in stores, so getting them online could be a wise choice.

4. Samyang Buldak Bokkeum RamyunMust try Korean Snacks

While technically not a snack, this Korean instant noodle has gained worldwide fame for its fiery hot flavor. It’s an experience any spicy food lover must try. Just make sure you have a drink nearby to cool down!

5. Market O Real Brownie

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, the Market O Real Brownie is a must-try. These rich and chocolaty snacks are individually wrapped, making them perfect for when you’re on the go.

6. Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks are thin sheets of roasted seaweed that are crispy and slightly salty. They’re a healthy snack option and can also be used to make homemade sushi or rice balls.

If you’re interested in trying these and other Korean snacks, a great Korean online store is something you can check out! A good one should give you a good selection of authentic snacks to bring you that Korean experience.

Final Thoughts on Must Try Korean Snacks to Buy

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, Korea offers an extraordinary array of snacks to discover.

Whether you’re looking for street food to try, go for Tteokbokki and Mandu or some Korean noodles and Pepero online, this list has got you covered.

Each dish provides a unique taste of the country’s rich culinary heritage. From the spicy kick of Tteokbokki to the sweetness of Hotteok and the adventurous Sannakji, there’s something for every taste bud in Korea.

So next time you’re in Korea, make sure to venture beyond the usual restaurant menus and explore the vibrant world of Korean street food.

While Tteokbokki and Gimbap might be the familiar favorites among tourists, adventurous foodies might find Sannakji an exciting culinary venture. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth can’t miss out on the delicious Hotteok and Bungeoppang.

Whether you prefer sweet, spicy, or something in between, Korean street food offers something to please every palate. Happy snacking!

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