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12 Amazing Places to Visit Near Manila (Affordable Getaways Near Manila)

Near Manila

12 Amazing Places to Visit Near Manila

Manila is typical for a traveler to prioritize visiting the capital of a country. However, most capitals are bombarded with skyscrapers already. Don’t get me wrong, I also love those giant buildings that kiss the clouds, but blues and greens are just more appealing, right? Whether you are a local in Manila or a traveler from abroad.

The Philippines is indeed one of the favorite places of travelers around the globe. Manila, its capital city, is something a traveler shouldn’t miss! Click here to get your discount booking activities in the Philippines!

If you are looking for tips on what places to visit near Manila, then continue reading! Oh actually, in this blog post, we will not just include places to visit near Manila but also places to visit IN Manila!

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You can get accommodation starting from 800-1000 PHP (less than $20 USD) for a room in a guesthouse. Can you imagine if you are two of you traveling in the Philippines, it will be $10 USD each.



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Manila is just like any other capital- densely populated, busy and productive. Still, there are hundreds of activities that could be done here.


There are many affordable places to eat and sleep near Manila. The cost of living in the country itself is quite low compared to other countries. You can expect to find cheap meals at local eateries for less than 100 PHP while a hearty, three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costs around 700 PHP, which is only $14 USD. Beer costs around 40-70 PHP a bottle. Street food is abundant all over the Philippines and can be afforded for as low as 20 PHP for a rich assortment of food.

Going around the different cities is also easy since cheap transportation options abound in the country. The flat rate for the ride on a jeepney is 9 PHP while riding a taxi starts at 40 PHP and increases by the meter. If you’re traveling long distances, you can take the bus from terminals in Cubao, Quezon City.

A bus ride to Alaminos from Victory Liner costs around 350 PHP with a transfer at Dagupan City. If you’re going to Quezon Province, you can take the super deluxe Jac Liner bus at 200-220 PHP. The Araneta Bus Terminal has trips to Tagaytay for 120 PHP.

Prices in accommodations vary from city to city, with around 850 PHP on average for hostels and budget hotels. Camping is also a great way to save on accommodations and is very common, especially in the island destinations near Manila.




Here are the places to visit in Manila if you are planning for day trips. These places can be found either in Metro Manila (the National Capital Region) or in the city of Manila itself.


visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

Take a glimpse back to the days of the colonized Philippines by visiting Fort Santiago, a part of a crumbling walled city of Intramuros. This place seriously gives you the vibes of Spanish colonization era in Manila. This can be found in Manila City and you can just walk around and enjoy.

Oh, do you hate long walks? Then you could choose to roam the place with a friendly-horse-drawn-rig if you have 20 USD to spare. It is easily noticeable that the structures are heavily Spanish inspired- they’re beautiful. You should seriously visit Fort Santiago when visiting Manila.

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visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila
Image from Flickr

This amusement park in Pasay City in Metro Manila will surely wake your sleeping nerves up! For just 490 pesos or 10 USD, you can avail the ride-all-you-can ticket and enjoy their extreme rides- Star Frisbee, Ferris Wheel, Vikings, and many more!

There are also other attractions here like the Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Art Alive Museum, and many more. These attractions are not included in your ride-all-you-can ticket so you have to pay separately to enjoy these attractions.


visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila
Image from Flickr

Unleash your innermost curiosity and watch as how science comes alive. This interactive museum in Taguig City (another city in Metro Manila) is reasonably one of the most entertaining museums near Manila. You feel like you’ve just awaken your sleeping Einstein after visiting this place. It is full of interactive exhibits from interests of atoms to cosmos and everything in between.

Rates here start at 625 pesos or 13 USD for a 3-hour pass and 750 pesos or 15 USD for an all-day pass.

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visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila
Image from Flickr

I know that Sundays are rest days and that is the reason why we are recommending you to go here when visiting Manila! The Legazpi Sunday Market has lots of varieties. It’s hard to save even a penny from these country food favorites, medicines, crafts and more.

You’ll go stall hopping and buying all the way to the exit and wonder if you should buy a thing or two more before finally leaving. One thing to keep in mind is that the market opens at 7:30 am and closes at 2 pm, it’s better to go earlier.

Just don’t forget to bring your cash with you so that you’d enjoy visiting the market fully. Legazpi Sunday Market is in Makati City, a nearby city of Manila.

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visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila
Image from Flickr

If you love all things Chinese, then you should not miss going to Binondo when looking for places to visit in Manila!

