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21 Awesome Sagada Tourist Spots And Things to do in Sagada (Sagada Travel Guide)

21 Awesome Sagada Tourist Spots And Things to do in Sagada (Sagada Travel Guide)

Have you tried visiting the Cordillera, Region of the Philippines? The northern Philippines has a lot to offer and today we’ll tell you more about Sagada tourist spots. We had an amazing time hiking, spelunking and we will cover everything in our Sagada travel guide.

Philippines is a diverse country and there’s more to it than just its beautiful, pristine beaches. This is one of the top reasons people visit, apart from the destinations inside the province itself. Also if you’re in commerce, some products like meat and vegetables can only grow in these cold places. Read here where to eat in Sagada.

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Sagada Travel Guide

Manila To Sagada

From Manila to Sagada buses are leaving from Cubao Bus Terminal with Coda Lines. There is a bus at 9 pm and it takes 12 hours to get to Sagada.

The fare is around 750-850 PHP. You can also go via Baguio from Manila and get a bus to Sagada. Click here to book online your bus in advance Manila to Sagada!

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Sagada Travel Guide Gamintraveler 0030

Transportation/Entrance Fees And Tours in Sagada

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For transportation around Sagada there aren’t tricycles to move around. From the town to the accommodation will be no more than one kilometer distance usually so you can go walking. If you want to get a jeepney to visit Bontoc where you will find almost everything that you need is 50 PHP one way.

First thing in Sagada you have to register in the Tourism Office 50 PHP. And you can get information of prices of transportation, guides and tours around Sagada.

For the tours transportation around the area goes between 400-700 PHP return for a group. If you go on a group can be cheap but if you go alone or with 2-3 people is little bit expensive for the short distances. Anyway most of the places are walking distance if you like trekking!

Daily Budget Travel In Sagada

For daily budget travel in food in Sagada. It will be little bit pricey comparing with other destinations in the Philippines. Local carinderias charge 120 PHP for a meal with rice. In most of the restaurants will go from 150-250 PHP. You can always go cheaper buying street food and barbecue around the town.

Also remember you will have to hire guides for the activities to do in your Sagada itinerary. Sometimes the activities will require transportation around 400-700 PHP for two ways for a group. Guides are usually around 600-800 PHP for a group of 10 people.

For accommodation prices start from 600-1500 PHP for a room. If you want more luxury starting from 2000-4000 PHP. Almost all the places have hot water and most of them they don’t allowed you to cook your own meals.

Book your accommodations in Sagada through Agoda or Booking

Sagada Tourist Spots And Things to do in Sagada

1. Hanging Coffins

Hagging coffins, Sagada tourist spots, Sagada travel guide

The hanging coffins in Echo Valley is the top Sagada tourist spots. This is closely followed by the Sagada caves, the waterfalls and of course the rice terraces that line up the province. 

There are two places where you can see the Hanging Coffins in Sagada. The ones that you can see close and far distance. You can go walking distance from Sagada town around 30 minutes and it’s close to Sumaguing Cave.

2. Lumiang Burial Caves

Lumiang Burial Caves, 
Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips
Image from Wikimedia

Lumiang Burial Caves have more than 100 coffins that have been buried over 500 years. If you want to get to Lumiang Caves from Sagada town is 30 minutes walking distance.

Price for the guide is 500 PHP for 4 people. It can be visited with Sumaguing Cave in the Cave Connection. If you get transportation it will cost 400 PHP two ways.

3. Kapay-aw Rice Terraces

Sagada tourist spots, Sagada travel guide, hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada, Kapay-aw Rice Terraces

Kapay-aw Rice Terraces are very close to Sumaguing Cave just behing Gaia Restaurant. You will see a beautiful view of the rice fields. If you walk down from the road you will be able to get amazing views. We didn’t go down but we flew our drone to get nice shots.

It’s 30 minutes walking distance from Sagada town.

4. Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

 Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips, SPELUNKING SUMAGUING CAVE IN SAGADA

Sumaguing Cave was our favorite activity in Sagada. It can take 2-3 hours depending how busy is the cave. You will need to get a guide before the entrance. They will guide you around with a torch and the experience is great going down and climbing back.

 Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips, Sumaguing Cave, Sumaguing Cave entrance fee, Sumaguing Cave in sagada, Sumaguing Cave Sagada, registration fee in sagada

You will be able to see rock formations walking around water. We can advise you as travel tip for Sumaguing Cave to go early morning to avoid the crowd. It can be so busy during the afternoon and the waiting time is so long. The spelunking can take up to 4-5 hours.

The guide will costs 800 PHP for 10 people and the transportation to get there will cost 400 PHP two ways for 10 people. If you join a group you can go down with the expenses. Otherwise it will be more expensive but you will enjoy the tour guide for yourself.

For the activity we booked in advance with Discover Sagada and they planned everything great. A perfect time to visit Sumaguing Cave.

5. Cave Connection in Sagada

 Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips, Cave Connection in Sagada,

If you like adventure you will love the Cave connection. You will have to hire a guide and it will cost 1000 PHP for 2 people. For every person joining you have to add 500 PHP extra. The activity can last 3-4 hours and it requires to have good phissical condition. For the transportation it costs 400 PHP two ways.

6. Hiking Mt Ampacao

Hiking Mt Ampacao

Mt Ampacao is the highest peak in Sagada almost 2000 meters. It will take more 2-3 hours to hike and go back to the town passing by to Lake Danum. You will see the views of Sagada. It’s popular to hike and camping.

A guide for 10 people costs 800 PHP and the transportation 2 ways to start the hike costs 650 PHP.

7. Trek Echo Valley

Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips, Echo Valley tour

The most popular activity is Trek Echo Valley where you will be able to see the Hangling Coffins.The Echo Valley can take 40 minutes to 1 hour to have a close-up view of the coffins.

The guide will costs 300 PHP valid for 10 people and 10 PHP entrance fee to see the coffins.

You can get the Adventure Trail where you will see the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Hangging Coffings, Latang River. You will enter the Underground River and ending at Bokong Waterfalls.

The guide will costs 800 PHP until 10 people and you will have to pay 10 PHP entrance fee each place that you visit.

8. Balangagan Cave

 Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips, Balangan Cave Sagada, Sumaguing Cave, Sumaguing Cave entrance fee, Sumaguing Cave in sagada, Sumaguing Cave Sagada, registration fee in sagada

Balangagan Cave is 30 minutes drive. It will take 1 hour and a half to 2 hours to explore inside the cave. The guide will costs 650 PHP until 4 people. The transportation will cost 650 PHP for maximum 10 people.

9. St Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church

St Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide,
Image from Flickr

St Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church is one of the historical Sagada tourist spots. The church was built during the American era. You will pass by in the Trek to Echo Valley before the hanging cooffins. It’s only 5 minutes walking distance from the town.

10. Ganduyan Museum

Ganduyan Museum
Image from Benjie Layug

Ganduyan Museum is the perfect place to know about the history in Sagada. It’s one of the free Sagada tourist spots. You can’t take pictures inside and they accept donations.

11. Bomod-ok Falls

Bomod-ok Falls

To visit Bomod-ok Falls is a long walk of 3 hours back and forth. It’s one of the most popular waterfalls in Sagada.

You will have to hire a guide 500 PHP until 7 people and there is an entrance fee of 10 PHP in the Barangay. For the transportation there is a fee of 650 PHP two ways.

12. Lake Danum

Lake Danum
Image from Flickr

Lake Danum is 5 kilometers far from Sagada town. It’s one of the Sagada tourist spots popular for the sunset. The transportation fee two ways to the lake is 550 PHP good enough for 10 people.

13. Rock Climbing and Rappelling

brandon lane ZfFe8Y3Gmdg unsplash

It’s around 30 meters high the activity. You will have to hire a guide or a tour agency to prepare everything for you. The fees one person are 800 PHP and 400 PHP for every person extra joining. You can spend a few hours.

14. Pottery House

The Pottery House and the weaving make Sagada a traditional town. They are a few minutes walking distance from the town. It’s a perfect place to buy a souvenir or pasalubong.

