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The Best Places to Go for a Sunny Break 

Best Places to Go for a Sunny Break – If you are looking for sunny holidays we will give you 5 top destinations.

But as many countries worldwide are now adjusting to the new normal, the thought of travelling to beautiful, sunny destinations might sound so tempting. Below, we’ve rounded up the best places for a sunny break.

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Best Places to Go for a Sunny Break

  1. Gran Canaria 
How To Get From Gran Canaria Airport To City Center - All Possible Ways

Gran Canaria is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain’s Canary Islands. It has lots to offer, but its biggest draw is its beaches. Given the many beautiful beaches to visit on the island, Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for a relaxing sunny break.

Maspalomas is a bustling coastal town on the southern coast, although a large part of it is a desert. The protected dune system occupies about 400 hectares of area, including the Playa de Maspalomas beach in the west and the Playa del Inglés beach in the east. The dunes of Maspalomas are also home to a fragile ecosystem, so stick to marked walking routes when hiking.

A more exciting way to explore the area is on a camel ride. For avid surfers, you’ll find many beaches on the east coast of Gran Canaria to ride the waves. Pozo Izquierdo is the best place for windsurfing, and the best time for this is in July. You can also take up other water sports such as scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, and kitesurfing. 

Pueblo Canario is the best place to go for a peek into the Gran Canarian culture. It’s a complex of different houses built in traditional Canary architecture. You will also find plenty of souvenir shops and stalls selling local handicrafts.

  1. Tenerife 
How To Get From Tenerife Airport To City Center - All Possible Ways

Tenerife is another beautiful island in Spain with varying landscapes, ranging from lunar volcanic deserts to tropical beaches with crystal clear waters. Offering tons of outdoor adventures, from hiking to surfing and whale watching, the island can make for an adventure-filled sunny break. 

But first, you’ll have to look for accommodation. Thankfully, the island has plenty to choose from, and you’re not only limited to resorts and hotels. You will also find a diverse array of affordable holiday rentals and lettings in Tenerife that are more suitable if you’re travelling with a group or with the family. Holiday rentals allow you to make the most of your sunny vacation, as it comes with facilities that you can use exclusively, such as a pool and jacuzzi.

There are many beautiful beaches all over Tenerife, but Playa de las Teresitas is a favourite of tourists. Lying in the island’s northern area, the beach at Playa de las Teresitas is a gorgeous 1.3 km stretch of beach, giving you plenty of space to go around. There’s also a viewpoint by the beach where you can admire the panoramic views of Playa de las Teresitas.

  1. Greece
top instagrammable places in greece perissa beach

Greece is blessed with more than 300 days of sunny weather, making it an ideal destination for a sunny break. It’s home to countless beautiful islands, stunning beaches, and historical sites and ruins to explore. Whether you prefer to lounge at the beach, enjoy a bit of sightseeing, or take up adventures, Greece is sure to please. 

There’s no better season to visit the Greek islands than in summer when the beaches are at their best. The hot sun and mild breeze allow you to relax comfortably as you lounge at the beach. Plus, the sunsets of the Cyclades look even more spectacular during summer. When island hopping in Greece, take time to explore the remote islands and stay away from the often-crowded famous Greek Islands. Visit Pserimos, Anafi, Agkistri, and the Minor Cyclades like Koufonisia and Schinousa. They are quieter but equally beautiful as the more popular islands. 

The summer season is also the perfect time to go sightseeing in Greece. As one of the countries with rich culture and history, you’ll find many archaeological sites scattered throughout its territory. In the north, visit Thessaloniki, which has numerous Byzantine treasures you can explore and admire. Of course, Athens would be the perfect place for exploring the country’s ancient sites, from the Parthenon to the Acropolis.

  1. Mexico 
The Jetty for the boat to dock to head to Isla Mujeres off Cancun Mexico. scaled

Mexico has long been a popular destination for sunny breaks, where you can escape the harsh cold weather and relax by the beach while soaking up the sunshine. Many coastal towns in Mexico are gaining popularity as tourist hotspots, thanks to their gorgeous beaches with powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters, not to mention an abundance of tourist amenities. 

Nothing can beat Cancun for its sheer variety of nightlife, luxury resorts, and fun activities. While some travellers avoid Cancun for its reputation as a party destination, families and honeymooners will also find plenty to enjoy in Cancun. Many beachfront resorts offer all-inclusive packages that could tempt you to stay on-site for the entire duration of your stay. But if you want to enjoy ultimate relaxation in Cancun, get yourself one of the luxurious villas Mexico has on offer, obviously with a gorgeous view. 

About 35 miles from Cancun is Playa del Carmen, another picturesque coastal city where you can enjoy a relaxing summer getaway. Aside from its stunning beaches, Playa del Carmen has a beautiful promenade where tourists flock to after the sun goes down to enjoy a relaxing stroll, shop for souvenirs, or dine at restaurants.

  1. Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of Spain’s most beautiful islands, famous for its volcanic landscapes and spectacular beaches. From the tranquil blue waters of Playa de Papagayo to the gorgeous areas of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote has many stunning beaches perfect for a relaxing sunny break. 

If you want to combine relaxation with outdoor adventures, you’ll find plenty to do in Lanzarote. For surfing enthusiasts, Famara is where you should go. It’s a small village on the northwest coast with a beautiful beach attracting surfers of all levels.

If you’re not fond of water sports, you will find that Lanzarote has much more to offer. The island is also popular among hikers, cyclists, and runners. In fact, many races are organized in Lanzarote, especially in summer.

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