It is the first Chinatown in the world and you will be surprised seeing old Chinese shops that sell different Chinese cuisine, herbal medicines, jewelries, and many more. You can stroll around the area through riding a jeepney or a calesa. Our first trip outside Angeles City was in Binondo.


So the first five places we included above are for short day trips in Manila. The following places are the ones you should definitely visit for getaways near Manila! They are found in cities but mostly provinces that are 2-6 hours away from the capital of the Philippines.

If the travel time makes you cringe, then you should rethink because nothing can beat these places we are going to recommend!

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Antipolo is a city found in the province of Rizal, Philippines. Rizal is more or less a 2-hour drive from Manila.

Fall in love with arts when you visit Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal. You won’t probably notice that you have spent 5 hours already in this beautiful art museum that displays contemporary Filipino paintings and sculptures.

Another spot you can visit in Antipolo, Rizal is Hinulugang Taktak. It is one of the nearest waterfalls you can visit near Manila. It used to be allowed to swim in this waterfall but due to urbanization and pollution, people are now highly discouraged to swim here, However, there are villas, gazebos, and pools you can enjoy.

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Lastly, another place you should visit in Antipolo is the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It is a 17th century wooden image of the Virgin Mary in a Roman Catholic church in Antipolo that attracts pilgrims especially during the Holy Week.



Rizal Tourist Spots, Where to stay in Rizal

Thunderbird Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Antipolo Rizal. Located atop the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Thunderbird Resort has views of Laguna Bay and the Manila Skyline.They also have an  infinity pool, Karaoke, Pool Table, Playground, Badminton Equipment, Spa, free WiFi, and many more.

The rooms have a flat-screen cable TV, sofa seating area and a private bathroom. They return great value for what you’re paying for. A night in their superior twin room with breakfast costs about 5000 PHP.

Address: Thunderbird Resorts – Rizal is located at Eastridge Avenue, Rizal, 1940 Binangonan, Philippines


Jomalig Beach, places to visit near Manila
Image from Wikimedia

Another province of CALABARZON region, Quezon Province is at least 4 hours away from Manila. You surely wouldn’t want to miss splurging on beautiful beaches of Quezon Province when looking for places to visit near Manila.

A tourist spot of Quezon Province includes Salibungot Beach, which has golden sand! It is an unusual but beautiful beach in Jomalig, Quezon that you will surely love. Locals and tourists love to camp here especially at night.

Another beach you would love in Quezon Province is located in Lamon Bay, Mauban. It is called Cagbalete Island, which is famous for its miles long stretch of which sand and sandbar from the shoreline during low tides. You can do different activities here like playing beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, island hopping, and many more.

Those are just two of the beaches you can explore in Quezon Province but there’s still a lot. Aside from going to the beach, you can also visit churches like Tayabas Church, Lucban Church, and Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

Don’t forget to have a taste of Quezon Province’s unique food like Lucban Longganisa (local sausage), Cassava Cake, and Lambanog (a kind of liquor).


Sleep in Taal Vista for hiking Taal Volcano, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

Known for its cold weather, Tagaytay City is a crowd favorite for a getaway near Manila. People typically come here to enjoy the cold breeze they don’t usually experience in Manila. Plus, it only takes 1-2 hours to get here!

Red Lava view after hiking Taal Volcano, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

One of the most famous tourist spots here is the Taal Volcano. Feed your eyes with the amazing views from the top! Trekking Taal Volcano will surely be worth it.

Rachel done with hiking Taal Volcano, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

Another famous spot in Tagaytay is the amusement park called Sky Ranch. You will surely love the breathtaking views from the top of their famous Sky Eye (Ferris wheel).

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Anilao is a quiet barangay in Mabini, Batangas. We already visited this place last year and we had the best experience!

 how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

Stop drooling with mesmerizing underwater photos online and witness the elegance yourself. Anilao is a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts. Experience the charming underwater utopia just three hours away from Manila. Anilao is one of our favorite getaways near Manila.

 how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

Anilao and diving are the same and it’s honestly hard to let go of an opportunity to dive or learn how to dive in Anilao. Most packages for scuba diving revolves around 100$/person and it is considered cheap because of the expensive experience it gives you.

 how to get to anilao, where to stay in Anilao, things to do in Anilao, visit in manila for couple, places to visit near manila

Allot a day for your visit so that you’ll enjoy the dive entirely and you still could rest at near hostels and hotels. It’s worth saving up for an amazing getaway.

