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Things to do in Kuta Bali – our first Bali experience as a couple

Discovering Kuta Bali Indonesia by Gamintraveler Main

Things to do in Kuta Bali – “This is why I hate Kuta”.

Discovering Kuta is the beginning of our Bali journey together. It may have left some impressions, but definitely not for the whole part of Bali. Click here to book your activities in Bali!

Now the first line above was Ruben’s line. Ruben has been to Bali 3 times, and has traveled to Southeast Asia for 3 years. That definitely gave him some opinions about some parts of Bali, which is why this whole month of going around Bali is very interesting for us.

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First off, I have always dreamed about going to Bali. Thank Wonderful Indonesia’s marketing team. Ha! Discovering Kuta together was definitely an exciting experience for us.

But seriously, it just feels beautiful from all the marketing you see. Add all the beautiful things the amazing people who has traveled here are saying.

Kuta is considered one of the most touristic area here in Bali, what with the airport nearby, just 20 minutes drive away. It has the famous Kuta beach, bars, hotels, and good restaurants and local shopping places.

If you’re new to Bali, you may be interested to check around Kuta first.

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Things to do in Kuta Bali

First impressions

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0021

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0024

Small streets. Since there are quite a few distances in Bali, it would be great to have a motorbike with you. However, since the place can be quite touristy, there are a lot of cars and motorbikes with barely some space to walk.

We did a lot of walking, especially because the beach is just 15 minutes away from the hotel we are staying at. It can be quite busy, so I suggest to be extremely careful when walking around.

We stayed at a nice area in Kuta, walking distance from the beach, close to local shopping places and the rest of the night and shopping life in Kuta.

If there is one thing Bali is generally popular about, it is the wellness and recreation, so you definitely have to make sure you see this side of Bali, too. I’m thinking we’ll get a lot of this in other parts of Bali, so definitely excited.

However, you must not pass on the night life in Kuta. Recommended at least for you to understand why people love going back here.

Where to stay while discovering Kuta

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0179

While in Kuta, we stayed in Sun Island Bali. Good prices, and really good location, it was the perfect place for a first timer in Bali, and I believe many who have been here before have also been coming back to Sun Island Bali.

Just the proximity of the hotel to all the various areas make it a really good choice.

And if you like water and pools like us, here’s a quick view of what it looks inside.

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0167

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0143

Plus points:

Restaurant with music

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0209

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0232

If you love music like I do, you’ll love staying in Sun Island Bali’s restaurant. There are choices from Western to Indonesian cuisine, and who doesn’t love eating with some good music in the background, right?

If you’re more looking into night life in Kuta, walking distance from the hotel is a lot of bars and pubs. Easy access even with the local shops there.

Close proximity to the beach

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0134

Things to do in Kuta surfing when discovering Kuta, you’ll definitely know that it’s a good place for surfing! We definitely love to stay out and especially be in a beach, so while

Kuta beach is not the typical blue waters you’re looking for, it is one of the most popular beaches in Bali for surfing. You might already know that

people who love to surf go to Bali a lot.

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0152

During this visit in Bali, it’s the holiday in Australia, so a lot are traveling from there, plus it’s also the celebration of Ramadan. Even locals are traveling around for a family holiday. The streets and places may be busier, but if you are interested in learning more about people, it’s definitely a good time to visit.

Travel to Kuta Bali by Gamintraveler 0065

Weather is also pretty chill in Kuta. There were a few days of rain, however, based on everyone we’ve talked to, it’s really peculiar why it was raining around June.

Then again, we are in the tropics. We only have two weather here, so definitely need to enjoy every time we can.

A super good spa experience

If you need a good Balinese spa, definitely try it with Sun Island Bali. It rained for a few days during our stay in Kuta, and being able to enjoy indoors and have a good authentic Balinese Spa is just heaven.

Things to do in Kuta Bali – Local food in Kuta

A big highlight of our stay in Kuta is experiencing authentic Bali cooking. Food is definitely a big part of one’s culture, so to learn how to cook even the most basic is exciting, and gives you more insight on one’s beliefs and everyday life. And this is something we never want to miss when going to any country. We always need to see a part of the local life or else it would feel too much of “touristic” holiday, which we don’t want to happen for us.

We had an amazing cooking class in Kuta, which introduced us into cooking these amazing dishes.

1. Sate Lembat Ayam, chicken sate with grated coconut.

2. Mie Goreng or Fried Noodles

3. Nasi Goreng

4. Bregedel Tahu

Kuta Cooking class 0141
5. And for dessert, we had creamy rice porridge with palm sugar (bubur sum-sum),and Pisang Rai or boiled bananas.

And who will forget Sambal? The authentic Balinese Sambal is definitely a favorite! This is a spicy hot condiment and always added to Indonesian food as a dip or sauce.

Sambal is definitely a must when eating an Indonesian meal.

We’re definitely excited to show you more of our Bali Stories, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoyed discovering Kuta with us. And if you have questions about Bali, definitely let us know in the comments so we can answer them!

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Also, if you have been wondering how and why we started this blog, we actually wrote our story here.

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Hope you liked our Things to do in Kuta Bali. See you in the next Bali story and hope you’re enjoying where you are now!

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