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Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan: Breakfast in Jordan to Try

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Looking for the Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan (Breakfast in Jordan to Try)? Let’s learn more about Jordan breakfast culture and the breakfast places in Amman Jordan that you shouldn’t miss.

A traditional breakfast in Amman, Jordan, is a delightful blend of Middle Eastern flavors and cultural influences from the Mediterranean and the Arab world. The cuisine is diverse, fresh, and packed with rich flavors that are sure to please the palate.

Let’s learn more about it in the guide below.

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The Breakfast Culture in Amman, Jordan

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Breakfast in Amman is much more than just the first meal of the day. It is a significant aspect of Jordanian culture and offers a glimpse into the country’s rich traditions and customs. Jordanians view breakfast as an important communal event, often shared with family and friends.

The atmosphere is leisurely, with ample time devoted to savoring the food and enjoying good conversation.

A typical Jordanian breakfast spread is a feast for the senses, with a medley of colors, aromas, and textures. The meal usually includes a variety of dishes, from savory plates like falafel and hummus to sweet treats like honey-drenched pastries.

Fresh produce, local cheeses, and warm bread are also common features of the breakfast table.


Typical Breakfast Time in Amman, Jordan

In Jordan, breakfast time can vary but it is generally eaten in the late morning, between 8 AM and 10 AM. This allows for a hearty, leisurely meal to start the day before the business of the day begins. On weekends or during holidays, when families gather for a communal breakfast, the meal can stretch well into the early afternoon.

Hummus and Falafel

Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan: Breakfast in Jordan to Try

In Jordan, as in much of the Middle East, hummus and falafel are not just for lunch or dinner – they are also breakfast staples. A plate of hummus, garnished with olive oil, parsley, and a dash of paprika, paired with warm, crispy falafel is a popular way to start the day.


Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan: Breakfast in Jordan to Try

Manakeesh is a traditional Middle Eastern flatbread that is often compared to pizza. It is typically topped with za’atar (a spice mix of thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac), cheese, or ground meat, then baked until crispy. Manakeesh is a popular breakfast item in Amman and can be found at most local bakeries.


Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan: Breakfast in Jordan to Try

Labneh is a creamy, tangy cheese made from strained yogurt, labneh is another breakfast staple. It is often served with fresh bread, olives, and vegetables, or used as a spread on sandwiches.

Foul Medames

A dish of cooked fava beans seasoned with lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil, Foul Medames is a hearty and nutritious breakfast dish. It is often served with a side of fresh vegetables, pickles, and bread.

Arabic Coffee

Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan: Breakfast in Jordan to Try

No breakfast in Amman would be complete without a cup of Arabic coffee. Also known as Turkish coffee, it is prepared unfiltered, with the grounds left in the cup. It is strong, aromatic, and often flavored with cardamom.

Fresh Juices

Jordanians love their fresh juices and the juice bars in Amman are a testament to that. From fresh orange juice to mixed fruit cocktails, a glass of juice is a refreshing addition to any Jordanian breakfast.

Za’atar and Olive Oil

Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan: Breakfast in Jordan to Try

Za’atar, a mix of dried thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac, is a staple in Jordanian cuisine. For breakfast, it is often combined with olive oil and used as a dip for fresh bread.

Sweet Treats

For those with a sweet tooth, a typical Jordanian breakfast may also include treats like baklava or kunafa, and sweet pastries made with honey, nuts, and cheese.

Best Places for Breakfast in Amman, Jordan

The breakfast culture in Amman is communal and meals are often enjoyed with family and friends. A Jordanian breakfast spread is about abundance, a variety of flavors, and taking the time to enjoy every bite.

From street food stalls to upscale restaurants, Amman offers a myriad of options to experience the traditional Jordanian breakfast.

Amman is brimming with places that serve delicious and authentic Jordanian breakfasts. Here are a few worth mentioning:


Located in downtown Amman, Hashem is an institution in itself. Known for its falafel and hummus, it’s been serving hungry locals and tourists alike since 1956.

Al Quds

Also in downtown Amman, Al Quds is another favorite spot for traditional Jordanian breakfast. Their freshly baked bread and manakeesh are not to be missed.

Shams El Balad

For a more upscale breakfast experience, Shams El Balad is a good choice. They offer a modern twist on traditional Jordanian breakfast dishes and use locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Cafe Rumi

If you’re in the mood for a continental breakfast with a Jordanian touch, Cafe Rumi is the place to be. They serve excellent coffee and a variety of pastries, along with Jordanian breakfast staples.

