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How To Get From Malapascua to Bantayan Best Way

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 07:03 pm

How to get from Malapascua to Bantayan

Malapascua in North Cebu is one of our favorite places to visit in the Philippines. Today we will write how to get from Malapascua to Bantayan.

There are two ways to get from Malapascua to Bantayan by private boat (bangka) more comfortable and expensive. And the cheapest way by public transportation bus and ferry that will take long but you will save money just in case you travel on a budget.

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You can get accommodation starting from 800-1000 PHP (less than $20 USD) for a room in a guesthouse. Can you imagen if you are two of you traveling in the Philippines, it will be $10 USD each.

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Take the local boat from Malapascua Island to Maya. The duration of this first trip is about 20-30 minutes and you must pay 100 PHP. is leaving every 30-40 minutes from 6:30 am to 5 pm.

Take note after 5 pm will be hard to leave  Malapascua and your last option can be 1500-1800 PHP in a private boat. Read here where to stay in Malapascua!

Once you are in Maya, you get there you must take a bus that takes to Hagnaya. The bus price is approximately 40 PHP. Then you have to ride a tricycle until Hagnaya Ferry terminal which costs 30 PHP each.  

From Hagnaya port you will ride a ferry to Bantayan. The duration of this first trip is about 75 minutes and you must pay 200 PHP for the ferry plus 10 pesos of terminal fees in the port. The ferries are leaving from 6am to 5 pm every hour.

Once in Hagnaya port, you have to ride a tricycle around 2 kilometers if you want to stay around Santa Fe area where most of the accommodations are in Bantayan Island.

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How to get to Bantayan Island, Bantayan Island, how to get from Malapascua to Bantayan

If you want to get from Malapascua to Bantayan the fastest and most comfortable way. You can rent a boat starting from 2500 PHP. And it will take you less than 2 hours to reach Bantayan Island.

We rode a boat and paid 1200 PHP for two adults and a kid, thanks to more people were coming with us in the boat we got a cheaper price. Make sure it´s safe the weather is good to get there and there are calm water. We did this trip and we didn’t have any problem.

We left early morning since the water was calmer. Just ask the boatmen when is the best time to leave.

Travel Tip: Ask people around to join to the boat. If you can share 2500 PHP between 6 people you will get almost the same price than getting the ferry plus bus. And you will travel only for two hours instead 6 hours.

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The trip Malapascua to Bantayan can cost you around 400 PHP each person and it will take around 5 hours between transportation and waiting time.

So if you can get a good deal, we recommend you go by public boat since it is faster and more comfortable, and it will save you a few hours. Make sure it’s safe to get there and there is calm water.

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Hope you liked it and it’s useful our blog post to get from Malapascua to Bantayan. Which option would you choose the most comfortable or the cheapest one? Let us know in the comments below!

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Happy Travels!

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Wednesday 29th of November 2023

Hi, do you have by any chance the contact from the boat owner or where you booked the trip? We plan to do the same in a few days. Thank you very much, Ada

Ruben Arribas

Wednesday 29th of November 2023

We just asked around in the port and to the boatman but we did a few years ago