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Venezuelan Breakfast – Traditional Breakfast in Venezuela to Try

Venezuelan Breakfast – Venezuela’s breakfast culture is a delightful fusion of rich flavors, diverse ingredients, and time-honored traditions. In this guide we show you Venezuela’s top breakfast food like the arepas, empanadas, tequeños and more.

Offering a variety of both sweet and savory dishes, the country’s morning meals reflect its unique culinary heritage and regional influences.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the mouthwatering world of Venezuelan breakfasts, featuring popular dishes, hidden gems, and regional specialties. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that will awaken your taste buds and leave you craving more.

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arepas, Venezuelan arepas, breakfast in Venezuela, Venezuelan Brekafast
Venezuelan Arepa

A staple in Venezuelan cuisine, arepas are versatile cornmeal patties that can be enjoyed throughout the day but are particularly popular at breakfast. These gluten-free delights can be grilled, baked, or fried and are typically split open and filled with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, shredded meat, or beans.

For an authentic taste of Venezuelan tradition, try the Reina Pepiada arepa, filled with creamy avocado and shredded chicken. Another popular option is the Domino arepa, filled with black beans and white cheese.


Cachitos, breakfast in Venezuela, Venezuelan Brekafast

Cachitos are delicious crescent-shaped pastries filled with sweet or savory ingredients, making them the perfect grab-and-go breakfast option. The most common filling is ham, but you’ll also find variations with cheese, guava paste, or even chocolate. These flaky pastries are often enjoyed with a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate, making for a balanced and satisfying morning meal.


Empanadas, breakfast in Venezuela, Venezuelan Brekafast

Similar to their Argentine counterparts, Venezuelan empanadas are made from corn flour and filled with a variety of tasty ingredients. Popular breakfast fillings include cheese, black beans, or shredded beef. Enjoy them with a side of tangy guasacaca sauce for an extra kick of flavor. These deep-fried pastries are a must-try for anyone looking to explore the diverse flavors of Venezuelan cuisine.


Tequeños, breakfast in Venezuela, Venezuelan Brekafast

Tequeños are a beloved Venezuelan snack often enjoyed at breakfast. These crispy, deep-fried cheese sticks are made from wheat flour dough wrapped around a stick of queso blanco (source: Will Fly for Food). Best served warm, tequeños are perfect for dipping in guasacaca or salsa rosada. A popular choice for social gatherings, tequeños are a prime example of Venezuela’s communal culinary culture.


Mandocas, breakfast in Venezuela, Venezuelan Brekafast
Mandocas Venezolan / Mandocas Venezuelan – Venezuelan Breakfast – Imaeg via Wikimedia / DamianFinol

Mandocas are a traditional Venezuelan breakfast dish made from cornmeal, ripe plantains, and grated cheese, formed into a ring shape and deep-fried until golden brown. These sweet and savory treats are often served with a side of butter or nata (a type of Venezuelan cream) for dipping, providing a deliciously indulgent start to the day.


Pastelitos are small, deep-fried pastries similar to empanadas, with a puff pastry-like dough and various fillings, such as cheese, shredded chicken, or ground beef. These bite-sized treats are a popular breakfast option in Venezuela, particularly when accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee.


Perico is a traditional Venezuelan scrambled egg dish often served as a filling for arepas or on a plate with toast. This flavorful dish combines eggs, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, making for a nutritious and satisfying breakfast option. Perico is an excellent way to enjoy the fresh produce and vibrant flavors that are central to Venezuelan cuisine.

Caraotas Negras

Caraotas negras, or black beans, are a staple ingredient in Venezuelan cuisine and often accompany breakfast dishes. Typically seasoned with garlic, onion, and bell pepper, these beans add a savory and hearty touch to any morning meal. Enjoy them as a side dish, mixed with rice, or stuffed inside an arepa for a filling and delicious breakfast option.


While hallaca is primarily associated with the Christmas season in Venezuela, this labor-intensive dish is a true culinary masterpiece worth trying if you have the opportunity. Hallaca consists of a corn dough filled with a meat stew and wrapped in a banana leaf before being steamed to perfection. This delicious treat offers a unique taste of Venezuelan tradition and highlights the country’s diverse culinary influences.


Cachapas are thick, pancake-like creations made from ground corn, often served with a generous slab of queso de mano, a soft and creamy white cheese. These sweet and savory delights are a popular breakfast dish in Venezuela, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Drizzle them with a touch of honey or nata for an extra indulgence.

Experience Venezuela’s Beverages and Sweets

Chicha Andina

Chicha Andina is a traditional Venezuelan beverage made from fermented corn and typically enjoyed at breakfast. This refreshing drink is often flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and sugar, resulting in a unique and invigorating taste that pairs well with the country’s savory morning dishes. Chicha Andina is an authentic taste of Venezuelan history, as its recipe has been passed down through generations.

Papelon con Limon

Another popular Venezuelan drink, Papelon con Limon is a thirst-quenching blend of papelón (raw cane sugar) and freshly squeezed lime juice. This sweet and tangy beverage is a perfect accompaniment to any breakfast meal and can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference. Papelon con Limon is an excellent way to experience the natural flavors of Venezuela.


Golfeados are Venezuelan sweet rolls that resemble cinnamon rolls but with a local twist. These delicious pastries are filled with papelón and soft white cheese, then drizzled with syrup made from sugar cane. Enjoy these indulgent treats with a cup of strong Venezuelan coffee for a heavenly breakfast experience.


Tizana is a Venezuelan fruit salad drink that combines a variety of fresh, diced fruits like pineapple, watermelon, and mango with fruit juice and grenadine syrup. This colorful and refreshing beverage is a fantastic way to enjoy the bounty of Venezuela’s tropical fruits and is often enjoyed as a breakfast accompaniment or light snack.

Discover Breakfast Spots and Street Food in Venezuela

In Venezuela, breakfast can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, from sit-down restaurants and local bakeries to bustling street food markets. Many cities, such as Caracas and Maracaibo, have a thriving street food scene where vendors offer a wide range of breakfast options, including arepas, empanadas, and tequeños.

Some traditional breakfast spots include areperas, which are eateries specializing in arepas, and panaderías, or bakeries, where you can find an assortment of pastries like cachitos, golfeados, and pastelitos. Exploring these establishments is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Venezuelan culture and sample the diverse array of breakfast dishes on offer.

Our Final Thoughts on Breakfast in Venezuela to Try

From the classic arepa to the sweet golfeado, be prepared to embark on a breakfast journey that will captivate your taste buds and leave you with unforgettable memories of tasting traditional breakfast in Venezuela.

Venezuelan breakfasts offer a diverse and flavorful culinary experience that showcases the country’s rich gastronomic heritage. With a wide range of dishes, ingredients, and regional specialties, there is no shortage of delicious options to explore during your mornings in Venezuela.

Whether you’re strolling through bustling street food markets or enjoying a leisurely meal at a traditional arepera, the unique flavors of Venezuelan breakfasts will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample the country’s rich culinary offerings and immerse yourself in the lively food culture that characterizes this remarkable destination.

So, on your next trip to Venezuela, venture beyond the tourist hotspots and embrace the local breakfast culture. You’ll not only be rewarded with an unforgettable gastronomic experience, but you’ll also gain a deeper appreciation for the warmth and hospitality of the Venezuelan people.

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