Fuhais Bakery

This bakery is a little outside of Amman, but it’s worth the trip for their freshly baked bread and pastries.

Whether you’re a fan of savory dishes or have a sweet tooth, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds for breakfast in Amman, Jordan. The city’s vibrant food scene is a testament to the rich culinary heritage and the importance of food in Jordanian culture.

Places Serving Traditional Jordanian Breakfast – Breakfast in Amman Jordan

Habibah Sweets

While famous for its knafeh, Habibah also offers a variety of traditional Jordanian breakfast foods. This is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Abu Jbara

Renowned for its hummus and falafel, Abu Jbara serves a variety of traditional breakfast dishes that are packed with flavors.

Zaatar w Zeit

This popular chain serves a modern take on Jordanian breakfast classics. Their extensive menu includes manakeesh, falafel, and a variety of local cheeses.

Places Serving International Breakfast – Breakfast in Amman Jordan


Located in Rainbow Street, Books@Cafe serves a great selection of international breakfast dishes. From American-style pancakes to English breakfast, this place has something for everyone.

Blue Fig

This trendy cafe offers a variety of breakfast options, including American, Mediterranean, and vegetarian breakfasts. They also have a great coffee selection.


Crumz is a bakery and cafe that offers a range of breakfast dishes. They serve a variety of bread, pastries, and sandwiches, perfect for a light breakfast.

Wild Jordan Center

This place offers a variety of breakfast options with a stunning view of old Amman. Their menu includes organic and gluten-free options.

Primal Restaurant

If you’re looking for a healthier, more fitness-oriented breakfast, Primal offers paleo-based meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Whether you crave a traditional Jordanian breakfast or an international one, Amman’s diverse culinary scene ensures that there are options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

FAQs Best Breakfast in Amman Jordan

What is a typical breakfast in Jordan?

In Jordan, breakfast is a hearty affair and usually consists of a spread of dishes. Common components include fresh bread, hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, and ful medames (a spiced fava bean dish). Another favorite is Shakshouka, which consists of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Breakfast is typically served with sweet tea or Arabic coffee.

Is it expensive to eat in Jordan?

The cost of eating in Jordan can vary greatly depending on where you choose to dine. Street food and local eateries are generally quite affordable, while high-end restaurants will be more expensive. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, a typical meal at a reasonably priced restaurant might cost between 7-10 Jordanian dinars. It’s always a good idea to check recent travel guides or forums for up-to-date information.

What time is dinner in Jordan?

Dinner in Jordan is usually a little later than what you might be accustomed to in Western countries. It’s typically served between 8-10 PM. As Jordanians generally have a late and large lunch, dinner can sometimes be a lighter meal, although this varies from household to household.

How much is coffee in Jordan?

The price of coffee in Jordan can depend on where you buy it. At a local café, a cup of Arabic coffee might cost around 1-2 Jordanian dinars. In more touristy areas or at high-end coffee shops, the price will likely be higher.

As with any travel-related costs, it’s a good idea to check up-to-date resources as prices can change.

Keep in mind that Jordanian Arabic coffee, known as “Qahwa“, is a unique experience! It is often infused with cardamom and has a distinctive taste. It’s a must-try when you visit.

Final Thoughts on Breakfast in Amman (Breakfast in Amman Jordan)

In the heart of the Middle East, Amman stands out as a city where old-world charm meets modern sophistication, reflected in its diverse food culture. The options for breakfast in Amman are as varied as the city itself, allowing you to find everything from traditional Jordanian fare to continental delights. From the warm, comforting Ful Medames and Manakish to the exotic flavours of Shakshouka, there’s something to please every palate.

Remember, breakfast in Amman, as in all of Jordan, is more than just the first meal of the day; it’s an experience, a journey into the country’s traditions, hospitality, and lifestyle. It is as much a feast for the eyes and soul as it is for the stomach.

Whether you are a local looking to try something new or a traveler on a Jordanian adventure, the breakfast spots in Amman will not disappoint. So grab a chair, pour a cup of Arabic coffee, and tuck into a plate of Jordanian goodness to start your day in the best possible way.

From the labyrinthine streets of Downtown, with its bustling markets and age-old eateries, to the cosmopolitan boulevards of modern Amman, breakfast in this city is an exploration of culture, history, and taste. And while the locations we have discussed are by no means exhaustive, they are indeed some of the best places to enjoy breakfast in Amman.

So next time you find yourself in Amman, make sure you explore its breakfast culture — a quintessential Jordanian experience that encapsulates the warmth, hospitality, and flavor of this beautiful country. Happy dining!

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