15. Kiltepan Viewpoint

Kiltepan Viewpoint and Peak

Kiltepan Viewpoint is a popular trekking in Sagada for the sunrise. It’s also popular for camping. The transportation fee is 500 PHP two ways. And right now is closed. We will update if it’s opening soon.

16. Pongas Falls

Pongas waterfalls, Sagada tourist spots, Sagada travel guide

Pongas Falls is a beautiful hike around one hour to reach the waterfalls around local village and rice terraces. There are two waterfalls and it can be up 4 waterfalls in rainy season.

Sagada tourist spots, Sagada travel guide, Pongas waterfalls

You will have to hire a guide 600 PHP for 10 people. There is an entrance fee of 10 PHP before entering the village.


For this tour, we booked with Discover Sagada and we loved that we didn’t find anyone else around the area. Pongas waterfalls is great and it will become so popular soon.

17. Bokong Falls

Bokong Falls

The waterfalls are very close to Sagada town you can access by walk. You will have to hire a guide 300 PHP until 10 people. The transportation fee is 250 PHP for 2 ways.

18. Sagada Weaving

Sagada Weaving
Image from Flickr

Sagada weaving like visiting the Pottery are the traditional Sagada tourist spots. These places are perfect to buy souvenirs or pasalubong. It’s always interesting to listen and learn how they make it.

19. Blue Soil And Marlboro Hills

Blue Soil Hills

Marlboro Hills became the most popular Sagada tourist spots for the sunrise. You can do both at the same time. The fees for the guide is 1600 PHP until 5 people. If you do only Marlboro Hill is 600 PHP for 10 people the guide. The trekking is around 2 hours and the transportation fee for two ways is 650 PHP for Marlboro Hills and 1300 PHP two ways if you add Blue Soil.

20. Aguid Rice Terraces

Aguid Rice Terraces
Image from Flickr

Aguid Rice Terraces is closed to Bomod-ok Falls. You cant miss it especially if you are visiting around this area. It’s always a special place for taking pictures.

21. Sagada’s Saturday Market

Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, Sagada Saturday Market

If you are staying in Sagada for the weekend. We recommend you to pass by early morning for the Saturday market. You will find street food, souvenirs, pasalubongs, clothes, vegetables and fruits. It’s in Sagada town and you can combine with other activities close to the town.

Where To Stay in Sagada: Hotels in Sagada


Shamrock Tavern, hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada

Images from Booking

Our choice was Shamrock Tavern Extension is a very humble place yet clean. It is a simple accommodation with the necessities. Shamrock Tavern is homey because of its simplicity. The staff is also very pleasing and friendly, they know how to make their guests happy.

A Basic Triple Room costs $32 USD per night, $71 USD for Standard Double Room, and $71 USD for a family room with a mountain view.

Shamrock Tavern Extension is located at South Road, Shamrock Tavern Extension Building, Makingking, Barangay Demang, Sagada Mountain Province, 2619 Sagada, Philippines.

Click here now to book with discounts!


Agape Log Cabin And Restaurant, hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada
hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada

Images from Booking

A standard double room with a shared bathroom costs about $21 USD per night, and  $14 USD for bed in a 10-bed mixed dormitory room.

Agape Log Cabin and Restaurant is located at South Road, Dagdag, 2619 Sagada, Philippines .

Click here now to book with discounts!


Isabelo's, hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe is conveniently located and is close to public markets, pharmacies, and restaurants. It has a perfect location when travelling to Sagada. Also, it is close to Sumaguing Cave which is about 2 km far only. They also offer excellent breakfast. The staff are very friendly and accommodating to everybody. Great value for your money indeed.

A twin shared bathroom costs $14 USD per night, $14 USD for double economy shared bathroom, and $15 USD for a twin room, $20 USD per night for Standard Double Room with Private Bathroom.

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe is located at Poblacion, Sagada Mountain Province, Sagada, Sagada, Philippines, 2619.

Click here now to book with discounts!


