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Breakfast in Paraguay – 9 Traditional Paraguayan Breakfast Dishes to Try in Paraguay

Breakfast in Paraguay Embark on a gastronomic journey as you explore the delightful world of Paraguayan breakfast dishes. Known for their unique flavors and ingredients, these traditional morning treats offer a glimpse into the rich culinary heritage of Paraguay. In this article, we will dive into some popular breakfast options, ensuring an unforgettable start to your day in Paraguay.

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Chipa: Paraguay’s Cheesy Bread Rolls

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Chipa is the most common Paraguayan breakfast that you can have in Paraguay.

Chipa is a popular gluten-free bread roll made from cassava starch, cornmeal, cheese, eggs, and milk or oil. These delicious, cheesy rolls can be found at street vendors, bakeries, and supermarkets throughout Paraguay. Often enjoyed warm, Chipa makes for a satisfying breakfast snack.

Sopa Paraguaya: A Savory Paraguayan Staple

Breakfast in Paraguay, Paraguay Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Paraguay, Breakfast Paraguayan, Paraguayan Breakfast
Sopa Paraguaya – Breakfast in Paraguay

Sopa Paraguaya, despite its name, is not a soup but rather a savory cornbread made from cornmeal, cheese, onions, and eggs. This dense and filling dish is a beloved staple in Paraguay and is often enjoyed as a breakfast item, paired with a hot cup of cocido or mate.

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Mbeju / Beiju: A Tasty Starch Pancake

Breakfast in Paraguay, Paraguay Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Paraguay, Breakfast Paraguayan, Paraguayan Breakfast

Mbeju / Beiju is a traditional Paraguayan pancake made from cassava starch, cheese, eggs, and milk. The mixture is formed into a round shape and cooked on a griddle until golden brown. Mbeju is often served with Paraguayan-style coffee or cocido and can be topped with butter or even more cheese for an indulgent morning treat.

Cocido: Paraguay’s Morning Beverage

Breakfast in Paraguay, Paraguay Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Paraguay, Breakfast Paraguayan, Paraguayan Breakfast
Cocido – Breakfast in Paraguay / Cocido Paraguayo

Cocido is a popular Paraguayan beverage made from yerba mate, a type of holly plant native to South America. This hot drink is made by boiling yerba mate leaves in water with sugar, and it’s typically served in a cup or gourd. Cocido is often enjoyed with breakfast and provides a refreshing, caffeinated boost to start your day.

Lomito: A Hearty Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast in Paraguay, Paraguay Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Paraguay, Breakfast Paraguayan, Paraguayan Breakfast
Lomito – Breakfast in Paraguay / Image via Wikimedia, Lomito de Mendoza

For those craving something more substantial, the Lomito sandwich is an excellent choice. This breakfast favorite consists of a crusty bread roll filled with thinly sliced beef or pork, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a generous helping of mayonnaise. Lomito is a filling and flavorful option for breakfast lovers seeking a taste of Paraguayan cuisine.

Mbopi: A Tapioca Crepe

Mbopi is a thin, crepe-like dish made from tapioca flour and water. It can be filled with sweet or savory ingredients such as fruit, jam, cheese, or ham. It’s a versatile and delicious breakfast option that’s easy to prepare and enjoy.

Karaguatá: Palm Heart Omelette

Karaguatá is a traditional Paraguayan omelette made with palm hearts, eggs, cheese, and onions. The combination of flavors and textures in this dish make it a popular choice for breakfast. Served with crusty bread, it is a satisfying way to start the day.

Vori Vori de Pollo: Chicken and Corn Dumpling Soup

Although more commonly consumed as a lunch or dinner dish, Vori Vori de Pollo can also be enjoyed as a hearty breakfast option. This flavorful soup consists of chicken, vegetables, and cornmeal dumplings. It provides a warm and nourishing start to the day, especially during colder months.

Pastel Mandi’o: Stuffed Cassava Fritters

Pastel Mandi’o is a deep-fried cassava fritter that can be filled with various ingredients such as cheese, meat, or vegetables. These tasty fritters are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them a popular breakfast snack in Paraguay.

Paraguayan Cuisine Influences

Paraguayan cuisine and breakfast traditions showcase a variety of flavors and textures, reflecting the country’s diverse culinary influences.

Indigenous and European influences

Paraguayan cuisine is heavily influenced by both indigenous Guarani culture and Spanish colonization. The use of native ingredients like cassava, corn, and yerba mate combined with European cooking techniques and ingredients such as cheese and eggs creates a unique fusion of flavors.

Importance of corn and cassava

Corn and cassava are staple ingredients in Paraguayan cuisine, especially in breakfast dishes. Both are versatile and can be used in various preparations, from savory dishes like Sopa Paraguaya and Chipa to sweet treats like Mbeju.

Emphasis on simple, hearty dishes

Paraguayan breakfast dishes are often simple yet hearty, providing sustenance and energy for the day ahead. Many traditional breakfast items, such as Lomito sandwiches and Sopa Paraguaya, are filling and satisfying, reflecting the importance of a substantial morning meal.

Street food culture

Paraguayan breakfast items like Chipa and Pastel Mandi’o are commonly found at street vendors, bakeries, and markets. This highlights the importance of street food culture in Paraguay, with locals and visitors alike enjoying freshly prepared, delicious breakfast dishes on the go.


Traditional Paraguayan beverages like cocido and mate play an essential role in breakfast rituals. These caffeinated drinks, made from yerba mate leaves, provide a refreshing and energizing start to the day, often enjoyed alongside breakfast dishes.

In summary, Paraguayan cuisine and breakfast traditions are a rich blend of indigenous and European influences, featuring staple ingredients like corn and cassava in a variety of preparations. With a focus on simple, hearty dishes and a strong street food culture, Paraguayan breakfasts offer a unique and delicious way to start the day.

Final Thoughts Breakfast in Paraguay

Breakfast in Paraguay is a flavorful and diverse affair, featuring a range of dishes that showcase the country’s rich culinary heritage. From savory cornbread and cheesy rolls to hearty sandwiches and invigorating beverages, there’s something for every palate to enjoy. By seeking out local markets, bakeries, and eateries, you’ll have the opportunity to savor the delicious flavors of Paraguay and start your day on a high note. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a truly authentic Paraguayan breakfast during your travels!

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