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There are a lot of beaches near Puerto Galera but White Beach and Sabang Beach are the favorites of both foreign and local tourists. Interestingly, White Beach is called “little Boracay” because of its white sand while Sabang Beach is popular for its nightlife.  Both beaches offer scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

To go here, you must first go to Batangas pier by bus (costs about 4$) and take a ferry to Puerto Galera (costs 5$). The trip from Manila to Batangas by bus will take about 2 – 3 hours depending on traffic while the trip from the Batangas Pier to Puerto Galera by ferry only takes about an hour and half. Click here to book your ticket for going to Puerto Galera.

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Subic is the source of cheap goods but it also boasts fun nature activities (really FUN activities!). One of the places that you must go to is Zoobic Safari. Zoobic Safari is the only zoo in the Philippines that has an animal jungle safari like experience. Prepare for lion and tiger encounters, varied animal petting, and animal sanctuary train roam.

Subic adventure so much fun

Subic is also known for its water sports. Rent and drive Jetskis and try an exhilarating parasail with Networx Jet Sports.

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tourist spots pin

Alaminos is mostly known and recognized because of Hundred Islands. It is the first protected national park in the Philippines. The national park has 120-ish islands but only three of which have been developed for tourism, Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island.

You must need to rent a boat to visit the Islands. The boat prices vary according to the number of passengers, ranging from 20 to 30 USD. Tell your boatmen that you’re planning to swim on these three Islands or if you like less populated island then ask your boatmen for their suggestions. They most likely know the fluctuations of visitors per island.

The things you could do here are swimming, island hopping, beach bumming, zip lining, snorkeling and kayaking.

To go here, you must take a bus (5 to 6-hour trip) from Manila to Alaminos via Pasay Terminal or Cubao Terminal, costing you 8$ for an air-conditioned bus.  After arriving to Alaminos, take a short tricycle ride to Lucap wharf, which only costs a dollar.

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Onsen Spa, places to visit near Manila


It’s located in Makati and Hotel I’M is very modern just 2 years old. We recommend you Hotel I’M as best place for relaxing while staying in Manila. Since the pool area which is quiet and beautiful, to the gym. The food at The Common Good Restaurant is so delicious and you will find all the options as buffet for breakfast and dinner. Western choices and also Asian choices.

Antidote Bar, places to visit near Manila

Our favorite part of the hotel? Onsen Spa is the best Spa in Manila. We enjoyed our massage in the couple room. Before the massage we enjoyed our lemon and pepper tea and we had an hour for our private jacuzzi and sauna. So when the massage is coming you are already totally relaxed.

Everybody knows how busy can be Manila for the traffic, so we consider is the best way to spend your day in Manila. And after the massage you can enjoy a buffet dinner to end your day in the best way.

Pool are at I'M Hotel, places to visit near Manila

Apart from the restaurant and the Onsen Spa, there is more that I’M Hotel can offer. In the rooftop you can have an amazing view and sunset. The bar Antidote will offer you the best cocktails and you can see an amazing jellyfish aquarium with lights. The only bar in the Philippines where you can see this!

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PAHIYAS FESTIVAL Pahiyas Festival by Doods Dumaguing
Pahiyas Festival(© Doods Dumaguing – Flickr)

If you’re planning to visit Quezon Province, you might want to go on May as the city celebrates one of the most famous festivals in the country. Pahiyas Festival is an event that celebrates the creativity and culture of the city of Lucban. It also honors San Isidro de Labrador, the patron saint of Farmers, to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.

Processions are done in honor of the saint while houses are lined with decorative leaf-shaped wafers called kiping. Prizes are given to the homes with the best decor. Thousands of tourists attend the festival held every 15th of May.


Longganisa is the Philippine version of the Spanish sausage. It varies in flavor based on what city it originates from, and some of the best longganisas in the country are found in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The city celebrates the Longganisa Festival in March with parades honoring the salty and zesty delicacy.


Created in 2011, the Malasimbo Festival is a celebration of the arts and music scene in the country. With performances by the country’s biggest bands along with international acts, visitors flock to Puerto Galera to attend the event.

It is also a venue for Mangyans, the indigenous people of Mindoro, to showcase their art and culture. Malasimbo Festival is held on top of the mountain with the same name and is one of the biggest events in the country in March.

Among the twelve places to visit near Manila we included, which one is your favorite? Which spot have you visited already? Let us know your experiences!

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