Alicia's Homestay, hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada
Kitchen in Alicia's Homestay

Images from Agoda

Probably the cheapest option here for groups is Alicia’s Homestay. It’s far from other options but it gives the most return. The whole house has 1 double bed & 1 single bed & 1 single bed & 1 single bed and 1 double bed & 1 single bed. There are also trekking experiences nearby.

A night costs about $10 USD.

Alicia’s Homestay is located at Bontoc, Bontoc, Philippines.

Click here now to book with discounts!

Sagada Food To Try And Sagada Restaurants

Always a good point of travel, especially for the foodies. Locals love to do food trips too. The more good food a place has, the more tourists it can attract.

We love seeing how big the lemons are (plus how cheap they are) in this part of the Philippines. A little heads up – although Sagada is a 5th municipality (big cities like Manila are the 1st types), food can be expensive here.

Here are the food to try and some of the best restaurants we’ve discovered in Sagada: 



A Sagada speciality, this for of pork meat preservation has been passed down thru Sagada’s old generations. 

Etag is the process of preserving meat through treating with salt, drying with sun, or smoking. Color of the meat is dark brown, with some white yellow parts for the fat color. 

The taste can differ slightly depending on what form of preservation is used. And etag can be used as an additional ingredient to other dishes, like the very popular chicken dish, Pinikpikan. 



Pinikpikan, another one of Sagada (or the whole Cordillera’s) main dish that has been passed down thru generations. It is quite controversial, although there is a lot to learn from a culture thru its food. is chicken cooked with coagulated blood. It is one of the most controversial food in Sagada, because of the ritual-based way of cooking the chicken which is followed until now. 

In short, to make the chicken tastier, it’s been beaten so that not a lot of blood is spoiled during the cutting process. This is one of the special dishes in Sagada, in addition to Etag, which are considered almost endangered. 

Lemon Pie 

Lemon Pie

Because of the weather in Sagada, lemons are easy to course which makes for a perfect reason to have Lemon Pie. These can be bought for less than a dollar per piece in local markets and local shops and as fast as we’ve tasted, they are very good. 

If you’re into visiting restaurants to taste the delicacy, Lemon Pie House is the easiest place to taste lemon. Although we’ve heard a few stories that because of the high demand of lemon pies, that they started using concentrates, instead of pure lemon, but that remains to be tested by the people who actually visit there.

As far as experience goes, we’ve tasted the ones in the local markets and you can really taste the zing of the lemon – yum! 


sagada restaurants, sagada food, yoghurt in sagada

Another food to taste when in Sagada is their yoghurt, which are home made here. They sell it with different flavors and some specialty shops sell it with fruits. We’ve tasted with Pandan and Cookies and cream. 

Banas Coffee 

Bana's Coffee

A multi-awarded restaurant for their coffee, Banas is one of the best place to try coffee which also sell their own lemon pies and coffee bans. You can try the uqie Civet coffee in their shop too. 

Civert coffee ha partially digested coffee beans gathered from the feces of the civet. This coffee h very unique taste. 


Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide,, wine in sagada

There is a very cheap wine refilling station in Sagada and if you’re into tasting wine, we’ve tastes some of the delicious sweets wines here made from grapes and wild berries. A friendly lady will explain you more about the wines and you can buy them too!

Red Cabbages

Red cabagge in Sagada, Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide,

It’s not usual to find red cabbage in the Philippines. But in Sagada you will find a lot of them especially in the Saturday market.


Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, Binatog

This is a corn desert, steamed and flavored with milk and freshly grated coconut. It also comes with butter and salt and is served for deserts in the afternoon and can be found in the market in Sagada.

Burgers in Log Cabin Cafe 

sagada restaurants, sagada food

We also visited Log Cabin Cafe one of the most popular Sagada restaurants. We tried burgers and sandwiches. During the weekends is popular the buffet at night for 400 PHP. One of the best places to eat in Sagada.

Pizza in Sagada

Pizza in Sagada

Apart from local food in Sagada. You can also find pasta and pizzas. Rachel loves pizza and we tried in Sagada.

Which one of this list of Sagada tourist spots do you like the best? Share with us your thoughts about our Sagada travel guide in the comments below.

Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys.

Happy travels!

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